Information Disclosure Packet

2017-2018 School Year

 Milwaukee Parental Choice Program

Choice Program Contact Information

Catholic East Elementary School

2461 N. Murray Avenue, Milwaukee WI 53211

2038 N Bartlett Avenue, Milwaukee WI  53202

School Choice Administrator: Hilda Esteves (414) 964-1770 ext. 303

School Principal:  Ms. Jennifer Jones  (414) 964-1770 ext. 202

School Corporate Board Members:

Reverend Michael Michalski,

Very Reverend Jeffrey Haines

Very Reverend Timothy Kitzke

Principal Ms. Jennifer Jones

Non-Profit Status

Catholic East is operated as a non-profit organization and is exempt from federal income tax under section 501 (c)(3) of the federal code.  Please see addendum from the Internal Revenue Service certificate verifying this non-profit status.

MPCP Appeals Process

The following is Catholic East Elementary’s policy adopted to satisfy the requirements of 119.23(6m)(a)(4): Under 119.23(2)(a) a pupil must reside in the city of Milwaukee and meet the income requirements defined below to qualify for the MPCP:

The pupil is a member of a family that has a total family income must be at or below 300% of the federal poverty level determined in accordance with criteria established by the director of the federal office of management and budget. A pupil attending a private school under this section whose family income increases may continue to attend a private school under this section if the pupil is a member of a family that has a total family income that does not exceed an amount equal to 2.2 times the poverty level determined in accordance with criteria established by the director of the federal office of management and budget. For purposes of admission to a private school under this section, siblings of pupils attending a private school under this section are subject to the higher income limit. If a pupil attending a private school under this section ceases to attend a private school under this section, the lower income

limit applies unless the pupil is a sibling of a pupil attending a private school under this section.”

119.23(3)(a) states that a school must, “Within 60 days after receiving the application…notify the applicant, in writing, whether the application has been accepted. If the private school rejects an application, the notice shall include the reason.” A school may only reject an applicant for not meeting income and residency requirements, or for losing a random selection lottery.

Under Catholic East’s appeals process, a rejected applicant has five working days from the date of receipt of their notice of rejection to provide written evidence to the school board that the applicant was improperly rejected. The evidence must include income and residency documentation. The school principal shall respond to the applicant’s appeal within five working days of receipt of the appeal notifying him or her of the acceptance or rejection of the appeal.

Non-Harassment Policy

Threatening, harassing or intimidating—usually known as bullying—another student is never acceptable at Catholic East Elementary.  Bullying can happen in person, in writing, through gossip with others, or more often in recent years, through use of computers and phones.

Examples of bullying include behaviors such as:

Educators (teachers, counselors and administrators) cannot control all the communication that happens between students, especially outside of school.  If a student acts like a bully in school, staff will respond directly with direct consequences.  If school staff discovers a student is bullying another student outside of school, they may also take disciplinary action (this is true in public and private schools).  In some cases of repeated or severe bullying, school staff may also need to notify the police.  Bullying schoolmates at any time, whether in person at school, through negative gossip with others, or through written or computer messages, or through phone use, is wrong.

Bullying is never allowed at Catholic East.  Students involved in bully-type behavior will be severely reprimanded which could result in a suspension or expulsion. Computer on-line harassment; done after school hours between two CEE students, falls into this area and could result in a suspension or expulsion also.

Suspension/Expulsion Procedures

At times it is necessary for CEE to suspend or expel students from school.  Suspension and expulsion are intended for major infractions of the school rules, or for repeated minor infractions.  Examples of major infractions are, but not limited to, possession of a weapon, vandalism, serious fighting with intent to injure, truancy, teacher abuse, alcohol or drug use (including tobacco) in school or at school activities, or other acts which might endanger students, teachers, or the learning and activity programs of the school.  Actions taken to suspend or expel students shall be preceded by internal school procedures, supported by defensible records.

In-School Suspension:  Some behavioral incidents may warrant a one-day suspension of a child’s privilege to be a participating member of the classroom group.  Such determination will be made once a child has had an opportunity to present his/her side of the issue.  The school principal will make the final decision and will inform the child of the in-school suspension.  The child will then be given a quiet place to work within the school setting.  Parents will receive prior notice of such action.  Removal of an upset student from class for part of a period, in order to allow time for the student to “cool down,” is not the same as in-school suspension.

Out-Of-School Suspension:  A child may be suspended from school, for up to three days, for a major infraction.  The suspension will take place once a child has been told why a suspension might take place and has had an opportunity to present his/her side of the issue.  The principal will make the final decision, and will inform parents by phone or in writing of the reason for the suspension, the duration of the suspension, as well as the date and time the parents must accompany the child back to school for re-admission.  It is the student’s responsibility to make up tests, quizzes, and homework missed during the suspended time.

Expulsion:  Expulsion can take place only after an expulsion hearing has been held.  Prior to an expulsion, the Archdiocesan Director of Schools/designee will be consulted about the advisability of the expulsion.  A hearing will be arranged by the principal with the student and his/her parents/guardians.  Notification of the hearing will be made at least five days in advance.  If a decision to expel the student is made, parents/guardians will be notified in writing of the action and will have the option of voluntary removal of their child from school prior to the effective date of expulsion.  The right to appeal will be made known to the parents/guardians.  The student or his/her parents or guardian may, within five school days following the commencement of the expulsion, have a conference with the Director of Schools/designee.

Transfer Credit Policy

If a student wishes to transfer to Catholic East Elementary from another Milwaukee Parental Choice program school, the following process will be followed:

  1. Complete a Choice program application within a designated Choice enrollment period, including all required supporting documentation as required by Department of Public Instruction regulations
  2. Submit an official transcript/report card of academic credit from the previous school(s)
  3. Schedule a transfer credit evaluation meeting with the principal.  At this meeting, the guidance counselor will review the graduation requirements and outline which of the previous credits/grades can be applied.

Prior to the transfer credit evaluation meeting the Principal and Guidance Counselor will review the student’s academic credit and evaluate which classes can be counted for academic.  Credits/grades are accepted from all accredited schools in the city of Milwaukee as long as the student has received a passing grade from that school. Transfer of credits from a non-accredited school will be at the discretion of the Catholic East Principal.

Visitor Policy

All parents/guardians and visitors are welcome to Catholic East during the school day.  Please enter the school building via the Murray Ave. / Bartlett Ave.  Appointments are necessary to observe a class.  To help with school safety, all visitors must check in at the school office before going to the classroom. All visitors need to sign in at the office and pick up a visitors badge. This applies to all parent/guardian helpers also. When you are finished with your visit, please stop in the school office to return your badge and sign-out.  Former CEE students may not visit during the school day.  They are welcomed after school.



 (1) The Board feels that it is essential for parents to be kept as fully informed as possible of their children's progress in school.

(2) The progress report is provided to parents four times a year. Modifications of the school wide report may be devised by the school staff in cooperation with the School Board and with parental involvement. Requests to change the content and/or frequency of the progress reports should be addressed to the school Principal.

(3) Student achievement shall be reported in a meaningful manner. At elementary levels, student achievement in developmental reading shall be indicated on every report card. At the middle level, the report shall include a comment on student achievement in reading, mathematics, and language arts.

(4) These reports shall be supplemented with other means of effective communication with parents, such as parent-teacher conferences, group meetings, displays, and timely informational reports on matters of import concerning individual students.

(5) All parents are to be notified prior to the end of the third (of six) grading period if their children are in danger of failing. The notification should be in time for parents to intervene in the educational process in order to prevent, if possible, the failure from occurring. The principal at Catholic East working with /her faculty, is responsible for determining methods of communication to be used to carry out this policy.

(6) The school shall attempt to involve parents continuously in communication about their children's achievement. Parental involvement shall be documented.

(7) The absences of students during class periods, as well as daily absences, shall be recorded on reports to parents.

If the Catholic East Elementary ceases operations as a private school, Catholic East will immediately transfer all of the progress records of the pupils who attended Catholic East Elementary to the board. Catholic East shall send written notice to each parent or guardian of a minor pupil, of the transfer of progress records.

Catholic East is affiliated with the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, (Old) St. Mary

Our Lady of Divine Providence, Sts. Peter and Paul and Three Holy Women parishes. One of these organizations will maintain the progress records of each pupil who attended Catholic East Elementary for at least 5 years after Catholic East Elementary ceases as a private school.  Catholic East Elementary may transfer a pupil's records to one of the organizations if the pupil, or the parent or guardian of a minor pupil, consents in writing to the release of the progress records to the affiliated organization. The private Catholic East Elementary shall send to the department a copy of the consent form for each pupil who consents to the transfer of progress records.