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77.35 Nutrition
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77.35 Nutrition

835. What are the five greatest nutritional deficiencies not correctable by the best diet?

Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Zinc, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D

836. “Nope… Instead, they will want simple-minded solutions. And Ms. Ocasio-Cortez and her fellow progressives will have them. Free tuition! Free medical care! Jobs for everyone!

Her programs may seem lame and loopy today, but they’ll be a hit – we predict – in the future. With the Republicans discredited by the financial disaster, radical Democrats will be elected all over the country.”

~ Doug Casey

837. AOC is going to happen.  Now is the time for IBMs* to create their side hustles and to put away some gold.  If you are one of the 1%ers, take at least half of your assets abroad - now.

838. “Ok, so it’s worth saying bluntly to any of the nice people out there who might believe in it: The Law of Attraction is complete horseshit. If you need proof, here’s a funny example: In 2015, the author of The Secret had to reduce the price of her home in Santa Barbara some $4.7M—more than 20%—after it had languished on the market without selling. Of course, if she had been following the advice in her book she would have just thought good thoughts about it selling for list price (or better, written herself a check for the amount in advance) and the universe would have taken care of the rest.

~ Ryan Holiday - see his book The Daily Stoic

839. “We all know that’s not how things work. There’s no science that says your thoughts can will reality into behaving how you like or that thinking negative thoughts will invite negative outcomes—in fact, literally all of science contradicts this. Anyone that tells people differently is conning them.

840. “I can tell you three things that are present in every "Successful" man.

  1. They have clearly defined "Success" for themselves -- Independent of what their family, friends, and society say that they "should" do.
  2. They eradicate their limiting beliefs and transform themselves from the inside out, conquering fear and becoming an entirely new man. Because they know that who they were is not sufficient to help them become who they want to be.
  3. They surround themselves with like-minded men who will go through the journey with them and encourage them when things get hard. And they invest in professional coaches or mentors who can spot their limiting patterns and beliefs and help them beat them dead in their tracks.

In EVERY strong grounded man, I’ve observed these three traits.

~ Andrew Ferebee

841. “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible … make violent revolution inevitable,” said John F. Kennedy.

842. What about discrimination?

Video resumes do put a “face” on your resume, and that is often considered to be part of the potential problem. However, according to the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission), video technology is completely compliant in the hiring process. Employers are very careful about practices during hiring that could lead to accusations of discrimination. While some employers may still have their own reasons for not accepting video resumes, video resumes are still gaining acceptance as a standard hiring material. And quite simply, if an employer were to discriminate you as a result of your video resume, what would stop them from doing the same in an in-person interview? And, why would you want to work for that employer in the long run anyway?

843. The Underground Profit Method

  1. niche sites
  2. in the background - no one needs to know who you are (perfect for IBMs)
  3. amazon
  4. adsense
  5. traffic from SEO
  6. buying keywords
  7. make site look professional
  8. more trustworthy
  9. look at amazon best sellers
  10. look for trends
  11. select amazon niches where people are buying
  12. always go for the best sellers
  13. want at least 4 stars - filter
  14. go to google and search the competition
  15. use a “best” long tail keyword
  16. google adsense
  17. don’t click on your own ad
  18. fivver - make a website banner (Cooltext)
  19. don’t worry about perfect - just get one done
  20. articles - adsense
  21. use 1,000 word articles
  22. product reviews
  23. best is a buyer keyword
  24. “best pet carriers”?
  25. check the amazon keyword and try to rank for it with a review
  26. try to rank for the full product name + “review”
  27. key is to adapt and think outside the box
  28. posts only - not pages
  29. posts are more seo friendly
  30. 1 article or review every 2 days for 3 weeks
  31. build links
  32. take action

844. Notes:

  1. ChkLines
  1. Spend time making comments on articles and save those comments in your daily pdf and wherever needed.
  2. go back to good flavored coffee since I’m drinking it black
  3. Spin Culture

My Latest Reboot

We all have a way of setting ourselves up for failure by creating everything from New Year’s Resolutions to a Soviet style five year plan.

We all know how those turn out.

I’m in a situation where I don’t have a choice but to succeed with an online business.  I have allowed myself to get stuck with family duties helping take care of my 91 year old mother.  People in the family want her to stay in the home until she dies.  That can’t happen if she gets worse.  I am not a caregiver you want to be around.

Diabetic Superfoods

The whole notion of superfoods is one you want to believe in, but somehow suspect you are being punked on by some clever supplement sales person.

The term “superfood” has becomes somewhat of a buzzword and a bullshit marketing scheme. And while the term “superfood” is routinely abused, superfoods do exist. Consuming them on a regular basis can do wonders for your health.

So what exactly is a superfood?

A superfood is essentially any food that is naturally packed with valuable nutrient compounds that can improve your health and wellbeing.

Is that vague enough for you?  The key is that the food improves YOUR health.

I have type II diabetes.  Gurus are all over the place as to which foods will keep me healthy, drive down my blood sugar, and maybe reverse diabetes completely.  Everything from total vegan to paleo - experts disagree on everything.

I have tried everything, and nothing works if you go crazy and pig out on donuts and ice cream.

Vegan proponents tell you to eat vegetables, mostly raw.  Avoid potatoes and grains.  I don’t know about you, but I can’t eat enough broccoli and raw spinach to sustain life.  

We grew up on meat and potatoes, and baby boomers are not fueling the obesity epidemic.  In the 50s and 60s, each class had a fat kid, not a whole classroom full.  Any foods that are good for diabetes are good for obesity, inflammation, brain health, and heart disease too.

To really see what works, you have to become your own petri dish.

I am troubled by PBS specials that suggest we must all be vegans or die early.  Paleo guys like Mark Sisson look much healthier.  I am testing vegan right now to see if it works (and it should), but for me, it only works when I cut processed carbs.

The one method that probably works 100% of the time - although I can’t do it - is a raw food vegan diet.  Who can eat that much?

That said, here are some foods that are readily available that will help control your blood sugar.  If you are not diabetic, you still need to feast on these superfoods to control inflammation and to live your best life.

I am including plant based foods only in this list since the so-called experts disagree about meat, dairy, fish, grains, beans, and seed oils.  Go figure.

I’m also excluding supplements from this list, but you should take one anyway.  I recommend Melabic.

1. Salad Greens

God I hate them.  Ancient humans had to be damn hungry to eat lettuce or broccoli.  I can see harvesting some nuts and fruit, but cauliflower?  Get real.  What I find is that if I start each day with a protein shake and a big salad, I have all of the basic nutrients and fiber in my system for the day.

2. Cooked Greens

The raw food crowd wants you to eat your turnip and mustard greens raw or blended in a shake.  No way.  You can eat a lot more spinach cooked than raw, and for some greens, cooked is better.

At Walmart in my area, you can get a large can of cooked mixed greens (or turnip, or collards) for under $1.  Cheap and healthy.

3. Cinnamon

If you like the taste of cinnamon, use it everywhere and often.  I put it on baked sweet potatoes and in applesauce and protein shakes.  I sprinkle it on oatmeal and add dried dates for sweetness.

4. Asparagus

When we were young, our friends used to get free asparagus by the bushel from the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  Our parents steamed and froze the harvest, and forced us to eat so much at nearly every meal.

We hated it.  You have to understand that in the South in those days, our mothers cooked the asparagus until it was mush.  

I didn’t enjoy the vegetable until I had thin spears cooked robatayaki style in Japan.  Now, I can’t get enough.

It's especially high in the antioxidant glutathione, which plays a key role in reducing the effects of aging and of many diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

5. Blueberries

All berries are good for you.  They satisfy a sweet tooth without too much sugar.  They were my late father’s favorites if he could get to them before the birds did.

Blueberries' high fiber content can reduce the risk of diabetes and cognitive decline, and help keep blood sugar level.

One of the specific antioxidants found in blueberries is anthocyanins, which gives them their blue color. Recent research links eating foods rich in anthocyanins with a lower risk of type 2 diabetes.

6. Broccoli

I agree with former President Herbert H. W. Bush.  Broccoli sucks.

Again, it wasn’t until I lived in Asia that broccoli was cooked in a way that tasted good.  In a quick stir fry - no problem.  Steamed or boiled into mush - no way.

This dark green vegetable's vitamin A promotes healthy vision, teeth, bones, and skin. It is also rich in folate and fiber, all with minimal calories and carbs.  

7. Cranberries

We’re not talking about the sugared up mess in cans.  Those are like consuming a candy bar.  

Although best known for helping to alleviate urinary tract infections, cranberries, with their abundant phytonutrients, including anthocyanins, may be especially beneficial for diabetic meal plans.

Add fresh cranberries to smoothies, salads, chutneys, or muffins.

System 84

If I can get a business up and running with no need for a list, I will be in heaven.

  1. write an article on a subject of interest to you
  1. extract your main keyword or KWP
  2. search KWP on Amazon
  3. create a text file with these buyer KWPs to use in Freshstart as Categories and Tags
  4. create an ecompare store for your KWP
  5. put in an Amazon disclaimer on the first page

new non-store wp install:

  1. install in subdirectory of A2 domain
  2. login to your new page from A2
  3. create a text file for the new site
  4. install Freshstart
  1. Click on 1. Content
  1. click on 2. Plugins

77 Days of Hell

I am beginning a new reboot for 77 days.  I chose 11 weeks as the perfect amount of time to achieve what I need to restore my health, defeat diabetes, create a solid recurring WS income, and hit the road.

I just realized this takes me past the end of the year.  Perfect.  

What I like about 11 weeks is that it gives you a quarterly plan with the last 2 weeks off.  How many jobs give you 8 weeks off per year?

What my past problems have included are letting life get in the way.  I am prisoner taking care of my 91 year old mother, but someone else has to step up.  Another option is to make so much money that I can place her in a nursing home, which is what she needs.

My personal demons include laziness, sometimes bingeing on processed foods (even though vegan - like Oreos), and skipping workouts and walking.

I can’t get to my ultimate goal of returning to the PT lifestyle until my health is not just stable but excellent, I have a full time recurring income online, and I am free to pursue the most stunning women in their 40s and 50s in the world.

Random Notes For IBMs*:

1.  Special attention has to be given to Walkabout Solopreneur.  I can stay healthy by walking and working out, but I will be unable to achieve my PT vision without a new income.

2. It’s important to build the business online using my corporation instead of personal name.  

3. In the past, I’ve had few assets to protect.  When this changes, I must set up an international trust in the Cook Islands along with a Cook Islands LLC to own my U.S. corporation.

4. The Cook Islands have asset protection second to none.  If a creditor or ex-spouse is attacking your assets, they have to go to the Cook Islands and sue you there.  They do not recognize foreign judgements.

5. The most important industry for the Cook Islands is trust administration. In other words, the country is a getaway location for wealthy people seeking shelter from lawsuits, estate-tax exposure, and the legal pitfalls in the US and Canada.

6. Under the Cook Islands International Trusts Act, you can establish a trust that your future creditors can't breach, even if you've included yourself as one of the beneficiaries. No jurisdiction on the planet offers anything better for an investor, professional, or business owner who wants to tell potential lawsuit attackers, “Take your best shot.”

7. I have to put together a good spreadsheet to track a number of things during these 77 days.  I’ll keep track on paper and then transfer to digital.  Another option is to use a paper chkline and scan them.  This might be easier for me.

8. I have been slow on the posting and tracking.  Each of these daily sheets will be posted in whole, saved as a pdf, and broken into pieces to post around the web.

9. I plan to use sequential numbers so I can see how many ideas I come up with in 77 days.  I want to track my life during that time period to see where the changes need to be made.  In fact, I will design a spreadsheet but keep raw data in my tiny paper notebooks.

10. I need to learn and practice as much affiliate marketing as I can in 77 days.  I want to know every useful site and practice that is out there for free.  I want WS to be the go to site for solopreneurs.  One thing I want to do is create a chkline for affiliate networks that let me know everyone.

11. There is way too much work for 77 days unless I cut out TV and spend my time walking.  I need to workout at the gym and ride the bus everywhere and camp out at McDonald’s and work on my computer.

12.  I need to start carrying my glucose meter and check my sugar when I am out and about.  For 77 days, I need to track my life so I don’t have to after that.  I will know what works and what doesn’t.

13.  I’m wasting an opportunity when I use SM sites for other links.  I need to include a link to one of my domains in my comments.

14. When it comes to my future IMA, I will only post MOBs who will go for men 55+.

15. I need to rebuild the international dating directory on iPT and make it comprehensive with an emphasis on agencies with affiliate programs.

16. The Wealthy Affiliate program has been around for years.  They sound good, and will let you do limited stuff for free, but they make their money trashing other people’s systems.  Hard to know if any of their “reviews” and redirects to WA are legit.  Not recommended.

17.  When the IBMs-MOBs server is set up, let each person who wants to create their own blog or website as part of the $30 per month.

18.  I need to create amazon stores that sell rare products for serious vegans like non-leather belts and non-wool sweaters.

19. For IBMs, I need to write an article for my 3 radical solutions for health, wealth, and relationships.  This will mean vegan lifestyle with home exercise, WS for creating an independent income, and getting ready for leaving the country as a mail order husband.  All are interconnected.

20. I hope that exercise and vegan living will help slow down my own memory issues.  The changes are small and slow but real.  This sucks.  I need to make the most of 77 days so I don’t have to work like a dog ever again.  Automate and outsource.

21. Over the next 77 days, I need to master affiliate marketing, build out chklines, and create the full IBM system.  I feel time is running out.

22. Once I get my WS income in place, I plan to find a good woman and travel to interesting archeological sites.  Create a more advanced bucket list.

That’s all for day 1.  More to come.