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East Coast Clash Presented by Takedown Sports

Monserrat Steps on the Mat!

Photo by Aaron Morekin

Monserrat represents the New England Regional Training Center for the first time on the mat! 

Monserrat traveled to Allentown, Pennsylvania to wrestle against New Jersey RTC athlete Quincy Monday at 74 kilograms. Monserrat lost a hard fought battle against Monday by a final score of 16-5. The technical fall came within the last 4 seconds of the match. Despite the final score, Monserrat showcased his abilities and skills throughout the match.


1st Period: Monday shoots a double early but Monserrat defends. Monserrat steps out on the action. (1-0) Monday fires off another double leg but Monserrat defends again. 1:30 left in the period; Monserrat clubs hard and gets in on a leg but Monday drives his hips in hard and defends to circle back up to their feet. 50 seconds left; Monserrat and Monday hand fight hard as Monday springs off another double but Monserrat defends and Monday works off an angle to go behind for a two point takedown. Monday leads 3-0 with 35 seconds left. With no time to waste Monserrat gets in on a low single and elevates but Monday grabs an ankle and barrel rolls through exposing Monserrat for two points and another two points. Monserrat stays in position and comes out on top for one point. End of the 1st period and Monday leads 7-1.

2nd Period: Monday shoots a high crotch and gets in deep but Monserrat fights down hard and comes over the top to grab an ankle for a stalemate. With 1:46 to go, Monday shoots another double and gets in deep. Monserrat locks up a chest wrap and rolls Monday through for four points but Monday comes out on top for one point. The officials review the call and give Monserrat four and Monday one point. Monday leads 9-5 with 1:33 to go in the second. Monday gets to a right side single and finishes for two points and gets an arm trap for back exposure (additional two points). Monday leads 13-5 with 23 seconds left in the match. Monday blasts through another double leg and drives Monserrat out of bounds for one point. 14-5 Monday. With 9 seconds left, Monserrat attempts a leg attack and gets caught underneath. Monserrat tries to peek out the side but Monday cart wheels out of it to expose Monserrat for the technical fall with four seconds left in the match. Final Score: 16-5.