Director of Research
Section on Women’s Health-APTA

Position: Board of Directors member, Section on Women’s Health. Elected to office by membership vote.
Term: 3 years. May serve up to2 consecutive terms

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Encourage, foster, and promote research in the field of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy:
  1. Appoint and overseepost-hoc committees or task forces related to research
  2. Review policies regarding presentation of research at CSM. This involves consultation with the Director of Programming and the Poster And Platform Coordinator
  1. Coordinate the process of disbursement of Research grant funds
  1. Chair a Peer Review team to review grant proposals for the $10K SOWH research grant
  2. Notify SOWH Staff of grant recipients and award amount.
  1. Work with the SOWH CSM Poster and Platform Coordinator to evaluate and select the Elaine Meadows Research Scholar(s).
  2. Serve as BOD liaison to the Journal of Women’s Health Physical Therapy
  1. Foster growth in the process of moving the Journal towards greater excellence
  1. Serve as SOWH Board Liaison to the Foundation for Physical Therapy
  1. Work with SOWH and Foundation Staff to promote and foster the development of the SOWH Endowment fund
  2. Oversee the appointment of a SOWH Member to serve as an ad-hoc Foundation Scientific Review Committee member for the $40K Women’s Health/Pelvic Health Grant administered by the Foundation
  1. Serve as BOD Liaison to SOWH uPdaTe SmartBrief
  1. Review and provide feedback on biweekly Smart brief drafts to ensure relevance of included articles prior to publication
  1. Attend Meetings
  1. CSM – 4 days
  2. Spring Meeting 3 days
  3. Fall Meeting- 3 days
  4. Two electronic meetings