-33,333: The legendary year of the birth of Lariast, the first mage and the father of the Elvan people.

-31,000: Generally given as the year in which Ys’navdiir led the drow in their treason against their brethren, known as the Caernescant Divergence.

-1210: An Anatomy of the Worlds is written by Luel’Uhiso of Elvana.

-1101: The half-elf Noy (or Bir, sources vary on his name) said to have been the first mage who was not a full-blooded elf.  Angry and bitter at the elven teachers who took pity upon him and taught him the ways of magic, he then taught it himself to humans, spreading the ways of magic beyond elves.

-1047: The Nesut-Bar, the immortal godking of Bar-Shethba, becomes emperor after his people subjugate the southern tribes.

-951: Elvan mages trap Glis-Morga (Glisten) deep underground in the cold plains north of Elvana.  A white dragon, he was also an emissary from the Abyss, come to wreak havoc on Arelas. Although he himself was native to Earth, he somehow kept in contact with the Abyss and was aided by demons. It was speculated that there was a portal in the North somewhere but never discovered.

-525: The Tunnel Wars start when the dwarven outpost of Higthanduum, located beneath Jarvikla, was invaded and destroyed in a few days by a drow and illithid force.

-472: The Nesut-Bar dies after nearly 6 brutal centuries of rule. His tomb, a giant pyramid covered in white marble, makes for an awesome site.

-242: Vereaux is settled, known in its time as Veronovum. This is the first sign of the growing Verosian Empire. Halflings are first mentioned in history, though the chronicler calls them “Dimidulges”

-239: Veros adopts a policy of allowing humans (and select nonhumans from certain races) living in colonies to become citizens of the Empire, with all of the rights and responsibilities that come with the role. This allows a small population from the Home Islands to expand its empire.

-193: Facing pressure from the new Verosian Empire, Chresenar cannot respond when Morean nobility rise up and throw them out.

-87: Finding it more and more difficult to secure their growing Empire, and find workers and guards for the fringe settlements, often built solely to extract as much of a resource as possible, Veros begins enslaving gnolls (known as canambutes) from the Gnoll Islands (known then as the Insulae Canambutes).

-59: Battle of Govreia, a combined naval and land battle in the Sea of Giantsdeep between Veros and agents of the dwindling storm giant empire.

-47: The senator Lysinus of Veros begins a campaign to expose the abuses of the canambutes slave trade, in particular the practice of castrating the boys and feeding them a ground root called Istradix, which both replaced their hormones and acted as an addictive drug, keeping the gnolls loyal. He is assassinated before his campaign takes off. His death makes him a martyr, actually, and many of the slaver factions are discredited afterwards.

-45: Start of the Canambutes War. Having suffered multiple generations of abuse, a large number of gnolls sell their souls to the demon lord Yeenoghu in exchange for enough power to free their race from exploitation.

-25: The Horde.  Warming global temperatures lead to a population explosion in Mycenea.  Orcs and humans fight each other so violently that large clans of both are pushed south and east.  These migrations continue for a century, destroying much of the woodlands of Eldesta.  

-21: Amr the Breaker, chief of the Torn Cloth tribe, convinces ten other tribes to join him. Taking advantage of the chaos of mass migration, he leads his army of horsemen across the plains, forcing tribute from the tribes and villages he conquered.

-19: Amr’s army, now joined by orcs, arrives in Kruke. They wreak havoc throughout the land.

-16: A few villages on the western end of Amr’s conquered lands refuse to continue paying tribute. In retribution, Amr returns from Kruke and razes the village, torturing and raping any person caught alive. Western Eldesta becomes Amiia, named for Amr (now known as Amr the Great), who controls the land from Dareke to the Athal River.

0: The arrival of the Pilgrim, St, Feronicc, bearing the laws of the Mystics as written down on the Nine Scrolls by the Titan Gul’Naqsh.

10-15: Human invasions from the west begin to wear away at the Empire of Eldesta, resulting in the political separation of Muervana and Elvana. Lumiskan Elfmage, an elf of high standing in Muervana, convinces his people that they must provide shelter to refugees from the war and chaos.

16: The first non-elves settle in Muervana.

41: Human miners settle in the current barony of Fornen.

51: The dwarves abandon the last vestiges of Konarduum, their vast continuous network of tunnels and settlements and are forced to fortify individual settlements.

52: End of the Canambutes War. Although the gnolls lost, the power granted them from Yeenoghu gave them to strength to stand up to one of the mightiest empires of its day. The race, however, was permanently transformed, from hyena-like humanoids to savage, evil creatures driven by Yeenoghu’s desires to commit cruelty and violence on a level unseen before then humanoids. Their skill at sailing leads the gnolls to become infamous as pirates in the Sea of Hagdor

53: The first recorded Rangerking, Talii Greenfriend, lives in Morean Forest at this time

Abainath 1, 101: The Treaty of the Six Races is signed, forming the city-state of Hexaville on the site of the former Eldestan city of Muervana. Executive power and head of state is to be held by an elven king, with a parliament consisting of members of all six races acting as legislators. Lumiskan Elfmage, whose Elvan family had been prominent in Muervana for centuries, is made the first king of Hexaville.

107-121: The short-lived human kingdom of Menchordunia, ruled by King Wasserrecht.  This promising kingdom collapsed in despair when the king was murdered by agents of evil.  Since then, his castle on an island in Clearspring Lake has been haunted.

110: The elven kingdom of Sylva invades Fornen.

Rainfell 24, 127: The First Temple, one of the earliest Mystician temples in Arelas, is sacked and destroyed by cloud giants from the Forest of Clouds.  The temple, located in King’s Basin (known as Cloud Valley at the time), is abandoned and remains uninhabited for the next millenia.

161: The demon Gelideyda, and her army of wolves, is killed by the hero Gastolle de Tetefroid.  Though later sources called him Sir Gastolle de Tetefroid, he lived before the age of the modern knight.

162: Alth the Just successfully convinces 12 Mycennian tribes living in Kruke and eastern Amiia to merge under his rule, leading them to found what would become Alta.

181: The Iganndo family, minor Verosian nobility living in Mytho, form a marriage alliance with the Ysaine family, Meran warlords from southern Coeurdygraine (known as Tarrysa at the time). The Ygraine family is born from this union.

191: The Nine Scrolls are first collected together into one holy book, although the elements included in each scroll are said to have been altered over time so that the modern holy book is not exactly like the original version.

197: Lumiskan Elfmage, aged and suffering from an infirmity, abdicates his throne, setting off a crisis of succession in Hexaville.

198: The Panfael Compromise is signed, settling the Order of Succession of Hexan kings. Kintallen Elfmage, the second cousin of Lumiskan and a devout convert to Mysticianism, becomes king.

199: The Ordination of Rethez, the first Mystician law outlawing druidic worship, is written and disseminated from Rethez Island and Hexaville.

212: Taursill joins the kingdom of Alta.

214: Founding of the Sword Temple, and the 1st Choosing of the Abba’Smirche.  The name of the first Abba’Smirche is lost to history.  It is known that he was a Verosian, possibly from Kastar or Rossan.  Most Mystician communes acted as peaceful martyrs within the broader community.  Whoever the Abba’Smirche was, he advocated Mysticians defending themselves, hence the name Father of Swords.  The Sword Temple as an order of militant offense against heathenism was still almost a century away, however; these men and women simply defended themselves.

234: The 2nd Choosing of the Abba’Smirche.  The Verosian priest Aldair d’Adio was chosen.

235: Parthashee Leatherhair, a dwarven woman, directs the building of Parthashee’s Monastery.

237: Aldair d’Adio is assasinated by elves from Hexaville who believed that he was turning the focus of the church towards the east.  The elves, not themselves Mysticians, believed his westward focus would hurt the elven influence in Kruke.  The 3rd Choosing is held.  The Verosian-Lashite priest Tomot Largesse is chosen.

238: Verosian forces friendly to the d’Adio family invade Hexaville.  The Hexan navy defeats the Verosian navy at the Battle of Clouds (so-named because it occurred off the coast of the Forest of Clouds).

241: Battle of Simcrinus.  The last great druidic king, Simcrinus of Farmen, raises a force against the Mysticians of Kruke and Merane.  A combined, multi-racial force of Mysticians destroys Simcrinus’ army in a battle north and west of modern Inwit.

244: Tomot Largesse dies of old age, and the 4th Choosing is held.  The last Verosian to rule as Abba’Smirche, Jacomi Orfallo, is chosen.

250: The Battle of Tournei Falls; between Sylva and Hexaville (mostly via its barony Fornen).  The elven nation of Sylva is finally destroyed when it loses this battle.  Most of its residents flee to Elvana.  As a result of this, relations between Elvana and all of Kruke remain tense for the next 200 years.

282: Jacomi Orfallo, after a reign as Abba’Smirche that saw a rise in Sword Temple militancy, is killed by orcs in an ambush.  The 5th Choosing is held, and Sieur Dion d’Ygraine, the first paladin Abba’Smirche, is chosen.

291: Athgewia, a kingdom formed around the delta of the Athal River (present-day Willbare), collapses when the ruler dies without a clear heir and a war of succession begins. Within a decade, the kingdom has splintered in three (West Athsher, East Athsher, and Browning)

299: The first official Council of Mysticians is held on Rethez Isle by the Consirato Ponsicere.

Rainfell 17, 301: Igminian forces invade western Morean Isle.

Greenleaf 21, 301: The Battle of Dala between Mysticians and Igiminians results in a stalemate.  Sieur Dion d’Ygraine, the Abba’Smirche, leaves the Sword Temple to join in the fight against the heathens and is killed in battle.

Yearsend 3, 301:The 6th Choosing

303: The 7th Choosing

309: The ancient empire of Manjon falls to Qa’ashite Igimnian raiders, temporarily becoming a Qa’ashite controlled territory.

312: Xikox the Hardheaded, a nobleman from near Chayin, invades and sacks Hexaville.

313: Hexaville, inspired by Xikox's attack, builds a stronger, higher wall than its existing one. It is named Astrisi's wall after the elven engineer who designed it.

314: The 8th Choosing

322:The 9th Choosing

327: Igimnian forces finally conquer Tash when the Mysticians withdraw their forces entirely from western Morean.

331: After continued assault on their island home by Igimnians, the Verosian forces occupying Vereaux leave the city unguarded.  Following a small power struggle, a local smuggler named Yovra emerges as the city’s ruler.  Despite his background, he proved a responsible, forward-thinking executive and the city prospers under his direction.

352: The 10th Choosing

355: Browning joins the kingdom of Alta.

361: The leader of the military forces in Tash makes himself ruler of the kingdom. He is known as the kral, and the kingdom is known as the Krallik of Tash.

366: The last druids leave their hideaway in the Forest of Clouds, a small underground dwelling deep in the woods known as Ev’folack. Where they fled to is lost to history.

369: Wallig, capital of Beschafein, is first settled. The account of a Mystician priest and missionary from Vie sent to convert the heathen land around this time says that the folk of Beschafein wear feathered masks and venerate eagles.

390: King Kintallen Elfmage dies, and his son Artha is named king

391: The 11th Choosing

391-445: The Mayopolam, the great war of wizards fought throughout Arelas, but mostly on Morean Isle.  As a result of this war, the populist government of Morean City falls and is replaced by an oligarchy of wizards.

392: The 12th and 13th Choosings. The 12th Abba’Smirche is Kondra the Harsh, who believed that devotees of Buzzoul and Khan, then accepted as Mysticians within the fold, were a greater threat to the world than the druids. He died at the Battle of Hespers Hill near Rossan, an extension of the Mayopolam. Some sources at the time say he was killed by allies, either devotees of the evil gods or conservatives who disliked his taking away the focus on druidism and other pagan beliefs.

394: A plague which had originated in Silauca arrives at Baie de Vereaux.

396: Bron the Magnificent leads a breakaway group from his semi-nomadic tribes to settle around the river that would become known as the Bronwend

397: The last surviving humans flee Vereaux.  An evil, demonic sickness takes over the city.

399: The 14th Choosing.

399-427: The reign of Hagidorh as King of the Seas. Sometime during his reign, the body of water between The Hand and Morean Isle stopped being known as the Sea of Veros and became known as the Sea of Hagdor.

400: Bronwend was first settled around this time.

408: The first Dwarf Trade Fair in Bronwend

Labinnos 7, 409: Jon Rye, last king of Ryor, bends the knee to the king of Alta and becomes Jon Ryorcrown, first Crown Baron of Ryorcrown.

401: Bron the Magnificent names himself king of Bronwend. He names the river it sits next to after himself, as well.

408: Agersby, a settlement near the mouth of the Jarvik River, is first settled. This is the foundation for the kingdom of Jarvikla.

411: The Founding of Krakthorn Fortress, one of the first strongholds built by the Knights of the Red Cloak; the construction of Castle Cloudwatch on the site of an ancient Verosian fortress.

421: Bron III, brother to Bron Bronson the King of Bronwend, kills his brother and seizes the crown. He slaughters all of his brother’s children to protect his claim

425: King Bron III dies childless. Carpathen, the husband of his sister, claims the throne. Carpathen’s lack of direct lineage from Bron leads many to call him the Pretender.

427: Carpathen’s son Ingaevone, a direct descendant of Bron, reaches the age of majority and claims the throne for himself. When the Heeren rise up in support of him, Carpathen sees the writing on the wall and abdicates. Hagidorh is assassinated by sahuagins.

429: Three orc tribes join together and raid Bronwend but Ingaevone proves a great leader, warrior and tactician and the orcs are defeated.

431: Two orc tribes join together and attack Bronwend. King Ingaevone drives them back but is mortally wounded in the process. His brother Istaevone takes the crown.

432: Believing Bronwend to be greatly weakened by its wars with orcs, a nomadic tribe of barbarians known as the Wind Dancers attacks the kingdom. They are beaten back by Istaevone, who earns the title Foehammer, a name he would earn many more times as his young kingdom defended itself against attack.

440-446: The War of the White Queen. A group of semi-nomadic humans from the hills to the southeast of Dareke Mountains who call themselves the Geseky claim that Istaevone kidnapped their queen, a woman who was revered for her albinism. Ultimately, Bronwend won the war, but Istaevone is killed in the Battle of Haavby Hill in 444.

Tallin 17-20, 445: With a lull in the fight with the Geseky, the two eldest sons of Ingaevone and Istaevone battle each other for the crown, each claiming he is the rightful heir. The Battle of Kirkthorpe is won by those supporting Ingaevone II, son of Ingaevone. Immediately, Ingaevone II sues for peace with the Geseky.

452: Manjon frees itself of Qa’ashite control, but remains devoutly Igimnian.

499: The kingdom of Alta drives out the last orc from the Arosa River valley and forces a tribe of hill giants to abandon the area for the north side of the river.

500: Altan humans loyal to the crown settle north of Lemis.

510: Comte Thybalte de la Fleur, empowered to drive out the supposed pagan Comte de Fosse, invades Fosse.

511: Fosse is conquered by de la Fleur and merged with Montau into the modern county of Montausur.

514: A terrible plague hits Mithas. It is said to be immune to magical healing.

519: The Geseky are united under the banner of Hoch the Weiss, who claimed descendancy from the White Queen. Hoch was himself an albino.

539: The Baron of Kastray swears fealty to King Rejean II of Mithas.

551-599: Karakaspanapola rules as Mage-King over Morean.

560: Morean begins minting its own coins, the karyskerma, a gold piece.

567: Raiding occurs between Gisors and Dasse.  There are many deaths, both knights and commoners.

568: One year after the death of his father Aldergine II, the 3 year old child Aldergine Foissac III dies when a horse stomps on his head.  The Foissac title goes permanently to his uncle, Bastien the Elder.

596: Artha Elfmage dies and his second son, Vedui Elfmage, is named king of Hexaville.

597-605: The Tibin War, a series of skirmishes between Paiselange and Hansia, notable only in that Mesolia was captured by the Liberois.  

602: The construction of the great temple complex to Gruumsh and Maglubiyet in Kroon by mercenary dwarves. The orcs, hobgoblins, bugbears, and goblins of the area form a loose confederation under the rule of the temple.

603: Sentor Ryorcrown, Crown Baron of the Rye, abdicates his title to leave on pilgrimage to the world.  His cousin, Berthane, a priest of Imaver, takes the title.

605: King Asturas of Duriz, having spent the last years of his reign torturing and slaughtering his subjects for a variety of paranoid reasons, is finally deposed.  There are worries that his children carry the same sickness of mind, and they are all killed.  In their place, a Council of Regents is set up to find a king and rule until the king can be found.  The five-member Council decides that they would rather rule than find a king, and for the next 33 years, the Council of Regents rules Duriz Island.

610: Sentor Ryorcrown is last heard of, adventuring in the Morean Forest. The Battle of Six Armies is fought along the northern bank of the Rotwend. This battle saw armies from Elvana, Hexaville, Alta, Rossan, and Kastray face off against an army of goblinoids and beholders.  The ‘good’ forces won in a close battle, but not without tens of thousands of dead on each side.  The bodies of the numerous dead flowing into the nearby river helped earn it the name The Rotwend, or “red river.”

621: Three kings, each with competing claims to the throne, battle each other for the throne of Bronwend.

624: The War of the Three Kings in Bronwend ends with all three kings alive, agreeing to jointly rule. The details of this rule are never hammered out, and the period is rife with smallscale violence that many pretend isn’t happening, in the hopes of preventing a return to open bloodshed.. The era is known as The Peace, or as The Anarchy.

628: One of the three kings claiming the throne in Bronwend, Teuton II, slays the second claimant in a duel and claims the crown. The third drops his claim to the crown in exchange for being made a Heeren.

638: Queen Ziena, a noblewoman from Rossan with no bloodline connection to the Durosi crown, successfully leads a coalition of Durosi nobility to overthrow the Council of Regents.

640: Castigal Ryorcrown, "Elffriend" disappears in eastern Kinen Forest, while hunting down a drow accused of murder.

655-659: A green dragon harrasses the Taur River Valley, demanding tribute, until a group of heroes kill it.

665: The town of Orcbones is settled by people from Ryorcrown and Browning.

675-680: Vast building projects throughout Alta are carried out to improve infrastructure, with walls, wells and irrigation being in the forefront.

678: The Andrean University is founded in Kirkthorpe, Bronwend by King Andreas the Learned.

Labbinos 12, 699: The demon Urgula’Rula finds a way to inhabit the body of a powerful lord in Vaeth, seeking to usurp power from Hexaville by creating an army of followers.

Goldenland 1, 699: Having discovered the foul plans of Urgula’Rula, Lord Rune Carvaith drives out the demon, banishing him to imprisonment in a gem for 10,000 years.

Abainath 12, 705: Lifesun Greymont, a third son of the Greymont family, dies as an adventurer in the Great Forest somewhere northwest of the Wall of the Gods.

708: Agamenis, Mage-King of Morean, demands tribute from Ciropos in return for the murder of Council of Mages member Ydrigo by Ciropan rebels. Ciropos refuses.

709: The Morish army, led by Magdon the Black, invades Ciropos and crushes its government within a month. Rather than holding out with sieges, the Morish army depends on its magical might to overcome obstacles in a quick invasion.

719: Ermain Blouseau, lord of Tuirse and Champion of the House of Mithas, wins the Battle of Two Streams, beating back an orc army, earning himself the nickname " Orchammer".

722: The Blouseau dynasty of Mithasian kings is founded under Ermain I.  The Valakchans build Castle Redstone-on-Mount.

742: Sieur Gilles de Foissac returns from Tash with an Igimnian wife, drawing anger.  A crowd storms the Foissac castle and kills the entire family.

745: Igimnians from Tash, in retribution for an assault on their land by Mysticians, invade Duriz Island.  For the next 30 years, the island is a constant battleground.

748: A volcano erupts and destroys the Verosian town of Piacarta.

Labinnos 11, 753: Battle of Cachot Vert; King Mytho le Tareau is killed.

750: Castle Mulgerd is built near the Arosa River

762: Large iron ore deposits are discovered in the eastern mountains of the Merane Range.  This leads to speculative settlements as far west as the almost bare county of Cose.

780-801: The scramble for iron deposits in northern Merane, as well as the weakened state of the Mithasian crown since the ascension of the Blouseau line,  indirectly lead to a series of wars along the Rive Noire generally known as the Black River Wars.  They continue sporadically for 21 years before King Ermaine II finally ends them.

Abainath 2-Harvesttime 14, 790: The Siege of Longére, an eight month ordeal where the forces of Dasse take control of the County of Longueuil, installing a member of the Pierrot family as it’s Comte and renaming the County Surdasse.

799: The 34th Choosing.  Com’Com’Eerad, a Hexan dwarf, nearly becomes the first non-human to become Abba’Smirche.

800: After years of isolation, the dwarves of Dareke Caverns start to trade with the outside world again. Arda III, King of Bronwend, becomes a vampire

801: Chateau de Nouveau Porane is built in the Walls of the Gods by dwarven engineers at the employment of Michel de Terrelévé, an adventurer from Merane.  He desired to start a new human kingdom in Porana. The Sword Templars who had brought Mysticianism to Bronwend are banished from the kingdom by King Arda III.

802: A century of peace and prosperity in Merane, where the empire is strengthened and wealth grows.

803: A adventuring party, leading a band of mercenaries, drives a tribe of orcs away from the western shore of Lake Mur. One of them, a dwarven cleric of Horn named Eemule, builds a church on the site of what would become Murensville. He names the church Glory of Horn in the North.

805-809: An explorer and fur-trapper from Two-Hills named Vendelk Dun begins to explores the Murrain and Alandon Rivers and their region. He escapes numerous close calls with various monsters.

807: King Vedui Elfmage dies, and his son Artha Asar Elfmage is named king of Hexaville.

811: The Chateau de Nouveau Porane falls to orcish raiders after years of decline.  The dreams of a human kingdom north of the Merane Range fell with it.

815: Murensville is permanently settled by this Summer.

834: Having tried for 40 years to get the swamp-folk of Boueux to pay their taxes and be good citizens, the Comte Surdasse gives up and allows them to live in peace, effectively free of feudal obligations.

835: The Krakthorn family is forcibly removed from Krakthorn Fortress. A great plague strikes the cities of Kruke, and is immune to magical healing.

838: Alta is dissolved when a Rossanite assassin kills the heirless king, King Andras III.  The nobility and the various cities fight amongst themselves for power, and the county as a whole falls apart. Brothers of the Sword Temple, following a long secret mission, manage to lock King Arda III inside a special coffin, sealing the vampire inside forever with a specially designed sacrosancti as a seal.

838-841: Taursill briefly falls under the control of Rossan.  Wizards from Hexaville, concerned about the balance of power in the region, drive them out.  They are hailed as local heroes and Hexaville remains closely allied to many Altan nobles (even competing ones) for the next century.

Sunheart 12-21, 841: The Battle of Nine Days, fought between Rossanite forces occupying the Taur River Valley and the allied forces of Alta and Hexaville, who had been camped in Castle North Evania.  This battle effectively destroyed the last remaining Rossanite control over the region that had lasted 3 years.

Rainfell 31, 849: Ustavol of Yarna leads a great army of orcs and other monsters to destroy Orcbones. After a three day siege, the army successfully entered and ravaged the city. There were three known survivors, all children who hid for days before fleeing across the river once the army abandoned the ruins.

Labbinos 11, 851: A sea monster appears in Mithas harbor and wrecks a few ships and some houses along the shore before settling in to nap in the middle of the harbor

Labbinos 14, 851: The Augustin Fleet (la Flotte d’Augustin), led by Admiral Saurate de Léon, arrives in Mithas harbor and drives the sea monster out.

Sunheart 9, 855: The lich Athan’tiména takes control over the ancient land of Ciropos, once a land of free peoples living in a democratic system.

861: The goblin slaves of Bronwend revolt and set up their own village in the foothills of the Wall of the Gods

Abainath 27, 863: An adventuring party from Kruke calling themselves the Heroes of Jarvikla arrive in Bronwend.

Rainfell 13, 863: Spurred on by the escaped goblin slaves from Bronwend, a horde of goblins, orcs, and hill giants comes down from the Dareke Mountains and invades the kingdom. King Erik had died only a few months ago, and Artur III was a young man and an inexperienced king and leader. This test may have been too much for him, had the Heroes of Jarvikla not shown up.

Sunheart 1, 863: The Heroes of Jarvikla turn away the invasion by killing its leader, a particularly well-spoken hill giant named Bangthug. All of the heroes die save for a wizard named Jern of Spotswood.

Labinnos 1, 863: Jern of Spotswood is made a full Heeren by King Artur III. He occupied the hall of a now defunct Heeren named Hivakla, renaming it Spotswood Hall.

870: This year sees a minor food shortage happen in Kruke.  Though it threatens to reach the level of famine, it never quite does.

Sunheart 2, 870: The Battle of Helm’s Field, where Chresen Mysticians, aided by Sword Templers, repulse an Igimnian invasion into Chresenar.

Tallin 1, 870: Tom Furfeet, a local halfling, is caught stealing in the town of Fogbottom.  As a result, the townspeople, suffering from a food shortage at the time, run all of the halflings out of town.

Tallin 19, 870: The black dragon Aisowynqa is killed by adventurers in her home in Arosa Forest.

Greenleaf 18-28, 871: Battle of Lake Arisel, a ten-day conflict between the Hroggen tribe and the people of Deuslat.

874-876: A great plague hits eastern Arelas, from Jugalie to the Hand. It is immune to magical healing.

Labbinos 19, 875: The infamous orc pirate Ilgarzda raids Willbare.  His forces destroy much of the dock, including the old slave market.  One of the reasons for the destruction of the slave market was the predominance of goblinoids being sold there.  Intervention by various kind-hearted and justice-loving people in the region prevent Willbare rebuilding the slave market (this inadvertantly leads to the birth of Ft. Copen’s slave market, filling a need emptied by this loss).  His men make off with 10,000gp worth of valuables.  This begins the 15 year reign of the most brazen and cruel orc raider in Arelas history.

881: The Bridge across the River Cose, located at Castle Cossel, is finished.

Snowfell 3-8, 883: Two legendary mages, Oksana the Cold of Morean and Dal Chiorz of Rossan battle each other in the skies above the Serapy Isles for 6 days. The conflict was apparently over a spell Dal claimed he wrote, but Oksana accused him of stealing it. Oksana won the battle, killing Dal somewhere over Anterndans, but she was permanently affected by the fight. Having suddenly lost all magic, she was confined to a home for the insane within six months.

Yearsend 12, 884: King Hemchor III, one of the best kings in Durosi history, dies of an incurable disease.  Priests on the island allow the disease to course through his body, intending to resurrect him.

Yearsend 19, 884: King Hemchor III is resurrected.  The newly risen king, however, is not the same man who died before, and insists he is Hemchor IV, a new king altogether. Mentally unstable, cruel, physically handicapped and with a taste for human flesh, he terrorizes the island until a hero from Rossan named Zander kills him and takes the crown as his own.

890: The Dell’Uorna family appeal to Rossan during a minor fight with both a landless Altan nobleman looking to gain himself some territory and with the Siszen orc tribe.  This gives Rossan the opportunity to gain a foothold in Western Kruké.

891: Seeking to profit from King Zander’s status as a Rossanite to gain influence over the island of Duriz, the Rossanite king offers to make him a vassal.  He refuses, however, and the tense situation with the southern Altan baronies keeps Rossan from acting on their aggressive desires.  Duriz remains free.

893-4: The Stoyl Rebellion.  The people of Stoyl, believing themselves overtaxed and underappreciated by Baron Oberof and Hexaville, lead a rebellion, led by a few local wizards who manage to provide magic defense.  After a yearlong siege, the rebellion is crushed and all leaders put to death.  Word is spread that the leaders were working with the Tower of Buzzoul, but this is false.  They were only concerned with loyalty to their city.

895: Xzoria va’Tarca, a Rossanite mage, builds a tower in King’s Basin, claiming he is the rightful king of Alta.  Adventurers enter his tower and drive him out within a year.

898: Artha Asar Elfmage dies, and his younger brother Meiea is named king of Hexaville.

899: Formation of the Tri-City Trade League.  Among the other effects this merchants’ and bankers’ guild has on the world, they begin to squeeze the Mithasian treasury by negotiating down various taxes and tariffs.

901: War of the Zythian March.  Mithasian and Morish forces march on [Tashem border] and win the first few battles, before pulling out all their forces before winter sets in.

902: The Summer of the Orcs. Orcs invade the western end of the Merane Range during spring and summer. Dwarf and human settlements form militias to defend their homes. Eventually the orcs leave, a wake of devastation behind them.

904: The First Kastrois Rebellion

Artimis 20-Goldenland 4, 907: Seeking retribution for the invasion of Tash, Igimnian forces attempt to invade Mithas.  The city is besieged by ships for 14 days, resulting in much destruction, including of the great bridge which spanned the Mytho River.

Greenleaf 18, 909: A street battle between 4 mages tears through the city streets of Mithas, killing 40 people and causing much damage.

912: Throughout the spring and summer, groups from Zaxon-Holsch enter the mountains and raid the nests of the sacred giant eagles found there. They are motivated by a desire in Yewell for a flock of giant eagles of their own, and are willing to pay a high price. The Auftrag der Adler react with raids of their own, killing some Zaxoneen peasants. War is only avoided when King Reiman of Zaxon-Holsch arrests some villagers, declares them guilty in what were surely show trials, and hangs them.

Yearsend, 917: Solikos, a rogue cloud giant, leaves the Forest of Clouds and rampages through Nubhing and King’s Basin before being killed by Baron va’Curkille of Dogshead and his men.

Rainfell 7, 919: The halfling Ap Roge is hung for murder in Taursill.  Many suspected he was innocent of the crime, however, and protests against this cruel act went as far as Hexaville, drawing attention to the plight of halflings as an oppressed minority in Alta.  By winter, the case is mostly forgotten.

Rainfell 13, 920: Hrenthiri pirates assassinate King Hammel Goldsmith, last king of Anterndans.  They take control of the town as a result.

Tallin, 920: Orcs and human bandits begin raiding border settlements in Nubhing and Mountain Warrens.

Tallin 19, 920: Duke Valackhan, a vassal of King Yanzo, sends a few of his footmen into Taursill chasing an escaped criminal.  They are killed by soldiers of Count Dracosia.

Yearsend 3, 920: King Yanzo falls to a coup d’etat engineered by the Circle of Mages.

Yearsend 30, 920: Rossanite forces, under the command of the Circle of Mages, invades the Taur, strarting the Kruke War.

Abainath 12, 921: Taursill is occupied by Rossanite forces.

Harvesttime 2, 921: Dwarves in the Merane Range spot a pair of beholders moving south along the Black River.  Knowing a beholder partnership to be a curious, rare and dangerous occurrence, they alert some of the human communities nearby.

Harvesttime 15, 921: A force of kobolds and goblins, led by two beholders, invade and conquer the city of Eden Daly.  Only then is it discovered that the beholders are working with the Rossanites.

Harvesttime 19, 921: Giffen Oberof, lord of Castle Oberof, agrees to betray his king and country to Rossan.

Tallin 2, 921: The Oberof Betrayal.  Lord Oberof, with a small cadre of loyal men, slaughters his own men and opens a pathway for Rossanite forces to invade Hexaville.

Tallin 4, 921: A red dragon named Taxatil, working in league with Rossan, lands in Genningbridge and demands the full surrender of the city or he will destroy it.

Tallin 8-11, 921: Battle of the Fog Coast. The fleet of Hexaville, relying on its traditional strategy of employing quick ramming galleys, is devastated when the Rossanite fleet uses hastily constructed yardarms to drop heavy weights on the ramming galleys. The naval victory leaves Hexaville open to siege by the Rossanite army.

Tallin 14, 921: The Rossanite army arrives in Genningbridge, where it is discovered that Taxatil was working with the Redlanders.

Tallin 17, 921: Mercenaries invade and occupy Inwit on behalf of Rossan.

Tallin 28, 921: The Hexan army, taken by surprise by the Oberof Betrayal and the appearance of Taxatil, is unable to drive the Rossanite army out of their kingdom.  Nevertheless, they have enough magic at their disposal that they manage to hold off the invaders at the Battle of Cashen’s Field, fought on the farmland of Cashen Gelderman.  The short battle, over in a matter of hours, solves nothing and the two sides settle in for a long siege.

Rainfell 28, 922: An Elvan army, attempting to assist Hexaville, is defeated by a mercenary army in the employ of Rossan at the Battle of the Hexan River, near Inwit.  The mercenary army is joined by Taxatil, while a smaller red dragon named Yzythias remains with the siege force at Hexaville.

Greenleaf 9, 922: Their forces depleted by assisting Hexaville, Elvana cannot respond when a green dragon named Thysafajowe appears outside their city and devastates it, leading a group of hill giants and kobolds.  The dragon leaves Elvana but occupies Kinen Forest as his own little fiefdom.

Greenleaf 12-21, 923: The Battle of the Athal River, a nine-day battle between the forces of Nathal and retreating forces from Alta against the forces of Rossan and allied beholders from Merane.

Greenleaf 22-Artimis 11, 923: Siege of Castle Harhavik.  Having defeated the Nathalese forces at the Battle of the Athal River, Rossan successfully lays siege to the castle, eventually winning the day, killing the entire royal family and turning the castle into a pile of ruins.

Greenleaf 17, 924: The Battle of Ceydon’s Field, the first excursion of Rossanite forces into Kastray.

Sunheart 11-14, 924: The beholders ruling Eden Daly turn on each other, pitting their armies of kobolds against each other. Finally, one kills the other but is weakened and distracted, allowing a townsman named Jan Maas Preuer to drive a spear into its eye.

Goldenland 2, 924: The Battle of Vey.  The Rossanite forces are defeated by the Meran/Kastrois forces. With Eden Daly lost, their main supply route was lost.

Goldenland 18, 924: The Hexan navy in exile, sporting new ships with hulls designed by Glimrick & Gloynes that make the ships much quicker, defeat the Rossanite navy in the Battle of XXXXXXXX.

Abainath 1, 925: With the dawning of a new year, the Keshasai begins in Elvana. Fourteen elves, mostly younger, decide to isolate themselves from the corruption of human influence in modern Elvana and live full time in Kinen Forest. Within a week, one hundred more had followed them.

Abainath 1, 926: The Taursill Charter is signed by all nobility and authorities in Alta, excepting the authorities of Lemis and Willbare, reforming the dissolved kingdom of Alta under King Koba Lordsman.

Greenleaf 12, 926: Septien Elfmage is crowned King of Hexaville.

Rainfell 12, 926: Hexaville and Mithas, after Rossan refuses to pay off loans to the banks of both nations, invades Rossan, led by Thor Els and King Koba Lordsman.  Thor, along with some Hexan wizards, battles cloud and fire giants in the employ of Rossan.

Rainfell 15, 926: The Circle of Mages is ousted from Rossan, fleeing to Serapy Isles.  

Abainath 29, 927: Privateers from Rossan engage in a clash with Tashem naval forces off the coast of Tilari.  This results in a short-lived war between Mystician forces and Tashem forces. This temporary alliance between Rossan and Hexaville, Alta and Mithas leads the three to allow the Rossanite government to return, under certain conditions. Tzeular Dracosia, the least objectionable member of the Circle, is crowned king with the support of Hexaville and Alta.  Tzeular Gelin returns from exile shortly to assist King Dracosia.

Greenleaf 1, 927: Lalitar is invaded and occupied by the Mystician force.

Sunheart 19, 927: A dwarven community beneath Tanglewood, one of the last deep dwarf communities in Kruke, is destroyed completely in a drow invasion. Thor Els, who was there by pure happenstance, is forced to flee.

Labbinos 2, 927: Giving the war with Tash a second front, Mithas and Morean attack near Agemides.

Labbinos 12, 927: Rebellion in Merane leads the Mithasians to withdraw their forces from the Mysticians invading Tash.

Labbinos 19, 927: With a depleted army, the Mysticians sue for peace and turn Lalitar back over to the Tashem. Hexaville receives the Tashem island of Kayan, which is named Kain.

Drae’unath 3, 927: Baron Yver i’Solon de Kastrai is killed at the Second Battle of Vey.  Kastrois rebels defeat the loyalist forces of King Blouseau.

Abainath 1, 928: Siegneur Achille de Penafiel de Kastray is crowned Prince-Royal of Kastray and Kastray becomes an independent Princedom, no longer under the rule of Merane.

Sunheart 15, 928: A daring robbery of a shipment of silver from Silvertown to Hexaville nets the equivalent of 100,000 pieces of silver.

929: Tirayl Eldris is chosen as Ul’lariasti of Elvana.  The next one is scheduled for 944.

Greenleaf 3, 931: Rossanite forces land on Duriz Island, beginning an invasion of the island.

Greenleaf 7, 931: Battle of XXXX Beach.  Rossanite forces defeat Durosi army.  The queen of Duriz flees to Bridgefort Castle.

Greenleaf 11, 931: Zyre Redhood, commander of the Rossanite army, is installed as puppet king of Duriz.

Greenleaf 14, 931: Bridgefort Castle is laid to waste, and every holdout inside, including presumably the queen, are killed.  Rumors persist that she escaped, but so far she has never surfaced.

Sunheart 9, 931: The Cheltas, or monarchical ruler, of Berkinonne dies under suspicious circumstances.

Sunheart 11, 931: Cazaïc Chargedepaule, a nobleman of Berkinonne, claims the title of Cheltas despite having no royal blood. His excuse is that the nation needs strength and the royal bloodline has become depraved and weak.

Sunheart 13, 931: Yven de Berkinne, the second son of the passed Cheltas, claims the throne over his brother. This leads to a three way war, known as the Berquinnois War.

Sunheart 29, 931: Remkey the Strong, a powerful orc warlord, is named commander of Castle Kizrov after the death of Kizrov Bonefeaster.  

Drae’unath 11, 931: Rebel Igimnians in Samnos drive out their evil Minoan overlords.

932: Zoarre Laytin, a wild elf from Tanglewood, becomes Rangerking

Greenleaf 21, 934: The Berquinnois War finally comes to an exhausted, bloody end with Chargdepaule’s side, now led by Tomo Ghisent after Cazaïc fell in battle, accepting peace from Berkinne’s side, now led by Yvon de Trois Doigts. With all members of the Berkinne family having been killed in battle, and neither side having won an advantage, the old nation of Berkinonne fell apart and became two nations; Paybrun and Paybost.

Abainath 3, 935: The city of Kolensdarby explodes in a revolt against the rule of the King Thorm of Bronwend, then still a child and under the rule of a regent.  The leader of the revolution, a charismatic wizard named Phuul, convinced the people that Thorm’s tyranny and taxation was unfair.  After the revolution, Phuul became even worse.

Rainfell 19th, 935: The revolution in Kolensdarby is completed.  Within a week, rivals of Phuul are disappearing.

Goldenland 1, 935: Bulben Burrle and Albedo d’Oro hire adventurers from Hexaville to track down a missing caravan.

Goldenland 8, 935: Returning home from a trip to Lake Mur, Sir Herman Limsbridge, 33rd Baron of Fornen has a fight with his son and future heir, Sir Gallig.  The details of the fight are unclear, but it erupts into a war between factions.

Goldenland 9, 935: Sir Herman, Baron Fornen, flees Castle Fornen with his men.  Later that day, men loyal to him kill the king’s sheriff in Fornen.  They, and their baron, are labeled outlaws, calling themselves Herman’s Outlaws.

Goldenland 12, 935: With the assistance of a powerful mage, Herman’s Outlaws storm the walled town of Asperdyce and occupy it.

Goldenland 18, 935: Undead assassins murder the priests of St. Reemes Cathedral in Avertown.

Goldenland 19, 935: Forces loyal to King Elfmage, led by Sir Gallig Limsbridge, 34th Baron Fornen meet Herman’s Outlaws on the field of battle just north of Cooper’s Hamlet.  Known as the Battle of Ardas Field.  A skeleton army loyal to Herman’s Outlaws invades Avertown in the pre-dawn hours.

Greenleaf 12, 936: The moon is about 55% full and is at a roughly 30 degree angle above the horizon to the southeast of Fitzgersagway.

Yearsend 22, 936: The end of the Khanswar in Kruke.

Labinnos 3, 937: Almost a year after the gods themselves walked the prime material, changes are noticed in the world.  An illiterate gong-farmer in Mate-Hillge suddenly gains the ability to cast spells like a sorceror.  Priests all over the land find the powers their god grants them have changed.

Yearsend 9, 940: Heeren Spotswood descends into his cellar to select a bottle of wine and never returns. His servants send a notice to the king.

Yearsend 10, 940: Therls arrive at Spotswood Hall and discover no one alive inside. Mysterious forces kill all but one of the therls, who escapes to inform the kingdom that Spotswood Hall is now haunted. The Spotswood peasants flee, either to other Heeren or outside of the kingdom.

Drae’unath 2, 941: An evil force is sighted in the swampland near Boueux, in Merane.  Undead and demons begin to appear throughout the Black River Valley.

Drae’unath 23, 941: Villages in southern Dasse, along the Black River, are raided by an unknown army.

Drae'unath 24, 941: King Jean Blouseau of Merane is assassinated by a woman possessed by a devil spirit, as the first part of QXDS’ plan to claim the throne of Merane for himself.

Rainfell 16, 943: After years of fighting among claimants, Alic de Pied’Riv (possessed by QXDS) is crowned king of Merane. His claim is based on a tenuous family connection to the Blouseaus.

944: The next scheduled choosing of the Ul’lariasti of Elvana.

Sunheart 2, 947: An uprising in Mithas City, as rule by the Devil-King has led to deep poverty and injustice deepened anger, easily overthrows the proxy ruler, another devil known as Lord Brascolle. Brascolle’s body began to deteriorate about the year before. By now, his mortal body is decayed to the point of inhumanity. The rebels, aided by the out of favor with the devils Parou crime family, easily overthrow the ambivalent rulers. In their place, a commune of residents is set up to rule the city.

Sunheart 20, 947: The devil QXDS, possessing the body of the Mithasian king Alic de Pied’Riv, is destroyed when Lysinus, an angel of the highest rank, fires an arrow of holy obliteration, into his body, destroying the devil within and banishing all of his minions back to the Nine Hells, ending the rule of the Devil King.