Register of Business/Personal Interests for School Governors

Name of Governor/Associate Member:        Jane Walton


Business Interests

Please provide details of the interest

Date interest ceased

Current Employment

No interest


Businesses (of which I am a partner/proprietor)

The TA Adviser (Independent trainer of teaching assistants)


Company directorships

No interest


Charity trusteeships

No interest


Any other conflict

No interest


Personal Interests

Their name

Relationship to me

Nature of the interest


Immediate family/close connections to the governor  working in school

Nichole Mulkeen


Nicole is the Attendance and Family Outreach Manager at Lowerplace.


Business involvement/ company directorships or trusteeships of family/close connections to the governor (e.g. a business the school might deal with)

 No interest




Other schools where I am a governor

Name of school

Position held

Date appointed / elected



 Caldershaw Primary

 Vice Chair




Record of Reviews (Clerk of Governors must distribute this form to the respective governor for amendment as necessary and signature annually)













Governor’s Signature