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In an effort to reduce paper, I have attached my course syllabus to the school’s website ( In class, I reviewed the syllabus and its location on the school’s website. Please review the syllabus with your child, sign and return just this signature page.  If you are unable to access the e-syllabus, please let me know, and I’ll provide a paper copy.


The Elk Grove Unified School District and Elizabeth Pinkerton Middle School will provide your student with a wonderful opportunity to discover and explore the impact of technology on our society. I hope that your student participates in this class and discovers areas of interest that motivate them to pursue academic excellence in all of their curriculum courses. This class is an exciting and fun way to open new vistas of understanding.


Please sign that you have read and understand this course syllabus. By signing, the student agrees to abide by these rules, use common sense, follow the EGUSD Internet Use Policy (found in the Student Handbook) and exhibit polite behavior at all times. Please return JUST THIS SIGNATURE PAGE and keep the course syllabus for future reference.


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