Radio Marketing Executive

Personality type: Creative            Departments: Marketing

The lowdown

·        Marketing the services and products of a radio station, or group of stations, to existing and potential listeners and clients

·        Increasing brand awareness and loyalty, growing the audience and attracting advertisers

What does a Radio Marketing Executive do?

Radio Marketing Executives undertake a wide range of activities to market the services and products of a radio station, or group of stations, to existing and potential listeners and clients. The goal is to increase brand awareness and loyalty, grow the audience and attract new advertisers while serving existing clients.

This involves a range of analytical and creative marketing activities. The Radio Marketing Executive interprets research and data about radio markets and audiences. They maintain contact databases. They design and implement promotional campaigns and events that engage audiences and meet client needs. They ensure consistent communication in all marketing activity.

Radio Marketing Executives work closely with colleagues in sales, sponsorship, promotions, events and publicity. They offer insight about audiences and commercial partners so that the station’s output meet audience and client expectations, contribute to building the brand, and maximize revenue.

Radio Marketing Executives manage budgets and ensure the efficient use of resources, including co-op availability and specific criteria to obtain.

Although some of their work is office-based, they must also spend time out of the office meeting with key station contacts, gathering information and assisting with events. Reliable transportation is required.

Is this role right for me?

To do this role, you will need to:

·        think creatively and generate original ideas

·        have excellent writing skills which you can adapt for different audiences and platforms

·        have strong knowledge of marketing and communications, and how to build and manage brands

·        have a strong understanding of the communication channels for advertising and marketing campaigns

·        have confidence and tenacity to pursue information, overcome obstacles and pitch ideas to senior colleagues

·        work calmly effectively under pressure, react quickly, and meet tight deadlines

·        pay close attention to detail

·        have excellent communication skills, written and verbal, complemented by diplomacy

·        analyze and interpret data, and extrapolate the information for non–specialist colleagues and clients

·        have knowledge of the law, ethics and industry regulations regarding radio marketing

·        understand when it is necessary, and how to acquire, the relevant clearances and licenses, including copyright and music clearances

·        possess computer skills, including word processing, email, social media and data handling

·        have knowledge of the radio market, formats, and audience demographics

·        be a team player, possess a team spirit and support the radio station team

Am I qualified?

You may work your way up from an entry-level role, without a degree, to be a Radio Marketing Executive. However, a degree in marketing or communications or business management may help. We will look at your background, work experience as well as acquired skills. Networking combined with local contacts and acquaintances are important in this position.  We provide training along with radio-specific market data and research. One of our first steps in qualifying applicants is an aptitude test to determine suitability.