Pomdoro Raiding Rules

1. Please don't change the settings of the KOA team's breaks and work sessions. Just leave them as they are. When you change the settings of the team, it affects everyone. Just ask in #citadel if you want a session that’s not in there

2. If you see there is a break or a session going on, regardless of how long, please let it finish. Even if you see no one around. There are times people end up ghosting the cuckoo and stopping a session can really mess things up for people.

3. Try to have a longer break (20-30 minutes is good) after every 4th work session. If you need a longer break at any time, you can just not join a pom and jump in whenever you're ready again.

4. Finally, if you are the first to join it, announce that a raid is going to start. This allows people to join you!

You’re now ready to join a Pomodoro Raid!