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Unified School District

Parent Observer Access to Canvas

Temecula Valley uses a learning management system (LMS) called Canvas. Parents are able to link up with their students Canvas accounts to view course progress, grades, and more. Parents are not able to submit assignments, take quizzes, or otherwise submit coursework on behalf of their student. Follow the below steps to get connected:

Register as Parent Observer:

  1. Your student must first generate a pairing code and provide this to you. This code is valid for seven days or one use (whichever occurs first). If it expires, your student will need to generate a new code for you.

  1. Student logs into Canvas at with usual school email address and password. This should be done from a desktop or laptop (and not tablet or mobile phone).

  1. Click on “Account” button on left hand side, then click settings

  1. Click Pair with Observer, on right hand side of screen

  1. Code will be displayed on screen. Send this to parent and click OK

  1. The remaining steps will be from the parent side. From a desktop or laptop, go to

  1. Click Parent of a Canvas user? link in upper top right corner

  1. Enter name, email, password, and pairing code provided by student, then click Start Participating. Note: the email address will be your username for logging into Canvas each time you need to access it.

  1. If successfully, you will be logged into Canvas. Sometimes, it may require you to manually go back to URL

  1. At the login screen, login with your email and password entered in step 4 above
  2. On your dashboard, you will see the courses you have access to based on the pairing code.

  1. If you have more than one student you want to pair with:
  1. Login to your Canvas parent account, then click Account > Observing

  1. Enter additional pairing code under Student Pairing Code, then click +Student. You will see a list of students you are already paired with at the bottom of this screen.

  1. By clicking the three dots next to a course name, you can add a nickname (such as student initials) or change the color (to color code it per student). These customizations can help you visually tell which course is for which of your students.

  1. After all pairing setup is complete, you may download the Canvas app from the Apple App Store or Google Play and access data via app if desired