Cans of Food Audio


can opener - a tool used to open cans

*In English we often use the suffix ~er after a verb to show that a person or thing does that verb.

In baseball the person who pitches the ball is called the pitcher, the person who catches the pitches is called the catcher.

A floor wiper wipes your floor.

A sharpener makes your pencils sharp. (It sharpens your pencils)

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A container contains - holds - something. Tupperware is a well known company in North America that makes plastic containers.

frustrated (adjective) feeling annoyed and impatient because you cannot do or achieve what you want

~ It's very easy to get frustrated in this job.

“He’s frustrated because there aren’t enough containers for all the food.”

uneaten (adjective) not eaten

“She meant that he should put the uneaten portion of food in plastic containers.”

spoil (verb) spoil something to change something good into something bad, unpleasant, useless, etc.

“...he doesn’t want to leave the opened cans of food on the counter because the cat might eat the food or it might spoil.”

A woman holding her nose at spoiled food in the pot in fro… | Flickr

This food has spoiled. It stinks!