Updates from administrators will be provided in the announcements channel of the tourney discord. Always assume the latest rulings there supercede the rules document in situations where the rules document hasn't been updated. An announcement will always be posted if the doc is updated, to allow you to understand the state of it.

Overall Format

Game Settings & Rules

All matches will be played using the No Glitches logic. For the remaining settings we are offering players the choice to customize their matches from a variety of options (one option per category).

1 If Inverted is chosen then it cannot also be combined with a Variation

2 Expert difficulty is only available during the Brackets

3 Chaos bosses / randomized enemies / default enemy health and damage / no pot or palette shuffle

Overall Schedule

Schedule is subject to change if stages are done early or if there are any unforeseen circumstances.

Tournament Rules

Racing Platform

All races FOR THE WHOLE TOURNAMENT will be completed on SpeedRunsLive (SRL)

Keeping Things Fair

This tournament is purely for fun. Please be honourable. With that said, there a few changes from last tournament to help ensure fair play:

Players MUST ensure their stream is not ended before the RESTREAM shows the final in-game time/completion rate. On OBS you can STOP your stream when YOU see the final screen so long as you do not CLOSE OBS immediately. Stream softwares cache the entire delay and will continue streaming until that cache is empty, even after you end your broadcast. However, if you try closing the software after stopping the stream, it may cause your stream to end before the intended time.

If you are unsure, keep streaming until you see the restream show your final screen.

We ask you to refrain from talking about tournament races in #race-spoilers of the ALTTPR Discord until the entire race has finished. This is as a courtesy to help ensure nobody still racing gleans spoilers. While not mandatory, it is preferred and appreciated. After all it’s something you as a player can do to help ensure fair play amongst your fellow racers.

Format Reasoning

Please read this to understand why we have chosen this format:




Sign-up form:


Races will be held over 3 weeks between Monday 1st October and Sunday 21st October.

Week 1: Monday 1st October - Sunday 7th October

Week 2:  Monday 8th October - Sunday 14th October

Week 3: Monday 15th October - Sunday 21st October

Changing Races

Drop-out/deregistration form:


Your score for each race result will use the following calculation:

Your final score will use the following calculation:

Forfeits will be calculated using last place finish time + 15 minutes.

If less than 5 races are completed, all missing results will be awarded a forfeit using the lowest score from all 15 qualifier races.

Qualifier Format & Calculation Reasoning

Sample Analysis

Groups and Brackets


Groups (6 weeks, 96 players)

Brackets (6 weeks, 32 players)


In some games players have the option to veto certain game settings. In games where both players have a veto available, if the first player vetoes a setting from a category where there are only two game settings then the second player must choose from a different category. This prevents opposing vetoes (e.g. Defeat Ganon and All Dungeons). Vetoes are optional.

Settings Submission

For each game you must decide your settings when submitting to the schedule. The settings are not intended to be a surprise to your opponent so they will also know when the match is submitted. This gives people time to practice. We suggest confirming your settings with each other before scheduling.


Qualifiers > Groups

After the Qualifiers conclude the entrants will have been ranked from 1 to 96. Players will be divided into sextiles (portions representing 1/6 of the runners):

16 groups of 6 players will be created by randomly selecting one runner from each sextile.

Groups > Brackets

Players will be ranked from 1 to 32 using three metrics in descending order:

  1. Number of total wins in Groups
  2. Number of wins against competitor-chosen settings in Groups
  3. Rank from the Qualifier -> Group seeding

The players will then be placed into pairs using these seeds (e.g. 1-32, 2-31, 3-30 etc).

Finally these pairs will be placed into the Bracket in specific places to increase the probability that each successive round contains tougher and tougher matches, i.e. maximise the competitiveness.

Pair 01                [01, 32]                Pair 09                [02, 31]

Pair 02                [16, 17]                Pair 10                [15, 18]

Pair 03                [08, 25]                Pair 11                [07, 26]

Pair 04                [09, 24]                Pair 12                [10, 23]

Pair 05                [04, 29]                Pair 13                [03, 30]

Pair 06                [13, 20]                Pair 14                [14, 19]

Pair 07                [05, 28]                Pair 15                [06, 27]

Pair 08                [12, 21]                Pair 16                [11, 22] is a visual reference to the seeding layout