10,000 Lakes Gaming

Board Meeting December 2018

December 11th, 2018 

[ https://www.meetup.com/msp-pathfinders/events/256839061/ ]


President - Erica Loppnow

Secretary - Keith Apperson

Treasurer - Jolene Danner




Guests: Laura, Courtnie, Ann



  1. Explanation of meeting procedures to new attendees.

Secretary’s Report

  1. Approval of the minutes https://drive.google.com/open?id=10CLe5UathQW1cwre3T9fFiEv3HvrhcJUaenyYFgenpQ 

Treasurer’s Report

  1. Treasurer’s Report: Review current budget https://drive.google.com/open?id=1RYRjCAO5Ckysbds2Wb7IVWBHNqTmUKBbAJ8mPmdGEv0
  2. Discussion on MN Tax Exemption Process / Waiting on purchases
  1. Square and iPad on the first
  2. Wait on laptops, set a drop dead for SkalCon at a later date - set all dates by 1st meeting after CotN 

Old Business

  1. SkålCon Follow Up
  1. Check Delivered
  1. Check was cashed, bank called, approved
  1. Dates soft locked in - Sep 20-22 2019
  2. Hotel visits pending - fell off the table with holidays
  1. SkalCon Site Sub Committee - Keith leading, 3 people to sites
  1. Committees
  1. Committees List: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VTVBX8IPRx9eTDySjSUBNCJzZAwAg8Y6AIBsuqzY9_s/ 
  2. Add committees to list / assign members
  1. Add to Slack, add to 10k-G
  1. Committee reports
  1. CotN Status
  1. Fundraising
  1. Jolene is contacting Scott (Dice, Ribbons)
  1. Loan of equipment (will coordinate with JD, would be nice to have receipt printer and cash drawer)
  1. Jack will send information over to Neal

New Business



  1. 2nd Jan - Purchase of iPad and Square equipment - @jolene
  2. By 31st Jan - Determine needed paperwork/ask for assistance if needed for tax exemption - @panpear
  3. Provide guidance to Site Committee (Sub of SkålCon) re: Selection criteria/needed questions - @silbeg
  4. ASAP - Add new members to Slack/Goog/Other sites - @kapperson - DONE
  5. ASAP - Contact Scott (CotN) re: Fundraising - @jolene
  6. ASAP - Arrange loan of equipment, @silbeg sending info to @NealB - @NealB
  7. ASAP - Addendum to bylaws, officer elections annually - @panpear