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ADC-IARPC Semantics WG 2020-10-20

ADC-IARPC Vocabularies and Semantics Working Group


Meeting Agenda & Minutes


2020-10-20 19:00 UTC (01:00 PM MDT and 21:00 CEST)




  1. Participants
  1. Ruth, Allison, Rebekah, Adam Stone, Mark S, Paul T., Bill, Pier Luigi, Øystein, Shannon Christoffersen
  1. Adoption of agenda
  1. Adopted.
  1. Review of minutes of previous meeting
  1. 2020-09-15
  1. Approved.
  1.  Review of action items
  1. Ruth to ping Pip - can we get matrix part of the paper moving
  1. Pip, Ruth, Peter will work on this paper as soon as the recommendations paper is finished and a decision is made on how to move forward with the tooling
  2. Item to be closed.
  1. Ruth/PIP to send an email out to repository reps re verifying their content for the Polar Semantics Planning Matrix (see below)
  1. The revised matrix is now available. Then relevant records will be sent to the respective “owners”.
  2. Keeping task open for now - Pending 4.a.
  3. This depends on the decision on interfaces to the matrix information as indicated in 4a.
  4. Action item to be closed, covered through Polar to Global Hackathons.
  1. Allison, Bill, Ruth, and Øystein to review structure of the matrix of harvesting relationships. The structure is to be discussed in email with the whole group.
  1. Ruth to send a Doodle poll or equivalent to set this up - sent May 28
  2. Pip has made recommendations for splitting out draft
  3. Ruth needs to coordinate with Pip to send this out. 4c essentially complete, just need to complete 4a.
  4. Keeping task open for now.
  5. Action on everybody to review and comment on the structure as well as updating the records where appropriate.
  6. Closing item following this.
  1. Pier Luigi to explore a data paper on the Polar Vocabularies Questionnaire with support from Ruth, Mark and Øystein.
  1. link to responses: Polar Vocabularies (Responses)
  3. Possible synergies with two recent workshops at ESIP on vocabularies (Lesley Wyborn, Simon Cox; and Margaret O’Brien, Mark Schildhauer)
  1. notes from O’Brien/Schildhauer ESIP session:


  1. Terminologies f
  2. or I-ADOPT
  1. Catalogue of terminologies for I-ADOPT
  1. Updated status
  1. Can’t really be a “data paper” - maybe a white paper? The CAPARDUS Arctic Practices System Prototype (nested within the IOC-UNESCO Ocean Best Practices System) may be a good multiplier / host of the document in pre-print form
  2. Looked across responses - many are not really terminologies, but most are - have diagram where we scatter these across the semantic ladder
  3. For ESIP links, link up to the Semantic Resource Federation (final name pending)
  4. Pier Luigi will create a first draft, publish the link in Slack and the rest of the task group will review and comment.
  5. Moving action to an agenda item to follow up on.
  1. Need for a co-chair since Ruth has to step down due to other commitments
  1. Rebekah volunteered.
  1. Polar Semantics Planning Matrix updates
  1. The matrix is available at Matrix of metadata harvesting relationships
  2. The matrix and other materials from this family of meetings are being documented in these two papers:
  1. PDPS White Paper Draft - Harvesting Portion
  1. Peter, Pip, and Ruth to plan finishing paper (after April 1st). Planned for Data Science Journal.
  2. Get section on tooling written
  3. Discuss the matrix
  4. Add next steps
  1. Beyond the data bits - new working group on this
  2. Self-documenting catalogs
  1. Pip will not lead this, Ruth will follow up for now.
  1. PDPS White Paper Draft - Recommendations Portion
  1. Ruth will send another doodle poll to a larger group of authors for final comments once Peter’s edits are received.
  2. To be submitted to Data Science Journal as a Practice Paper
  3. This is on track now. Ruth and Peter are pushing forward.
  1. Following discussions on the 2020-08-18 meeting, discuss definitions of data and datasets that could be used in the Arctic Community
  1. The purpose is to achieve definitions that are useful in communication with data providers (i.e. scientists and agencies)
  2. Background material
  1. The UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development Implementation Plan v2.0. (See glossary for definitions of data, information, knowledge, and digital knowledge ; note we had to tone down the technical aspects as this document goes to the GA) : 
  3. If necessary establish a task team to elaborate on suggestions. Pier Luigi is pushing this.
  1. Review of discussions in Slack.
  1. No active discussions in Slack so far.
  2. Pending specific slack space generation. Action on Pier Luigi to create this and announce the new channel in General.
  1. Rebekah presented examples of datasets in the context of social science.
  3. These seem to be more or less consistent with the general Ocean Decade definitions of data and information according to Pier Luigi. Pier Luigi suggested to illustrate the definitions with these examples.
  4. Rebekah and Pier Luigi will look into this and Rebekah will check with definitions with relevant communities.
  5. Discussion will start in Slack (channel here) and may move to a more public discussion on Twitter later.
  6. Action on Øystein to check that all members have been added to Slack.
  1. Regular interoperability workshops debriefs and plans
  1. Lessons learned in the September 2nd workshop that should be further discussed
  2. Polar practices recommendations for implementing is the short term goal
  3. Not arranged since the last meeting.
  4. Next hackathon is announced at 
  1. Awareness updates (roundtable)
  1. Next Polar to Global Hackathon is arranged November 5th (as noted above).
  1. Next meeting
  1. Agreed to do the third Tuesday of the month, at 20:00 UTC (21:00 CET, 15:00 EST, 13:00 MST).
  1. Next meeting will be Tuesday 17th November.
  2. Øystein will create a calendar invite.
  1. Since not everyone is using Slack, emails should be circulated for each meeting.