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Rukshan Ranatunge

Rukshan Ranatunge


Sri Lanka


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  • Health information system development
  • Biomedical informatics
  • Open data
  • Database Management
  • FHIR standards and implementation
  • HL7 standards
  • DHIS2
  • R
  • Python
  • JAVA
  • JavaScript
  • Web technologies
  • Project management
  • Medicine and surgery

I’m Dr Rukshan Ranatunge, currently following my masters degree in Biomedical informatics at the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine, University of Colombo, and worked as a medical doctor for two  years before starting my masters degree.

I’m interested in computer science, health information systems, interoperability in healthcare and finding novel ways to solve health information problems.

My current ongoing research includes designing the open data portal for the Ministry of Health Sri Lanka. I’m completing my Masters degree in December 2022.


  • Medical doctor
  • FHIR profiling and implementation in Sri Lanka
  • DHIS2 customization and implementation
  • Full stack web developer with more than 10 years of experience
  • Project management at National Covid Health Information System
  • Open data and designing development of Open data portal for the Ministry of Health Sri Lanka

Technical Working Group on National Electronic Health Record / Committee member.

March 2023 - PRESENT,  Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka.

I’m working as a technical working group committee member in developing the national electronic health record (NEHR) which aims to develop a longitudinal health record of all the citizens of  the country.

Sri Lankan Open Data Portal For Health / Principal researcher

AUGUST 2022 - PRESENT,  Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka

Currently ongoing research project- Sri Lanka is developing its own open data portal to share the large amounts of datasets generated each year. I’m currently leading the designing, developmenting and implementation of the national health data portal.

FHIR Implementation Architecture and Technical Committee / Committee member

DECEMBER 2021 - PRESENT,  Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka

I’m working as a committee member of the FHIR implementation architecture and technical advisory committee. Where I work to implement the FHIR standard in Sri Lanka.

National Covid Health Information System / Project Manager

AUGUST 2021 - PRESENT,  Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka

I’m currently developing and managing the National Covid Health Information System, where I coordinate one of the largest open source projects in Sri Lanka with nearly 20 developers.

Postgraduate Institute of Medicine / MSc Trainee

OCTOBER 2020 - PRESENT,  University of Colombo, Colombo

I started my master’s program in Bioinformatics at the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine, University of Colombo. I'm currently in my second year in my masters program.

Base Hospital Kanthale / Medical Officer in Paediatrics

MARCH 2019 - OCTOBER 2020,  Trincomalee

I worked as a medical officer in pediatrics and neonatology at the pediatric  and premature baby unit at base hospital Kanthale, Trincomalee.

District General Hospital Kegalle/ Post Intern Medical Officer

NOVEMBER 2017 - MARCH 2019,  Kegalle

I worked as a post-intern medical officer in surgery at district general hospital Kegalle.

District General Hospital Kegalle/ Intern Medical Officer

NOVEMBER 2016 - NOVEMBER 2017,  Kegalle

I completed my medical internship in surgery and pediatrics at district general hospital Kegalle.

University of Kelaniya/ Research assistant

June  2016 - NOVEMBER 2016,  Department of medicine

I worked as a research assistant for the department of medicine at University of Kelaniya after completing my MBBS degree for a period of 6 months.


University of Colombo/ MSc Biomedical Informatics

August 2020 - December 2022

Currently undergoing at the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine, University of Colombo

University of Kelaniya / Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery

August 2010 - June 2016,  Sri Lanka

Graduated from the university of Kelaniya in 2016 with my degree in medicine and surgery.

St’ Mary’s College  / GCE Advanced Level in Biology

APRIL 2007 - AUGUST 2009,  Kegalle, Sri Lanka

I completed my GCE advanced level in Biology in 2009. With a Z score of 2.016 and with a district rank of 16.

  • Chemistry - A
  • Physics - B
  • Biology - B

St’ Mary’s College  / GCE Ordinary Level

APRIL 2007 - AUGUST 2009,  Kegalle, Sri Lanka

I completed my GCE Ordinary Level in 2006.

  • Mathematics - A
  • Science - A
  • English - A
  • English Literature - A
  • Western Music - A
  • Commerce - A
  • Buddhism - A
  • Development Studies - A
  • Health Science - A
  • Sinhala Language - B


Digital Health: National Health System Planning / Asia eHealth Information Network

December 2022

Intermediate course in  FHIR /

August 2022

Fundamentals course in  FHIR /

April  2022

DHIS2 Android Implementation Level 2 / University of Oslo

March 2022

Certification in open health information exchange architecture / Open Health Information Exchange

February  2022

DHIS2 Tracker Configuration Level 1 / University of Oslo

February 2022

R Programming / Johns Hopkins University


Short Course on Research Methodology / Postgraduate Institute of Medicine, University of Colombo


DHIS2 Fundamentals / University of Oslo, Norway


Fundamentals in COVID19 /


Database Management Systems /  Lecturer

February 2023

  • Postgraduate Institute of Medicine University of Colombo

Digital Health Convergence Workshop / Resource person

December 2022

  • Certificate ID - DHCW2022-240 |

Open Source Health System Development / Resource person

Health Information Unit Knowledge Sharing Sessions - October 2021

Intensive Care Unit  / Medical doctor

May 2021 - August 2021.

During the height of the COVID19 pandemic in the country, I took two months off from my masters degree to volunteer as medical doctor at the COVID19 intensive care using at Base Hospital Kanthale.  


Design, Development and Piloting an Open Data Portal for Ministry of Health Sri Lanka

January 2023

  • Submitted to Postgraduate Institute of Medicine University of Colombo awaiting viva voce and publication

Design Open Source Health Information System in Low Resource Setting

Currently writing on the Development of The National Covid Health Information System