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Technology Related Opportunities - 2017/18

The following are a list of technology related professional development opportunities in Southeast Asia. You are encouraged to apply for one of the opportunities below, via the normal PD application process in your respective school.

Preference will be given to applicants for whom the conference aims are aligned to their professional learning aims, based on individual, departmental or grade level goals or for those who are accepted to present at the event.

For each of these opportunities there is an expectation you meet with one of the College Digital Literacy Coaches before and after attending, to identify ways to share your learning to others in your team, subject or school.

Google Apps for Education Summit

Singapore American School

11/12 Nov 2017

Saturday and Sunday event

Approx Costs - S$325


This is a high intensity two day event focusing on deploying, integrating, and using Google Apps for Education and other Google Tools to promote student learning in K-12 and higher education. The full program is here.

Who is this suitable for?

Teachers and support staff who are comfortable with using Google Docs to share, but keen to look at other Google Apps and how these might be used to support learning. Click here to see an overview of the 2016 conference.

Please send applications to the relevant Vice Principals by Thursday October 13th 2017

21st Century Learning Hong Kong

Fri 19th - Sat 20th Jan 2018

Optional Precon - Thursday

Approx Course Costs - $2300

Cover - 1 ½ days


Conference includes a variety of keynote speakers, extended workshops and practitioner led sessions where teachers from around Southeast Asia share insights and knowledge. Pre-conference master classes are also available on Thursday.

When applying please identify strands and sessions that connect to your personal or teams professional development.

Who is this suitable for?

Classroom teachers, who have experience in using technology to improve student learning and who are looking for further practical ideas and insights. Ideal for Tech Mentors and others who are looking for an opportunity to present and share to a wider audience.

Please send applications to the relevant Vice Principals by Thursday October 13th 2017.

reThinking Learning Summit

UWCSEA, Dover Campus

Fri 25 and Sat 26 May 2018

Optional Precon - Thursday

Approx Costs - free

Cover - 2 days if precon


Participate in an extensive range of teacher lead workshops, extended sessions and keynotes that integrate the use of literacy and numeracy tools and technologies as resources to help students learn.

Who is this suitable for?

Teachers of English and Mathematics K-12, across PS/MS/HS.  Anyone interested in exploring effective instructional practices that engage students in meaningful mathematical and literacy learning.

Please send applications to the relevant Vice Principals by 28th March 2018.