9/10/19 NEP BOD Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 10:37am

Present BOD Members: Brian Ainscough (Boston Bolts), Jason Braga (NEFC), Paul Turner (FCUSA), Adam Scott (LFC), Peter Bradley (GPS), Ian Burgess (Seacoast), Liz Lima (Select)

Also in attendance: Sean Carey, Bernie Grimes (Spirit of Liverpool), Rob Holiday (Best FC), Ashley McGown (Aztec), David Cudmore (AVSC), Kelsey Mahoney (Minutes)

5/29/19 Meeting Agenda Items:


  1. Financial Review – Preliminary end of Fiscal year June 2019 – see attached
  2. Registration System – Sports Engine
  1. Fall 2019 – Season so far
  2. Partner Clubs – Policy discussion
  3. Technical Committee
  1. Further items for discussion


Motions Moved

  1. Hire NEP Site Coordinator to be present at Taunton and Lancaster festivals
  2. Partner Clubs must have Member Club logo and brand apparel of Member Club

Action Items

  1. Previous Meeting Notes will be ratified via email
  2. New and updated rules to be put on the NEP website
  3. Technical Committee to tackle the shortage of official’s issue
  4. Need a comparison of the different registration/pass card systems
  5. Meeting with the NEP Club registrars and Sean Carey to be organized by Sean and sent to clubs
  6. Sean Carey to provide feedback on the structure of the Jamborees

Next Membership Meeting: November 12th, 2019 at 10am at the Forekicks in Marlborough

  1. Financial Review
  1. No comments
  1. Registration System
  1. Sports Engine
  1. Every club is having issues. Most likely will not clear all the problems by the end of the fall season
  2. What is the breakdown of what this fee covers?
  3. Does not change whether Sports Engine or GotSoccer is used

Sean Carey will further review and present options to members clubs

  1. Fall 2019 – Season so far
  1. Referees
  1. Jamboree referees vary on level / experience / knowledge
  2. BOD discussed providing Jamboree referees with simplified rules (ex. No punting, build out lines, etc.) to help with overall application on festival days
  1. Obtaining new referees is difficult, they do not want to get screamed at
  1. Need to incentivize new referees (could be reimbursement of gear)
  1. Referee Director onsite at Jamborees
  2. As a league it is our job to provide officials
  1. New Rules
  1. Need to be on website
  1. Jamborees/Festivals
  1. Need NEP Site Director at Lancaster and Taunton
  1. Versed in the culture the league wants in both the parents and coaches
  2. Do not escalate problem further; Contact appropriate clubs and they handle the problem
  1. Discussion of jamboree weekends (two games per day) vs one game per weekend.  Technical committee to further discuss.

  1. Partner Clubs – Policy discussion
  2. Standards Control
  1. Improper uniforms, overall standards, ensure that we use the fall season as a guide for proper spring bracket placements with some teams being new to the league
  2. Motion moved, seconded, and all in favor to set the following standards for partner clubs:
  1. Club logo of NEP Member Club must be present
  2. Brand apparel of Member Club must be used
  1. These to be instituted by Columbus Day or the following sanction will take place:
  1. $250 fine per game
  2. If not in compliance by the Spring the partner club will be out of the league
  1. Club Protection

Discussion regarding “partner clubs” moving from member club to member club annually.  Options for further discussion where;

  1. NEP Member Clubs should have any potential partner clubs uphold outstanding fees with a previous NEP Member Club
  2. Could implement a rule stating that if a partner club leaves a NEP Club, they cannot play for another NEP Club within a certain timeframe
  1. Could train and attend tournaments but no league games
  1. Could implement a bond all new partner clubs have to submit to the NEP
  2. Discussion on player movement within a competitive season (Fall / Spring) as well as competitive year (Fall to Spring)

This can be reviewed if future problems arise

  1. Technical Committee
  1. Preliminary discussion of 2019/2020
  1. League Structure
  1. Create more standardized league structures. Not allowing write-ins during the bracket request process
  2. Educational Retreat Jan 5-7
  1. Info has not been shared yet
  2. Clubs send 1-2 people that the NEP will cover
  3. NEP could hire consultant to organize and run this event
  1. Daren Lilla and/or Marguerite Ferrell is a resource to be used from US Soccer
  1. Next meeting date
  1. 10/15/19 at 10:30am
  1. Items for Further Discussion
  1. Fall 2005s
  1. Rosters can be maximum of 21 players to help with Fall 2005 only teams: Send email to Paul A. to inform him of this.
  1. Officials who work these ages need to be aware this has been approved
  2. Clubs should inform their coaches who coach in this age group

Motion to end meeting at 12:24pm seconded and passed