Minutes of the WSC Board Meeting

September 23, 2017

Board Members present: Butch Blanchard, Phillipe Laurent, James Autry, David McLamb, Nick Logan  and Jonathan Medford

Yeoman Report: August minutes were taken by Autry. Will bring copy to the next meeting. No motion taken.

Purser Report: Logan presented the Purser’s Report.

PHF Radio Purchase: Motion by Laurent to spend up to $400 for 4 PHF radios. Second by Autry. Motion passes unanimously.

Battery Backup for Camera/Internet: Motion by Laurent to purchase a $70 battery backup for the camera and internet. Second by Blanchard. Motion passes unanimously.

Adjourn: Motion by Blanchard to adjourn. Second by Blanchard. Motion passes unanimously.

Next Meeting: Planned for October 28, 2017 at 11:00 AM at the Club.

Respectfully submitted,

Jonathan Medford, Yeoman