King City Elementary 2018-2019 Supply List                


Kindergarten: Crayons, 1 box of 8 regular size (no large ones) and 1 box of 24 colors; 4 regular Pencils; Magic Markers – Water base; 2 Plastic two-pocket folders; Eraser; Metal Blunt End Fiskar child Scissors; 1 Bottle of Glue (4 oz.); 12 glue sticks; 1 large box of tissues; 1 small plastic school box, 1 set of headphones ,  1 box Zip Lock bags (quart size); 1 backpack

Please write child’s name on all supplies and each crayon & marker

1st Grade: 1 box of 24 Crayola crayons; 2 glue sticks; 12 sharpened pencils; 2 large pink erasers; 2 plastic folders w/bottom pockets; scissors; water based markers; 2 large boxes kleenex; large school box; NO Rubbermaid Containers,  boys bring 1 box of quart Ziploc bags; girls bring 1 box gallon Ziploc bags; 1-inch 3 ring white view binder; earbuds or headphones; 1 pencil pouch to hold pencils and crayons; 1 backpack

You do not have to write child’s name on each crayon etc., they will be used in each group setting. 

2nd Grade: Crayola crayons-box of 24; 2 glue sticks; 1 box of colored pencils; 2 pkg. of #2 Pencils; Fiskar scissors; 2 Large pink erasers; Water based markers; 5 plastic pocket folders, without prongs;  2 Large boxes of Kleenex; Large Art box; Backpack   

NO Trapper Keepers, Please!!!    Please write child’s name on all supplies except for pencils and erasers (these will be used in group settings).


3rd Grade:  2 pkg. of #2 pencils; slim pencil box; 1 box crayons; 1 pair of scissors; 4 glue sticks; 1 pocket folder; 1 pkg. water base markers; 2 highlighters(different colors), 1 box colored pencils, 2 large boxes kleenex; 1 large eraser; backpack; 1 red checking pen; 1 wide ruled notebook;  art box, 1 set of earbuds or headphones, PE shoes 

                      NO Trapper Keepers, please!!!   Write child’s name on all supplies, please! 

4th Grade: Crayons; Glue sticks;  2 pkg. #2 pencils (not mechanical); Pointed Scissors; 12” Ruler with Metric Markings; 3 Red Pens or Pencils; Water-base Markers; (3) 3-hole Folders with pockets; (2) 3-Prong Folder; 2 Large Boxes of Kleenex; Eraser; Backpack; Lined Index Cards; 1 Art Box for supplies; 2 Writing Journals; Sticky notes; 1 – 1in. 3 ring Binder, highlighters; Protractor, ear buds, gym shoes.                      NO Trapper Keepers, please!!!    Write child’s name on all supplies, please.

5th Grade: 2 boxes of Kleenex; 3 wide-ruled 1 subject spiral notebooks,  2 Wide-Ruled Composition Notebooks; Black Ink Pens; #2 Pencils; Pencil Pouch Colored Pens for checking; 2 different colored  Highlighters; Erasers; 1 pkg. ; 1 1-inch 3-Ring binder;  6 Pocket Folders;2 pair Pointed Scissors; Crayons; Water-based Markers; Colored Pencils;12 Glue Sticks; Large Art Box; Backpack; Earbuds; Post-it notes,  Correction Tape w/dispenser                 

              NO Trapper Keepers, please!!!          Write child’s name on all supplies, please!

6th Grade: 2 boxes of Kleenex; Grading Pens; #2 Pencils; Erasers (white); 2 Highlighters; 1 pkg. of Wide-Lined Notebook Paper; 1-inch 3 Ring Binder; Post-it Notes & Post-it Flags; 2 Composition Notebooks; 3 Pocket Folders; 1 Folder with 3-prongs; Pointed Scissors; Crayons; Water-based Markers; Glue Sticks; Art Box for art supplies; 1 pkg.  Lined Index cards, 4 pack expo markers ; Calculator ; Backpack;  
 NO Trapper Keepers, PLEASE!!!        Write child’s name on all supplies.

Preschool Supply List: 8 Glue Sticks; 1small bottle glue, 1 box washable markers,2 boxes of 8 crayola crayons basic colors, 4 regular pencils,  1 water color paint set, 2 boxes Kleenex, 1 regular size backpack, 1 set of clothes for spring/summer and fall/winter  including socks & underwear in a labeled Ziploc bag. 1 regular sized nap mat (it must fit into child’s cubby 10”X 28”). 1 covering for nap mat(king size pillow case). 1 small blanket & pillow & cuddle buddy if desired. 1 X-large Ziploc bag to put all items into. 2-1 inch 3 ring binders.  PLEASE put your child’s name on all personal belongings & the bags they are stored in. Do NOT label your child’s art supplies as they will be used in a group setting.


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Junior High and High School Supply List for 2018-2019

(1 Daily Assignment Book is provided for each 7th thru 12th Grade Student)

7th & 8th Grade Science: Calculator, ear buds/headphones, large 3-ring binder

7th  & 8th Grade English:  Notebook Paper or notebook;  Pencils,  Pens,  1 folders; 2 boxes Kleenex, 1 container disinfectant wipes.

 English II, English IV-DC, Writing Rhetoric : Notebook Paper or notebook;  Pencils,  Pens,  1 folders;

English I and III:  Notebook, pencils, colored pens

Spanish I, II, III, 7th/8th: Notebook, pencils

7 & 8th Grade Social Studies: Folder or binder, paper, pencils/pens.

9th Grade American History:  paper, pencils/pens.

10th Grade World History:  Pencils & pens.

Government:   pencils/pens.

7th Grade Math: Pkg. of (12) Pencils NO CALCULATORS ALLOWED


8th Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, II, Trigonometry: Loose-leaf Paper, 1” 3 ring binder, pencils, blue or red pens and scientific calculator (Texas Instruments TI-30XIIS with display recommended – if a new one is being purchased – approximate cost $12).

Geometry, Algebra IB & Technical Math:  Notebook paper, pencils and Scientific Calculator.

Dual Credit College Algebra:  Notebook paper, binder or folder, pencils and a basic graphing calculator (Texas Instruments TI-83 or TI-84 recommended).

9th Grade Physical Science:  SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR, ear buds/headphones, large 3-ring binder.

Chemistry: Folders, pencils, loose-leaf paper and 3-ring binder. NEEDS SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR, (It is a must.)

Biology:  Folders, pencils, loose-leaf paper and 3 ring binder.

Anatomy & Physiology: Loose-leaf paper, pencils, folders, 3 ring binder.  

7th, 8th, 9th Health: Composition style notebook, pencils, pens (blue, black and red); double sided tape roll

Business Courses (Personal Finance, Keyboarding, Bus. Technology): Notebook, Folders, Flash Drive (1-2 GB) Pens or pencils.

Child Development: 3”-3 ring binder, notebook paper, writing utensils

Career Pathways for the Teaching Profession: 3”-3 ring binder, notebook or notebook paper, writing utensils (for extra points: Kleenex and/or disinfectant wipes)

Discovering FCS & HS, Nutrition & Wellness, International Foods, Housing & Environmental Design: ½”-2”-3 ring binder, notebook or notebook paper, pens/pencils, (for extra points: Kleenex and/or disinfectant wipes)