Please read these terms and conditions carefully. We are happy to clarify anything, please just ask.  


“Booking” means the Hirer providing information via the Company’s website or directly with the Company’s sales team to contract the Hire of a Vehicle.

“Booking Fee” means the amount paid at the time of Booking to secure the Vehicle.

“Depot” means the location of the Vehicle collection as per the Booking

“Driver/Drivers” means the named person or persons on the booking insured to drive the Vehicle.  In the case of business rental this Agreement is entered into by the Driver for and on behalf of the Hirer.

Final Payment” means payment of the remaining Vehicle Hire Charge, Security Deposit, IEW or Insurance Excess, optional extra’s and surcharges.

“Hirer” means the person whose details are given at the time of booking.

“Incident” means any event that has caused damage to the body work of Vehicle either by the Hirer or another person, any third party property or breakdown to the Vehicle.

“In-Hire Support” means the Company Vehicle Support Helpline service. Contact details are supplied in the Vehicle.

“Insurance Excess” means the excess amount payable of £1000 (£2250 for non eligible IEW Driver) in the event that the estimated cost of repair exceeds this amount. The excess amount payable is per Incident.

“Insurance Excess Waiver (IEW)” means an option to pay £24 per vehicle per day to reduce the Insurance Excess liability in the event of an insurable damage claim arising to nil.

“Non-insurable Damages” means the Hirer is responsible for all damage costs and expenses incurred as a result of offences against the Road Traffic Accidents, other Incidents and any other costs arising from non insured damages found during the Post Hire Inspection.

“Optional Extra’s” means additional items that can be purchased at an additional cost.

“Post Hire Inspection” means a review of the Vehicle condition at the end of the Rental Period on return.

“Post Hire Charges Schedule” means the charges associated with damage and additional post hire costs as defined

“Pre-Hire Inspection” means a full check of the vehicle with the Hirer or Driver at the time of collection any defects will be noted.

“Rental Period” means the period of hire of The Vehicle as stated on the Booking including any agreed variation from the original Booking.

“Security Deposit” means a £250 refundable payment be made by the Hirer to the Company.

“Vehicle” means the vehicle as stated on the Booking and any replacement or substitute Vehicle which may be provided at the discretion of the Company.

“Vehicle Hire Charge” means the hire charge including VAT and V
ehicle Insurance for the duration of the Rental Period.

“Vehicle Insurance” means
 insurance is included within the Vehicle Hire Charge and is subject to an Insurance Excess of £1000 (£2250 for non eligible IEW drivers). See clause 5.4 below for any exclusions.  

“Company” means Unbeatablehire Ltd. Registered office Fairways, Toft Road, Bourn, Cambridge, CB23 2TT. Company Registration No. 04306649.

1. Hire Charges & Payments
1.1. The Booking fee is £199 or equivalent to the total Vehicle Hire Charge if less than £199. This must be paid at the time of making the

1.2 Travel pack arrangement fees. Depending on the Hirer destination and the mileage pack required, a travel pack insurance arrangement fee applies. For limited mileage UK only travel, the rate is £1 per insurable day. For unlimited UK only travel, the rate is £2 per insurable day. For unlimited EU travel, the rate is £50 per insurable day.

1.3. Full payment of the Vehicle Hire Charge is due 8 weeks prior to the hire collection date.

1.4. Optional Extras, Security Deposit, Insurance Surcharges (if applicable), Insurance Excess deposit or IEW is required to at least 7 working days prior to the hire collection date.  

1.5. Optional Extras include but are not limited to:


1.6. A £250 Security Deposit is mandatory.

1.7. Personal Information supplied may be disclosed to a third party for insurance & identity validation purposes. The Company is registered with the Data Protection Register.

1.8. The Company may extend the Rental Period at the request of the Hirer subject to availability. The Hirer will pay additional charges incurred as an additional payment. In the event of an agreed and paid for extension the new date agreed for the return of the Vehicle shall then become the revised for the Rental Period


2. Eligibility, Proof of Identification and Driving Licences

2.1. Confirmation of the Booking will be sent to the Hirer by email and text. A subsequent process of online administration will need to be completed to accurately process the Booking and provide the adequate level of insurance cover for the Rental Period.

2.2. The Hirer is required to provide the Company with Identification documents and documentation for each Driver named on the Booking as requested both during the online administration process and also when collecting the vehicle. The Company cannot release the vehicle without these items being present. Identification documents required are:

Hirer Identification
• Passport or other photo ID of the Hirer  

1 item of proof of residential ID of the Hirer matching the address stated on the Booking (utility bill, bank statement or credit card statement)
Driver Identification
• Valid driving licence for each Driver ( Non-UK drivers will also require a copy of a valid passport)

 Valid DVLA check code for each Driver (Not applicable for Non-UK driver)
The Hirer will notify the Company of any changes to any of the above identification prior to Rental Period. Failure to do so could invalidate the Vehicle Insurance.


2.3. The Company reserves the right to cancel the hire if, at the commencement of hire, the Drivers’ licences are invalid or not in accordance with the required conditions or if insurance is declined for any reason.

2.4. The Company reserves the right to decline hire to any person at any time without reason.  

2.5. The Company reserves the right to vary the conditions of Booking at any time, prior to the Hirer final acceptance of the contract.  

2.6. By signing to accept these terms, the Hirer confirms that the information he has given is true, complete and correct, to the best of their knowledge and belief, and undertakes to inform the Company of any changes thereto, immediately.  

2.7. The Hirer agrees that he or she is responsible for all costs, expenses and fines (including parking and congestion violations) which may be incurred during the Rental Period as a result of a breach of any Road Traffic laws, except where the breach is due to the fault of the Company.


3. Collection and Return of the Vehicle 

3.1. The hirer agrees and understands that the vehicle collection time is usually between 15.00-16.00 hours on the day of collection.

3.2. A Pre-Hire Inspection of the vehicle will be carried out at the time of collection. The Hirer or Driver is advised to inspect the vehicle themselves before they sign the Pre-Hire Inspection.  

3.3. The Hirer agrees and understands that the vehicle return time is between 9:00AM-11:00AM on the final day of the Rental Period.  The Company have a strict no late return policy.

3.4. Should the unauthorized late return of the vehicle make the Company liable for extra costs (e.g. compensation for the next hirer), the Company reserve the right to pass on these costs to you and deduct them from the deposit.  

3.5. No refund is given for the early return of the vehicle.

3.6. All returned Vehicles are subject to a Post-Hire Inspection when applicable additional charges may apply.  Please refer to the
Post Hire Charges Schedule. Any applicable charges due following the Post-Hire Inspection will be deducted from the Security Deposit prior to the refund being made. Should the charges exceed the amount of the Security Deposit the Hirer will be liable to pay the additional amount within 7 days of the Company notifying the Hirer.

3.7. The return of the vehicle will be confirmed by the Post-Hire Inspection signed by the Hirer and the Company. If a full Post-Hire Inspection has not been possible the Hirer will be contacted by the Company to discuss any damage found. Hirers are advised to inspect the Vehicle upon return.    

3.8  It may be possible to collect the Vehicle early, requests should be completed online and will be confirmed or declined by the Company via email to the Hirer. If confirmed by the Company additional charges will apply.

3.9 Late returns or non returns of the Vehicle will incur additional costs.

3.10. The Hirer is responsible for the care and security of the vehicle for the duration of the Rental Period and agrees to return the Vehicle to the Company in the same condition as the Pre-Hire Inspection, on the Post-Hire Inspection. The Hirer will be liable for any costs and charges for relating to additional damage caused during the Rental Period as per the Post Hire Schedule.

4.  Booking Amendments
On completion of a Booking the Rental Period, Vehicle, destination and collection Depot are deemed to be confirmed.

4.1 . Changes by the Company
4.1.1 Each Booking is for a Vehicle size, i.e. Small, Medium or Large. You will be supplied with a Vehicle that meets these specifications rather than a specific Vehicle.  
4.1.2.In the unlikely event that we cannot supply a Vehicle meeting the original Booking confirmation, the Company reserves the right to provide an alternative vehicle and/or collection Depot. Your statutory rights are unaffected.  

4.1.3 In the event that the Hirer does not accept the replacement Vehicle and/or collection Depot offered, the Booking will be deemed cancelled and clause 13. will apply.
4.1.4. If no replacement vehicle and/or Collection Depot can be offered by the Company, the booking will be cancelled and the customer will be fully refunded.

4.2. Changes by the Hirer
4.2.1. Any changes made by the Hirer are subject to an administration fee of £25.00 per change.
4.2.2. Any changes are subject to availability and may be subject to additional charges relevant.

4.2.3. If the Company is unable to fulfil the requirements of the change, either the initial Booking details remain valid or the Hirer may decide to cancel the booking (subject to clause 13).

4.2.4. Any Optional Extra’s may not be available on the amended Booking.

4.2.5. Any changes can be requested via live chat facility here.


5. Insurance  
5.1. The Vehicle Hire Charge includes Vehicle
 Insurance subject to full and accurate background information and documentation as per clause 2. for the Hirer and for each named Driver.  

5.2. The Vehicle is insured for the Rental Period only. Unauthorised late return of the vehicle will invalidate the Vehicle Insurance and will be classified as an offence under the Road Traffic Act .The Hirer is responsible for any consequences of driving an uninsured vehicle.

5.4. An Insurance Excess Waiver (IEW) (£24 per day) is available for eligible drivers reducing the insurance excess to nil ; - except in the instances listed below:

        5.4.1. Damage to the Vehicle or third-party property  
        5.4.2. Break-in or theft of the vehicle
5.4.3. Post Hire Non-Insurable Damages including, but not limited to, all interior damages
        5.4.4. Associated Damage Costs
        5.4.5. Any damage caused to the interior front cab section  
. In the event of fresh water tank or fuel tank contamination, the insurance excess is not reduced by IEW.  

5.5. IEW applies in respect of each separate insurable damage claim during the Rental Period.

5.6. If the customer chooses to not take out an Insurance Excess Waiver, then an Insurance Excess deposit of £1,000 must be paid no later than 7 working days prior to the Rental Period.

5.7. If any named Driver for the rental is not eligible for IEW, or the Vehicle is being used outside of the United Kingdom, a £2250 Insurance Excess and £250 security deposit will apply (£2500 in total)

5.8. Insurance cover cannot be provided unless the
Final Payment is made. The Company reserves the right to cancel the Booking if the Final Payment is not received 7 working days prior to the Rental Period. In these circumstances the Company reserves the right to recover any costs or losses from any payments previously received.  

5.9. Should these Terms and Conditions not be adhered to, the IEW will be void and the Hirer will be liable for all charges relating to any damage arising during the period of hire.

5.10.  IEW can only be purchased prior to commencement of the Rental Period.  

5.11. Insurance Surcharges are charged between £1.00-£20.00 per day (per surcharge) and varies depending on the level of risk assessed. The rate depends on the number of qualifying risk disclosures:

5.11.1. Insurance surcharges are based on the Driver information provided prior to the Rental Period.

5.11.2. Note: Insurance can be provided for drivers between the ages of 23-78. Insurance cannot be provided for drivers with more than 9 current driving endorsement points or drivers who have held a licence for under 2 years. All drivers are subject to be reviewed by our insurers before approval.

5.11.3. The following driver conditions are deemed non-eligible for IEW and will incur an insurance surcharge:
a) Non UK Residents
b) Non UK Mainland travel

c) Drivers disclosing accidents, medical conditions & multiple endorsements in the past 3 years
d) IEW has not been requested or paid for e) Any named driver with an Overseas Driving Licences
f)  Drivers aged under 26 or over 69
g) High Risk Occupation Drivers - includes but not limited to those who are engaged in professional gambling, sport or entertainment        including film & television, hawking or general dealing, street or marketing trading.

5.11.4. The requirement for any insurance surcharge to be applied will incur a £9 (including VAT) administration fee.  

5.12. Incidents must be reported to the Company within 1 working day or as soon as possible otherwise IEW cover will not apply.  

5.13. IEW is subject to a non-refundable £9 (including VAT) administration fee.  

5.14. The Vehicle Insurance policy excess is £1000 (£2250 for non eligible IEW drivers). In respect of each and every Incident resulting in damage to the Vehicle, the hirer shall pay to the Company an amount up to the appropriate excess on such Vehicle Insurance, towards or in settlement of the cost of making good any such damage on a full indemnity basis and the cost and expenses incurred by the Company in proceeding to recover the same from any Third Party.  

6. Security Deposit  

6.1. The Security Deposits will be held by the Company and refunded 28 working days after the Rental Period. Providing there is agreement by the Hirer to any post-hire charges to the Security Deposits, refunds may take longer in the event of any non standard post hire charges arising. If no charges occur, the customer will need to confirm for the security deposit to be returned via the online portal.  

6.2. The Security Deposit will be refunded less any non-insured costs, optional extra’s (clause 1.4) not paid for up front.

6.3. The Security Deposit refund can take 3-5 working days to clear into the customer's bank account.


8. TV Licence
8.1.  All Bookings include the use of a TV. It is the Hirer’s responsibility to have an appropriate UK TV licence. The Company cannot accept responsibility for any fines incurred through non-compliance


8.2. Evidence of a valid TV licence held by the Hirer or any named Driver must be submitted to the Company.

8.3. If no valid TV licence is submitted, a fee for the use of the Companies commercial licence of £9.00 will be applied to the Booking.  


9. Travel Outside the UK and Eire 
9.1. Notification of Booking destination is required. If the Hirer is travelling outside the UK, additional insurance and surcharges may be applicable. Any charges to be paid prior to the Rental Period.  

9.2. The Hirer may, with written permission from the Company, travel within any country that is a member of the European Union or Switzerland.  

9.3. The Hirer may not travel in war or disaster zones as defined by the foreign and commonwealth office. Any areas with a travel warning will invalidate the Vehicle Insurance.

9.4. To comply with current EU traffic regulations, whilst travelling in Europe, the Hirer is responsible for obtaining and having the following items:
Fluorescent/High Visibility Jacket
Road Safety Triangle
Spare Exterior Bulbs
GB or EU sticker
Head Light Angle Adjusters
Two Government Approved breathalyser test kits (France only)

9.6  If the destination is changed after the Booking is made this will incur additional charges.

9.7  If it is determined that a vehicle has been taken out of the UK without prior approval this will invalidate insurance and incur additional fees.


10. Conditions and Limitations on Use
10.1. The Hirer Agrees to:
10.1.1. protect the interests of the Company and the Company’s Insurers by ensuring the Vehicle is always locked and windows closed when  unattended and the keys are secure.
10.1.2. to drive only on a maintained public highway, private road or driveway;
10.1.3. not carry more passengers than the seatbelt capacity of the vehicle or allow the vehicle to be overloaded;
10.1.4. not operate vehicle or permit the vehicle to be operated in any way that would violate this contract, including but not limited to carrying passengers or goods for hire or reward;
10.1.5. not to participate in motor sport events;
10.1.6. not to propel or tow any vehicle or trailer;
10.1.7. not to allow any person to drive when unfit through drink or drugs or with blood alcohol concentration above the limit prescribed for the time being by Road Traffic Legislation;
10.1.8. not to violate any law, ordinance or regulation;  
10.1.9. not to allow any person to drive under authority of any licence other than his own;
10.1.10. not to drive in a reckless or imprudent manner.
10.1.11 not to allow any other person to drive other than those Driver’s named on Booking


10.2. In the interests of security and safety, all vehicles are fitted with a tracker.  

10.3. A motor home is unstable over 70 mph. The Hirer will be charged £75.00 per day when this limit is exceeded.  

11. Road Toll Fees

11.1. The Hirer is responsible for all Road Tolls fee’s. The Hirer is advised to pay these in advance of the journey with the exception of the Dartford Crossing (see clause 11.3)

11.2. Non-payment of Road Toll fees will incur a charge being added to the Booking to the equivalent of the original fee, any fines imposed and an administration fee of £10.00 per notification of non-payment received by the company.

11.3. The Dartford Toll can no longer be paid at the barrier and will therefore automatically be paid by UnbeatableHire Limited. Upon notification of a vehicle crossing the Dartford Toll, the associated road user fee of £2.50 will be applied to your Booking in addition to an administration fee of £10.00 per crossing. It is free to use the Crossing between 10pm and 6am every day.

11.4. All parking, road-traffic or other legal violations are subject to a minimum £25.00 administration fee.
 If required the relevant details relating to the hire will be given to the necessary authorities.



12. Problems, Incidents and Accidents

12.1. Should you experience any difficulties with the operation of the Vehicle during the Rental Period, please contact the In-Hire Support team or the relevant roadside assistance contact details located in the Vehicle. Breakdown RAC cover is not included within the Vehicle Hire charge but can be purchased as an optional extra (see clause 1.4). If Breakdown RAC cover is not purchased call out charges and repair costs may apply.

12.2. The Company shall have sole right and responsibility to repair the Vehicle. The Hirer is authorised to request emergency repairs up to the value of £50.00. Repairs costing in excess of £50 must be authorised by the Company prior to the work being undertaken.  

12.3. In the event of an Incident that results in damage to the Vehicle or the involvement of a Third Party, the Hirer must report the Incident details to the Company
within 1 working day or as soon as they are able of the Vehicle being damaged.  

12.4. The Driver of the Vehicle must complete and deliver to the Company the relevant Incident report within 4 working days of receiving the Incident report form from the Company.  

12.5. Any writ or summons, or other document relating to any proceedings arising out of such Incident should be immediately be provided to the Company to the address listed in the Definitions.  

12.6. The Hirer shall pay or reimburse the Company against all losses, liabilities, costs, actions, claims or demands which it may incur or have brought or made against them in relation to the Vehicle or its use and which are not recoverable under a policy of insurance whether the same is affected by The Company or Hirer;

12.7. The Hirer is responsible for the full cost of making good any damage to the vehicle caused deliberately, by improper use or by an act of negligence.

12.8. In the event of insurable damage not being indemnified with IEW, the following charges may apply:  

12.8.1. A minimum administration charge of 10% of the total costs associated with the repair costs.

12.8.2. The prevailing daily hire rate (maximum 7 nights per Incident) plus other associated charges, if applicable, transfer to warranty approved repairing garage and for the time incurred by the repairing garage to carry out the required repairs arising from an Incident, even if an account is forwarded to a third party.

12.9. Hirer will be liable for associated administrative fees, plus loss of revenue at the prevailing daily hire rate (max 5 days), transfer to warranty approved repairing garage and storage fees.    

12.10. If Vehicle is stolen the Hirer should report to the Company immediately upon detection. It should also be reported to the Police immediately and a crime reference number should be obtained and provided to the Company.  

12.11. The Vehicle Insurance does not cover personal items or losses. We shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential losses unless due to Company negligence. The Hirer is advised to take out personal travel insurance cover prior to the Rental Period.  

12.12. If any damage is due to negligence of the Hirer, the Hirer will be liable for the Insurance Excess liability, administrative fees, plus loss of revenue at the prevailing daily rate (max 5 days), diminishment of value, towing, transfer to warranty approved repairing garage, storage, impound fees. In such cases the Security Deposit shall be forfeited.

12.13. If Hirer breaches this agreement, Hirer agrees to cease using Vehicle and to pay all expenses incurred by the Company in returning Vehicle to the rental collection point.

13. Cancellations & Refunds

13.1. The Booking of a Vehicle hire online is protected, in part, by the distance selling regulations that protects and provides the Hirer with UK consumer rights.  

13.2. Vehicle hire is considered the same as booking for services such as car hire, booking a flight or theatre tickets, meaning it is exempt from the distance selling regulation protection that entitles the Hirer to a 7-day cooling off period.  Therefore once the Booking is made there is no entitlement to a refund if the Hirer subsequently cancels.


13.3. If you cancel within 24 hours of making a booking (or at least 6 months before collection date), you are entitled to a full refund. The refund amount is all payments made up to the cancellation date and is paid 28 working days after the cancellation has been notified.


13.4. If you cancel outside after 24 hours or have cancelled a booking made within 6 months of collection, you are not entitled to any refund for payments made  with the exception of any refundable Security Deposit paid.

13.5 Cancellations should be made on the Hirers online administration portal.

14. Complaints Procedure

Complaints should be submitted in writing to be received by the Company as soon as possible to allow an effective investigation to ensue. Acknowledgement of complaints will be sent within 5 working days.

15. Governing Law
This agreement is governed by and construed in accordance with the Laws of UK.  All disputes arising out of or in connection with the agreement shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the UK Courts.

16. Property Left at Hirers Risk
All property left in motorhomes at hirers own risk. The company accept no responsibility for recovering property.

Please refer to the Company
Post Hire Charges Schedule which may apply on the return and inspection of the Vehicle. Kyoto Furniture Ltd T/A Unbeatablehire. Registered in England and Wales.  Company registration number 08529423.  Registered office  857 London Road, West Thurrock, Essex, RM20 3AT