Dear Parents of Children in Grade 3,

The Diocese of San Diego is committed to providing a safe environment for all who worship, work, or participate in education and formation opportunities in our parishes and schools. The problem of child sexual abuse is a serious one; a child suffers sexual abuse somewhere in our country every thirteen seconds.

As the primary educators of your child, you are entrusted with the responsibility of providing appropriate information regarding how to keep your child safe from sexual abuse. Empowered parents can develop and maintain an environment of trust in the home that allows children to discuss any topic, any fear, and any experience they are having. Potential abusers will avoid children who have such an open and honest relationship with their parents because abusers depend upon secrecy to avoid suspicion.

In compliance with the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, the topic of safe environments will be introduced to your child on   Thursday, December 5, 2019  in the following manner:

Your child’s teacher/catechist will emphasize in class:  

             * No one has the right to touch our bodies in a way that makes us feel weird, uncomfortable, scared

   or worried.  

             * No one has a right to touch the private parts of our bodies – the parts covered by a bathing suit

   unless it is for health or safety reasons. Your body belongs to you.  

             * No one has a right to hurt us or to threaten us or someone we love.  

             * No one has a right to ask us to keep a secret about our bodies from our parents or teachers  

Your child will be told that you will continue this discussion with him/her at home. Along with this letter are

materials intended to help you with that conversation. A copy of this letter and the additional resources will also be available on the school website ( under the “Parent Tab”.


Leticia Oseguera

MDJDA Principal

Mater Dei Juan Diego Academy

1615 Mater Dei Drive

Chula Vista, CA 91913

(619) 423-2121 x 131