AMBASSADOR’S NAME: Vasilakakis Charalampos

Your Excellency the Secretary General, Mr/Madam President, Honorable Delegates, ladies and gentlemen,

Good evening

The Republic of Hungary has been a member of the United Nations Organization since the 14th of December, 1955. Contributing to global peace and security is one of Hungary’s most important security goals. A total of more than 2.000 Hungarian peacekeepers (soldiers and police officers) have served under the United Nations flag in many parts of the world. Except for peacekeeping Hungary supports the UN to preserve its leading role in global governance as well as in crisis management.

The Republic of Hungary strongly believes that Europe is on the front line of the migration crisis and its consequences. Western Europe used to be the most secure and safest region globally. But the current fear of terrorist attacks is now a part of daily life-a direct consequence of the massive influx of illegal migrants. All countries have a fundamental right to guarantee security for their people and to protect their borders. We are a Christian country and we are obliged to help people in need. The rights of people must be restored where they have been violated and people must be helped to return home as soon as possible. The solution to the migration crisis is in tackling the causes of conflict and stopping terrorists’ organizations.  

Hungary is alert about the most critical current issues in the world such as the nuclear weapon threat. Our country is fully committed to the process of nuclear disarmament and as an essential part thereof, to the establishment of a legally binding treaty banning the production of nuclear weapons.

In the effort to strive for a better world, develop the tools and skills necessary to confront some of the world’s most complex problems, the Republic of Hungary wishes you all the most interesting debate during these two days.

Thank you for your attention

The delegation of Hungary yields the floor back to the Presisdent