Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


Introduced with Brood War, the Lurkers are burrowing units that evolve from Hydralisks (provided the appropriate Lurker Den was built). They attack with spines shooting outward in a range longer than that of their basic attack. While the originals did not have an upgrade, Adaptive Talons was introduced during Legacy of the Void, giving them movement speed and faster burrow time. Above ground they are useless lumbering beasts but below ground they become ferocious monsters capable of scaring even the hardest of marines.

Jeff’s Choices




        Cesnirg and Sasmat

Trait- “Burrow”

In this kit the player will control 2 zerg Lurkers during the battle. These Lurkers will be very large models- about the size of Azmodan. Just like Lurkers in Starcraft these units will be very useful in defence situations as well as the occonasial amuush. When this trait is activated the selected Lurker will burrow- Both units will act in the exact same way- and because of this trait they can only attack when burrowed. (Just like in SC)

Mount- No Mount- always moving at slow speed. Lurkers will gain bonus movement speed from Zagara's creep

Q- “Singular Spine”

When burrowed and this is activated the selected Lurker will select an area on the battlefield to have a massive single spine jet up from the ground dealing damage and creating impassable terrain for a short amount of time. The size of this spine is about the same radius of a Medic grenade.

W- “Spine Tear”

When burrowed and this is activated the selected Lurker will summon a line of spines from the ground- but unlike Anub'arak these spines will travel to the Lurker, not away. Enemies that are hit with these spines will be damaged and pulled a small distance toward the Lurker. This is about half the size of a Kerrigan pull, so not much, but more damage.

E- “Sinkhole” Passive

For a short length of time after a Lurker un-burrows themselves the area that they burrowed in will become a sinkhole. Players that step on the ground in this area will fall in the sinkhole and be stunned for a short amount of time. This can be talented into later in the game to allow the Lurker to line the bottom on the sinkhole with spines, dealing damage to enemies that make this grave mistake.

Heroic 1- “Impale" 

Using a massive spine the Lurker can Impale a target and deal damage to them. Impaled targets are unable to attack and must press “Q” furiously to become mobile again. This is targeted in the same way has the Lurker’s “Q” Singular Spine but has a larger area.

Heroic 2- “Adaptive Talons” Passive

This heroic will give the Lurkers increased armour while burrowed as well as increased auto attacks while burrowed with their massive Talons. The Lurkers will also will also have a pulsing damaging dealing attack that passively allows 2 giant Talons to come up from the ground and pin an enemy close to the Lurker.

Specialty Skin: Shelob OR Miracle Worker Lurker- complete with doctors scrubs and a earloop health face mask.

Dance: Bigfoot Goofy Movie dance (Staying Alive)

Kristen’s Choices


        Doing just spine.


        Nykk (one of his spines has a little cut in it)


        Assassin (stealth)



A lurker is far stronger below ground than above. They are ambush predators to the extreme. Because of this, Nykk does all attacking from underground. This is true stealth, with only a few visible spines to denote his location. While burrowed, Nykk has increased movement speed. While above ground, Nykk cannot attack. To knock him upward, a ground effect attack must land on his location.


        Above Ground Waddle

Nykk slaps at the ground with his little legs then hustles as fast as he can.


Spine Line

Nykk launches out a fast moving, long range skill shot. Spines pop out of the ground, dealing high amounts of damage to those that don’t move out of the way.


Spine Launch

Nykk pops a little spine off of his body, shooting it in an arcing attack that deals single target damage. If the enemy’s health is below half, they are pinned to the spot.


        Spine Explosion

Feeling safe, Nykk crawls his way to the center of the fighting and explodes spikes outward in a circle around him. The force of this is so intense that enemy units are also pushed a short distance.


Buried Alive

It is said that sea urchins evolved from Lurkers. Lying in wait, Nykk can activate this heroic when an enemy Hero stands above him. Longer spikes shoot outward, trapping the Hero in a prison. These spikes then begin to usher the enemy down into the ground where they will be slowly digested.


        Lurker Den

Nykk calls from the underground a massive Lurker Den. This hideous structure then begins spawning smaller Lurkers that target any enemy nearby, preferring the delicious taste of enemy Heroes.


        Sykk the Lurker

Straight out of grunge, Sykk has spiked hair, a lot of earrings and jeans with too many holes.



        Tap Dance

Joining Anub’arak, Nykk always dreamed of one day putting on tap shoes and astounding the world with music produced by six feet instead of two.