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Program Information


As members of the Policy Board, you will have opportunities to strengthen your leadership, research, and presentation skills while working in a group to affect change on an issue that affects your community.

The Policy Board is a two year commitment: the first year, you select a topic, such as mental health or harassment, and research its impact in your community. The second year, you work to implement a policy recommendation that you came up with based on your research in year one.

During the first year of the policy board, we will meet once a month on Sunday afternoons. The tentative meeting dates are as follows: Oct. 14th, Nov. 4th, Dec. 9th, Jan. 13th, Feb. 10th, March 10th, April 7th, May 19th, and June 9th.

All meetings will be held in Belfast, at either the library or another community space. The meetings will run from 1pm-4pm and we will provide snacks but not lunch. We can assist in arranging carpooling but cannot guarantee transportation to and from meetings.

Why are you interested in joining the Youth Policy Board (How does this relate to what you’re passionate about or want to learn/get better at?)

Are you able to commit to monthly Sunday meetings throughout the school year? YES/NO                         

Do you have access to transportation to and from the meeting location in Belfast? If not, we can help connect you with other board members for carpooling but cannot provide individual rides. YES/NO  

What skills do you have that will make you a strong Board member?

Describe any relevant past work or volunteer experience (i.e. Babysitting, working on cars, internships, helping plan birthday parties)?

What other activities are you involved in either in or outside of school and will they conflict with your commitment to this program?

Is there anything we should know about that would help you to participate more fully in this program?

Next Steps: Interviews will be held on a rolling basis as applications are received.

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