WCPSS Virtual Academy

K-12 Student, Family, & Teacher Responsibilities

Last updated 04/12/2021

The virtual learning environment presents unique opportunities that require the student, teacher, and family to work together to promote a positive learning experience. The following outlines the minimum commitments that we have established related to the WCPSS Virtual Academy.

Student Responsibilities 

All Virtual Academy students will comply with the WCPSS Student Code of Conduct, as well as all state and federal laws, school board policies, and local school rules governing behavior and conduct. Collaboration among staff, students, families and the community is vital to promoting a positive school environment. Virtual Academy students must abide by the rules outlined in their school’s handbook during the regular instructional day as well as extracurricular events that are affiliated with the school.

Additionally, it is important that students understand their responsibility as learners in the Virtual Academy.

Virtual Academy students will:


Attendance is an integral part of success in the WCPSS Virtual Academy. Virtual Academy students are required to attend live class and complete their course work daily. Students will participate in approximately 6 hours of instruction a day which will include a combination of live, real-time instruction and/or completion of assignments. Of the 6 hours, a minimum of 3 hours of live instruction will be provided per day. Instructional time may increase beyond the baseline based on teacher discretion and/or  grade level. Schools will establish the instructional schedule.

In alignment with WCPSS attendance policy code 4400, to be counted present a student must be in attendance at least one-half of the student school day. This will include attendance at official school activities at a place other than school with the approval of the principal. A student will be in his/her assigned area at the beginning of the school day and the beginning of each class or be recorded as tardy.

A student will be logged in, present, and responsive in his/her/their assigned virtual space at the beginning of the school day and the beginning of each class or be recorded as tardy. Not having a camera on, by itself, is not enough to mark a student absent. Teachers will consider any technical issues or reasonable interruptions that may occur.

In alignment with WCPSS attendance policy code 4400, if a student must miss school, a parent or guardian must communicate with the student’s teacher or attendance office within two days of the student’s return after an absence. Absences due to extended illnesses may also require a statement from a physician. Failure to communicate will result in the absence being coded unexcused.

In the event of an excused absence, the opportunity to make-up missing work will be provided. The student or parent is responsible for identifying what assignments are due and completing them within the specified time period.

Academic Integrity 

Academic honesty is essential to excellence in education and is directly related to WCPSS Virtual Academy expectations for students. As all schoolwork is a measure of student performance, academic honesty facilitates an accurate measurement of student learning.

In alignment with WCPSS academic integrity policy 4310, WCPSS Virtual Academy expects all students to maintain academic integrity and honesty while participating in virtual learning.

The Virtual Academy Learning Management System, Canvas, provides teachers the ability to monitor the originality of student work and assessments.

Family Responsibilities

Statement of Understanding

As a part of the registration process, students and families commit to the statement of understanding.

The WCPSS Virtual Academy provides students an opportunity to participate in virtual learning.  Assignment to the Virtual Academy requires a special commitment of time and effort from the students and their parents/guardians. All instruction and services will be delivered virtually. This commitment requires that, upon assignment to the WCPSS Virtual Academy, you agree to keep your child in the program for at least one full school year. If at any time during the year,  your child is not meeting the stated expectations for the WCPSS Virtual Academy, your child may be required to be returned to in-person instruction at the assigned school.

The district will reassess the required one year commitment at the semester break if vaccines for children are widely available. The district will also re-evaluate registration in Virtual Academy if the COVID-19 pandemic surges again.

Teacher Responsibilities Related to Delivering Virtual Academy Instruction

Teachers with Virtual Academy duties will follow the same schedule as their campus and will be available on site during the entire school day. They will work from their school building in order to carry out their daily on-site operational and instructional responsibilities, such as assisting with supervision of on-campus students and supporting in-person instruction needs when needed.  When teaching a Virtual Academy class or course, teachers will also carry out the following duties that are unique to the virtual learning environment: