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Condition Ratings

Excellent to Very Good: little to no damage

Good: maybe a couple of spine creases or noticeable wear on edges/corners

Fair (HALF PRICE): clearly a book that has been read or handled a lot. There might be a tear in the cover or heavy spine creases. The book isn’t falling apart, though.


If the book is a former library book, I have made note of it next to the title.

I have tried to be generous in my ratings; a lot of the books are probably better than stated. Condition is subjective, so please ask me for a photo ahead of time if you’re concerned.

All hardback books have dustcovers unless otherwise stated.

Paranormal Romance

Paperbacks $1 each

Adams, C.T. and Cathy Clamp - Captive Moon (Excellent to Very Good)

Howling Moon (Excellent to Very Good)

Hunter’s Moon (Good)

Touch of Evil (Good)

Touch of Madness (Fair)

Aiken, G.A. - The Dragon Who Loved Me (Excellent to Very Good)

About a Dragon (Good)

Archer, Zoe - Stranger (Excellent to Very Good)

Warrior (Good)

Rebel (Good)

Armintrout, Jennifer - Ashes to Ashes (Excellent to Very Good)

Possession (Good)

All Souls Night (Good)

The Turning (Fair)

Bangs, Nina - Eternal Pleasure (Excellent to Very Good)

Eternal Prey (Fair)

Beck, J.K. - When Temptation Burns (Excellent to Very Good)

When Passion Lies (Excellent to Very Good)

When Darkness Hungers (Excellent to Very Good)

When Blood Calls (Good)

Brennan, Allison - Carnal Sin (Fair)

Original Sin (Good)

Byrd, Rhyannon - Edge of Hunger (Excellent to Very Good)

Last Wolf Standing (Good)

Last Wolf Watching (Excellent to Very Good) 

Touch of Seduction (Fair)

Touch of Surrender (Excellent to Very Good)

Last Wolf Hunting (Fair) 

Cameron, Stella  - Out of Sight (Good)

Out of Body (Good)

Cast, P.C. - Time Raiders: The Avenger (Fair, former library book)

Castle, Jayne  - Siren’s Call (Fair)

Canyons of Night (Good)

After Dark (Fair)

Ghost Hunter (Fair)

After Glow (Excellent to Very Good)

Dark Light (Excellent to Very Good)

Silver Master (Fair)

Obsidian Prey (Good)

Midnight Crystal (Good)

Deception Cove (Good)

The Lost Night (Excellent to Very Good)

Chase, Ashlyn  - Kissing with Fangs (Excellent to Very Good)

Child, Maureen  - Eternally (Excellent to Very Good)

Cole, Kresley  - Shadow’s Claim (Excellent to Very Good)

Dreams of a Dark Warrior (Fair)

Cooper, Karina  - Lure of the Wicked (Good)

Dees, Cindy - Time Raiders: The Slayer (Fair)

Dodd, Christina - Storm of Visions (Fair)

Storm of Shadows (Fair)

Chains of Fire (Excellent to Very Good)

Chains of Ice (Good)

Into the Flame (Fair)

Scent of Darkness (Fair)

Into the Shadow (Fair)

Touch of Darkness (Fair)

Drake, Shannon - Dead by Dusk (Fair, former library book)

Realm of Shadows (Good)

Draven, Stephanie - Dark Sins and Desert Sands (Good)

Eden, Cynthia - Eternal Hunter (Fair)

Feehan, Christine - Water Bound (Fair)

Leopard’s Prey (Excellent to Very Good)

Dark Blood (Fair)

Earth Bound (Fair)

Cat’s Lair (Excellent to Very Good)

Dark Peril (Fair)

Savage Nature (Excellent to Very Good)

Air Bound (Good)

Spirit Bound (Fair)

Feehan, Christine and others - Hot Blooded (Excellent to Very Good)

Edge of Darkness (Fair)

Lover Beware (Good)

Frost, Jeaniene - At Grave’s End (Excellent to Very Good)

Once Burned (Good)

Twice Tempted (Excellent to Very Good)

One Foot in the Grave (Excellent to Very Good)

First Drop of Crimson (Fair)

Eternal Kiss of Darkness (Excellent to Very Good)

This Side of the Grave (Good)

Destined for an Early Grave (Excellent to Very Good)

One Grave at a Time (Good) 

Up From the Grave (Good) 

The Beautiful Ashes (Fair) 

Frost, Jeaniene and others - Haunted by Your Touch (Excellent to Very Good)

Galenorn, Yasmine - Night Huntress (Fair)

Shaded Vision (Fair) 

Autumn Whispers (Fair)

Demon Mistress (Fair)

Harvest Hunting (Excellent to Very Good) 

Dragon Wytch (Fair)

Darkling (Good)

Night Myst (Fair)

Bone Magic (Fair) 

Changeling (Fair)

Witchling (Fair, former library book)

Garey, Terri - Devil Without a Cause (Excellent to Very Good)

A Match Made in Hell (Fair)

Grace, Sable - Ascension (Excellent to Very Good)

Graham, Heather - Keeper of the Dawn (Excellent to Very Good)

The Keepers (Good)

Kiss of Darkness (Fair)

Blood Red (Fair)

Hamilton, Laurell K. - Guilty Pleasures (Good)

Hit List (Fair)

Hamilton, Laurell K. and others - Cravings (Fair, former library book)

Bite (Fair)

Hauf, Michele - This Wicked Magic (Excellent to Very Good) 

Moonlight and Diamonds/The Vampire’s Fall (Fair) 

Her Vampire Husband (Good) 

Hauf, Michele and others - Vacation with a Vampire (Fair)

Howell, Hannah and others - Eternal Lover (Fair)

Humphreys, Sara - Vampire Trouble (Excellent to Very Good)

James, Allyson  - Dragon Heat (Fair)

The Black Dragon (Fair)

James, Elle and Debbie Herbert - Possessing the Witch/Siren’s Call (Fair) 

Kearney, Susan  - Lucan (Good)

Kenner, Julie  - Aphrodite’s Passion (Good)

Aphrodite’s Secret (Fair) note: some warped pages

Kenyon, Sherrilyn - Son of No One (Excellent to Very Good)

Archeron (Good)

Dream Chaser (Good)

Night Play (Excellent to Very Good)

Night Pleasures (Excellent to Very Good)

Devil May Cry (Good)

One Silent Night (Good)

Time Untime (Fair)

The Curse (Good)

The Guardian (Fair)

Retribution (Fair)

Kenyon, Sherrilyn and others - Man of My Dreams (Fair) 

Dead After Dark (Good)

Knight, Angela and others - Shifter (Fair)

Krinard, Susan - Chasing Midnight (Fair)

LeBlanc, Deborah - The Wolven (Good)

Leigh, Lora and others - Beyond the Dark (Fair)

Hot for the Holidays (Fair)

Liu, Marjorie M. - Tiger Eye (Fair)

The Iron Hunt (Fair)

The Fire King (Good)

The Mortal Bone (Excellent to Very Good)

A Wild Light (Good)

Shadow Touch (Fair)

Eye of Heaven (Good)

The Red Heart of Jade (Good)

Soul Song (Excellent to Very Good)

The Last Twilight (Good)

The Wild Road (Fair)

Lovelace, Merline  - Mind Games (Good)

MacAlister, Katie and others - Just One Sip (Good)

MacGregor, Kinley - Knight of Darkness (Good)

Sword of Darkness (Fair)

Michelle, Patrice - Scions: Resurrection (Good)

Moning, Karen Marie - Darkfever (Good)

Munson, Zandria  - The Enemy’s Kiss (Good)

Palmer, Pamela - The Dark Gate (Good)

A Kiss of Blood (Good)

Passion Untamed (Excellent to Very Good)

Obsession Untamed (Good)

Desire Untamed (Fair, former library book)

Popp, Robin T. - Out of the Night (Fair) 

Tempted in the Night (Fair)

Seduced by the Night (Fair) 

Quick, Amanda - Burning Lamp (Fair)

Raye, Kimberly  - Dead and Dateless (Good)

Dead End Dating (Fair)

Rowen, Michelle - Angel with Attitude (Excellent to Very Good)

Sands, Lynsay and others - Bitten by Cupid (Fair)

The Bite Before Christmas (Good)

Shayne, Maggie - Mark of the Witch (Good)

Daughter of the Spellcaster (Good)

Blood of the Sorceress (Fair)

Prince of Twilight (Fair)

Twilight Fulfilled (Good)

Shayne, Maggie and others - Weddings from Hell (Good)

Sims, Jessica  - Desperately Seeking Shapeshifter (Fair)

Singh, Nalini - Archangel’s Blade (Excellent to Very Good)

Archangel’s Consort (Good)

Lord of the Abyss (Good)

Sokoloff, Alexandra  - Keeper of the Shadows (Good)

Sparks, Kerrelyn - Vampire Mine (Good)

The Undead Next Door (Fair)

Eat Prey Love (Good)

How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire (Good)

The Vampire and the Virgin (Good)

All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire (Fair)

Crouching Tiger Forbidden Vampire (Excellent to Very Good)

Wanted: Undead or Alive (Excellent to Very Good)

Forbidden Nights with a Vampire (Good)

Secret Life of a Vampire (Good)

Sexiest Vampire Alive (Excellent to Very Good)

Spear, Terry - Hero of a Highland Wolf (Excellent to Very Good)

Silence of the Wolf (Excellent to Very Good)

Staab, Elisabeth  - Hunter by Night (Excellent to Very Good)

Stevens,Amanda  - The Kingdom (Good)

The Prophet (Fair)

Vanak, Bonnie - The Covert Wolf (Good)

Vincent, Rachel - Rogue (Fair)

Shift (Good)

Stray (Fair)

Ward, J.R. - The Shadows (Good)

Dark Lover (Fair)

Rapture (Fair)

Lover Mine (Fair)

Envy (Fair)

Crave (Fair, former library book)

Lover Revealed (Good)

Covet (Fair)

Whiddon, Karen  - The Lost Wolf’s Destiny (Good)

Wilks, Eileen  - Tempting Danger (Fair)

Large Paperbacks $2 each

Note: the books that say “taller PB” next to them are not as large, but are taller than a regular paperback. I am putting them here because I paid more for them.

Cabot, Meg - Overbite (Excellent to Very Good)

Castle, Jayne - The Hot Zone (Good)

Eden, Cynthia  - Never Cry Wolf (Excellent to Very Good)

Eternal Flame (Excellent to Very Good)

Midnight’s Master (Excellent to Very Good)

Frost, Kimberly - Barely Bewitched (Good)

Gleason, Colleen  - The Rest Falls Away (Excellent to Very Good)

Hamilton, Laurell K. and others - Never After (Good, taller PB)

Havens, Candace  - The Demon King and I (Good)

Charmed and Deadly (Good)

Howard, Linda and others - Raintree omnibus (three books in one/Fair)

Howell, Hannah and others - Yours for Eternity (Excellent to Very Good)

Ivy, Alexandra and others - The Real Werewives of Vampire County (Excellent to Very Good)

Kenyon, Sherrilyn and others - What Dreams May Come (Good)

Klasky, Mindy  - Girl’s Guide to Witchcraft (Good)

Leigh, Lora and others - The Magical Christmas Cat (Fair)

Mead, Richelle - Succubus Revealed (Excellent to Very Good)

Succubus Shadows (Excellent to Very Good)

Succubus Heat (Excellent to Very Good)

Shadow Kiss (Good)

Frostbite (Excellent to Very Good)

Vampire Academy (Good)

Meyer, Stephenie and others - Prom Nights from Hell (Fair, former library book)

Owens, Robin D. - Enchanted Again (Excellent to Very Good)

Shayne, Maggie - Angel’s Pain (Excellent to Very Good)

Shayne, Maggie and others - An Enchanted Season (Excellent to Very Good)

St. Crow, Lili - Strange Angels/Betrayals omnibus (Excellent to Very Good)

Taylor, Tawny  - Real Vamps Don’t Drink O-Neg (Good)

Vincent, Rachel - With All My Soul (Good)

My Soul to Take (Fair, Advanced Reading Copy)

My Soul to Save (Good, Advanced Reading Copy)

Hardbacks $3 each

Cabot, Meg - Insatiable (Fair)

Cole, Kresley  - Lothaire (Excellent to Very Good)

Davidson, MaryJanice - Dead and Loving It (short story collection, Excellent to Very Good)

Feehan, Christine - Dark Wolf (Excellent to Very Good)

Dark Predator (Excellent to Very Good)

Hamilton, Laurell K. - Affliction (Fair, former library book)

Kiss the Dead (Fair, former library book)

Harrison, Kim and others - Dates from Hell (Good)

Kenyon, Sherrilyn - Styxx (Good)

Krentz, Jayne Ann - Fired Up (Excellent to Very Good)

In Too Deep (Excellent to Very Good)

Copper Beach (Excellent to Very Good)

Dream Eyes (Excellent to Very Good)

Mead, Richelle - Bloodlines (Excellent to Very Good) 

Blood Promise (Good)

Spirit Bound (Fair, no dustcover)

Moning, Karen Marie - Iced (Excellent to Very Good)

Quick, Amanda - Quicksilver (Excellent to Very Good)

Shayne, Maggie - Blue Twilight (Good)

Sparks, Kerrelyn - The Vampire with the Dragon Tattoo (Excellent to Very Good)

Ward, J.R. - Immortal (Fair, former library book)

Romantic Suspense

Paperbacks $1 each

Banks, Maya - The Darkest Hour (Fair)

Darkest Before Dawn (Fair)

After the Storm (Fair)

Dimon, HelenKay - Facing Fire (Excellent to Very Good)

Feehan, Christine - Ruthless Game (Good)

Street Game (Fair)

Samurai Game (Excellent to Very Good)

Naughton, Elisabeth - Stolen Fury (Fair)

Sala, Sharon - Wild Hearts (Good)

The Chosen (Fair)

The Healer (Excellent to Very Good)

Cold Hearts (Excellent to Very Good)

Going Once (Good)

Shayne, Maggie - Killing Me Softly (Fair)

Kiss Me, Kill Me (Fair)

Sorenson, Jill - Aftershock (Good)

Historical Romance

Paperbacks $1 each

Castle, Kendra Leigh - Wild Highland Magic (Good)

Dare, Lydia - Wolfishly Yours (Good)

Dodd, Christina - Candle in the Window (Fair)

Hawkins, Karen - How to Pursue a Princess (Fair)

How to Entice an Enchantress (Excellent to Very Good)

How to Capture a Countess (Fair)

Howell, Hannah - If He’s Tempted (Fair)

Hoyt, Elizabeth - Thief of Shadows (Fair)

Hunter, Madeline - The Wicked Duke (Fair)

Kurland, Lynn and others - Tapestry (Fair, former library book)

Laurens, Stephanie - The Elusive Bride (Fair)

The Untamed Bride (Excellent to Very Good)

The Brazen Bride (Excellent to Very Good)

London, Julia - The Devil Takes a Bride (Good)

Maxwell, Cathy - The Fairest of Them All (Good)

Maxwell, Cathy and others - Four Dukes and a Devil (Good)

McCarty, Monica - Highlander Unmasked (Fair)

Highlander Unchained (Fair)

Highlander Untamed (Good)

Michaels, Kasey - A Scandalous Proposal (Excellent to Very Good)

Ranney, Karen - A Scandalous Scot (Fair)

Scott, Amanda - Knight’s Treasure (Good)

Highland Hero (Fair)

Prince of Danger (Good)

Border Moonlight (Fair)


Paperbacks $1 each

Brooks, Terry - Running with the Demon (Fair)

A Knight of the Word (Good)

Wizard at Large (Fair)

Magic Kingdom For Sale (Fair)

Angel Fire East (Excellent to Very Good)

Frost, Kimberly - All That Bleeds (Good)

Griffin, Kate - A Madness of Angels (Good)

Hobb, Robin  - Forest Mage (Fair)

Shaman’s Crossing (Good)

Riordan, Rick - The Titan’s Curse (Fair)

The Battle of the Labyrinth (Fair)

Robb, J.D. and others - Out of this World (Poor, former library book, cover is ripped on binding, but pages are intact)

Sagara, Michelle - Cast in Shadow (Fair)

Large Paperbacks $2 each

Lackey, Mercedes and others - Winter Moon (Good)

Patterson, James - The Lost (Excellent to Very Good)

Rowling, J.K. - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Fair)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Fair) 

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Fair)

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Fair)

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Fair) 

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Poor, tears on binding and cover, but all pages intact)

Sagara, Michelle - Cast in Fury (Good)

Cast in Courtlight (Good)

Cast in Silence (Good)

Hardbacks $3 each

Brooks, Terry - A Princess of Landover (Excellent to Very Good)

Witches’ Brew (Fair, former library book)

Patterson, James - Witch and Wizard (Good) 

The Gift (Good)

Riordan, Rick - The Lightning Thief (Fair, former library book)

The Last Olympian (Poor, top corner of binding chewed, no dustcover, but all pages intact)

Rowling, J.K. - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Fair, no dustcover)

Vaughn, Carrie - Discord’s Apple (Excellent to Very Good)

Mystery and Thriller

Paperbacks $1 each

Brennan,  Allison - No Good Deed (Excellent to Very Good)

Notorious (Fair)

If I Should Die (Fair)

Compulsion (Fair)

Best Laid Plans (Fair)

Love Me to Death (Fair)

Brown, Dan - Angels and Demons (Fair)

Burton, Mary - Cover Your Eyes (Fair)

Cain, Chelsea - One Kick (Excellent to Very Good)

Clark, Mary Higgins - The Lost Years (Good)

The Shadow of Your Smile (Excellent to Very Good)

Coben, Harlan - Deal Breaker (Good)

Connolly, John - The Whisperers (Good)

Crichton, Michael - Jurassic Park (Fair)

Sphere (Good)

Deaver, Jeffery - The Steel Kiss (Good)

The Vanished Man (Fair)

The Bone Collector (Fair)

Evanovich, Janet - Tricky Twenty-Two (Good) 

Takedown Twenty (Good)

One for the Money (Fair)

The Heist (Good)

The Chase (Fair)

The Job (Fair)

Graham, Heather - Unhallowed Ground (Excellent to Very Good)

The Seance (Fair)

Heart of Evil (Good)

Nightwalker (Good)

The Hidden (Excellent to Very Good)

The Silenced (Good)

Haunted Destiny (Fair)

Darkest Journey (Good)

Sacred Evil (Good)

Harris, Charlaine - Grave Surprise (Excellent to Very Good)

Grave Sight (Fair)

Jackson, Lisa - Wicked Lies (Good)

Michaels, Barbara - The Wizard’s Daughter (Fair)

The Walker in the Shadows (Fair)

Stitches in Time (Fair)

Novak, Brenda - Her Darkest Nightmare (Excellent to Very Good)

Patterson, James - Unlucky 13 (Fair)

Preston, Douglas and Lincoln Child - Gideon’s Corpse (Fair)

Gideon’s Corpse (Fair)

Robb, J.D. - Fantasy in Death (Good)

Memory in Death (Good)

Portrait in Death (Fair)

Thankless in Death (Good)

Holiday in Death (Good)

Robb, J.D. and others - Suite 606 (Fair)

The Unquiet (Excellent to Very Good)

Mirror, Mirror (Good)

The Other Side (Fair)

Down the Rabbit Hole (Excellent to Very Good)

Dead of Night (Fair)

Bump in the Night (Fair)

Roberts, Nora - The Hollow (Fair)

Blood Brothers (Fair)

Rollins, James - Amazonia (Fair)

Staub, Wendy Corsi - Bone White (Good)

Nightwatcher (Fair)

Unger, Lisa - In the Blood (Fair)

Woodworth, Stephen - From Black Rooms (Good)

In Golden Blood (Fair)

Through Violet Eyes (Fair)

Large Paperbacks $2 each

Brown, Dan  - Inferno (Excellent to Very Good, taller PB)

Child, Lee - Make Me (Excellent to Very Good)

Clark, Mary Higgins - I’ll Walk Alone (Excellent to Very Good)

Connolly, John - Nocturnes (short story collection, Good)

Cornwell, Patricia  - Dust (Fair)

Flesh and Blood (Fair)

Coulter, Catherine and J.T. Ellison - The Lost Key (Good, taller PB)

The Final Cut (Good, taller PB)

Deaver, Jeffery - The Skin Collector (Excellent to Very Good)

The Sleeping Doll (Good)

XO (Fair)

Flynn, Gillian - Sharp Objects (Good, taller PB)

Dark Places (Good, taller PB)

Gone Girl (Fair, former library book, taller PB)

Gardner, Lisa - Fear Nothing (Good, taller PB)

Harris, Charlaine - Midnight Crossroad (Good, taller PB)

Jackson, Lisa - After She’s Gone (Good, taller PB)

Jance, J.A. - Dance of the Bones (Excellent to Very Good, Advanced Reading Copy)

Kellerman, Jonathan  - The Murderer’s Daughter (Good, talller PB)

MacDonald, John D. - Cape Fear (Excellent to Very Good)

O’Brien, Kevin - Tell Me You’re Sorry (Fair, former library book, taller PB)

Patterson, James - 14th Deadly Sin (Excellent to Very Good)

11th Hour (Excellent to Very Good)

Preston, Douglas and Lincoln Child - Cold Vengeance (Good)

White Fire (Good)

Two Graves (Fair)

Reilly, Matthew  - The Great Zoo of China (Fair, taller PB)

Robb, J.D. - The 6th Extinction (Good, taller PB)

Rollins, James - Subterranean (Fair, taller PB)

The Eye of God (Fair, taller PB)

The Devil Colony (Fair, taller PB)

Altar of Eden (Fair, former library book, taller PB)

Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn - Haunting Investigation (Excellent to Very Good)

Hardbacks $3 each

Brennan, Allison - Stolen (Excellent to Very Good)

Cold Snap (Excellent to Very Good)

Stalked (Excellent to Very Good)

Brown, Dan - The Lost Symbol (Fair, former library book)

The DaVinci Code (Excellent to Very Good)

Clark, Mary Higgins - Just Take My Heart (Excellent to Very Good)

I Heard That Song Before (Excellent to Very Good)

Two Little Girls in Blue (Good)

Coben, Harlan - Missing You (Fair, former library book)

Live Wire (Good)

Coulter, Catherine - Point Blank (Good)

Crichton, Michael - The Lost World (Good)

Pirate Latitudes (Good)

Timeline (Fair, former library book)

Deaver, Jeffery - The Kill Room (Fair, former library book. Looks like top edge has water damage)

The Coffin Dancer (Good)

The Cold Moon (Good)

Roadside Crosses (Good)

The Twelfth Card (Fair)

The Burning Wire (Fair, former library book)

The Stone Monkey (Good)

The Broken Window (Fair, no dustcover)

The Empty Chair (Fair)

Evanovich, Janet - Notorious Nineteen (Excellent to Very Good)

Explosive Eighteen (Excellent to Very Good)

Smokin’ Seventeen (Excellent to Very Good)

Sizzling Sixteen (Good)

Finger Lickin’ Fifteen (Excellent to Very Good)

Wicked Business (Good)

Wicked Appetite (Good)

Wicked Charms (Excellent to Very Good)

Gardner, Lisa - Touch & Go (Fair)

Love You More (Good)

Gerritsen, Tess - Die Again (Fair, former library book)

Graham, Heather - Phantom Evil (Excellent to Very Good)

The Killing Edge (Good)

Death Dealer (Fair)

Kellerman, Jonathan  - Heartbreak Hotel (Good)

Michaels, Barbara - Vanish with the Rose (Fair, former library book)

Houses of Stone (Fair, former library book)

Patterson, James - 12th of Never (Good)

Cross My Heart (Fair, former library book)

Preston, Douglas and Lincoln Child - Blue Labyrinth (Excellent to Very Good)

Fever Dream (Excellent to Very Good)

The Lost Island (Good)

Robb, J.D. - Salvation in Death (Excellent to Very Good)

Rollins, James - The Judas Strain (Excellent to Very Good)

Staub, Wendy Corsi - Shadowkiller (Good)

Sleepwalker (Good)

White, Kate - Hush (Good)

Wiehl, Lis - Waking Hours (Excellent to Very Good)

Cozy Mystery

Paperbacks $1 each

Adams, Ellery  - A Deadly Cliche (Excellent to Very Good)

Murder in the Mystery Suite (Excellent to Very Good)

Murder in the Paperback Parlor (Fair)

Written in Stone (Good)

The Last Word (Good)

Blackwell, Juliet - A Cast Off Coven (Excellent to Very Good)

Tarnished and Torn (Excellent to Very Good)

Cates, Bailey - Magic and Macaroons (Good)

Copperman, E.J. - Old Haunts (Good)

An Uninvited Ghost (Fair)

Damsgaard, Shirley - Charmed to Death (Fair)

Galenorn, Yasmine - Ghost of a Chance (Fair) 

A Harvest of Bones (Good) 

Murder Under a Mystic Moon (Good) 

James, Miranda  - Murder Past Due (Excellent to Very Good)

Kingsley, Allison  - Trouble Vision (Good)

Laurie, Victoria - Ghoul Interrupted (Good) 

Ghouls Gone Wild (Good) 

What a Ghoul Wants (Good) 

Vision Impossible (Good)

Ghouls, Ghouls, Ghouls (Good) 

A Vision of Murder (Good) 

Killer Insight (Good) 

Hardbacks $3 each

Hart, Carolyn - Merry, Merry Ghost (Good)

Laurie, Victoria - Lethal Outlook (Excellent to Very Good)

Urban Fantasy

Paperbacks $1 each

Banks, L.A. - Undead on Arrival (Excellent to Very Good)

Cursed to Death (Fair)

Bad Blood (Fair, former library book)

Bickle, Laura - Nine of Stars (Excellent to Very Good)

Bornikova, Phillipa  - This Case Is Gonna Kill Me (Excellent to Very Good)

Brennan, Marie - Doppleganger (Good)

Witch (Fair)

Chance, Karen - Reap the Wind (Excellent to Very Good)

Tempt the Stars (Excellent to Very Good)

Embrace the Night (Good)

Claimed by Shadow (Good)

Fury’s Kiss (Fair)

Midnight’s Daughter (Fair)

Chance, Karen and others - Inked (Fair)

Crane, Carolyn - Mind Games (Excellent to Very Good)

Estep, Jennifer - Spider’s Bite (Good)

Franco, Mark Del - Unshapely Things (Good)

Green, Simon R. - The Spy Who Haunted Me (Excellent to Very Good)

Daemons Are Forever (Excellent to Very Good)

Haines, Jess - Forsaken by the Others (Excellent to Very Good)

Harris, Charlaine - All Together Dead (Excellent to Very Good)

Definitely Dead (Excellent to Very Good)

From Dead to Worse (Fair)

Dead As a Doornail (Excellent to Very Good)

Club Dead (Fair)

Dead to the World (Excellent to Very Good)

Harris, Charlaine and others - Must Love Hellhounds (Excellent to Very Good)

Hunter, Faith - Host (Fair)

Bloodring (Excellent to Very Good)

Raven Cursed (Good)

Jayne, Hannah - Under Suspicion (Excellent to Very Good)

Jones, Darynda - Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet (Excellent to Very Good)

The Curse of Tenth Grave (Good) 

Mead, Richelle - Shadow Heir (Excellent to Very Good)

Storm Born (Good)

McGuire, Seanan - Ashes of Honor (Good)

Murphy, C.E. - Hands of Flame (Excellent to Very Good)

Heart of Stone (Fair)

Pettersson, Vicki - Cheat the Grave (Good)

The Scent of Shadows (Fair)

Strout, Anton - Alchemystic (Excellent to Very Good)

Stonecast (Excellent to Very Good)

Deader Still (Fair)

Dead Matter (Good)

Dead Waters (Good)

Dead to Me (Good)

Large Paperbacks $2 each

Gilman, Laura Anne  - Hard Magic (Good)

Harris, Charlaine - Living Dead in Dallas (Good)

Dead Until Dark (Good)

Death’s Excellent Vacation (Excellent to Very Good)

Hunter, Faith and others - Kicking It (Good)

Jones, Darynda - Second Grave on the Left (Good)

Kenner, Julie - Demons Are Forever (Good)

Marr, Melissa - Graveminder (Good)

Murphy, C.E. - House of Cards (Fair)

Coyote Dreams (Good)

Thunderbird Falls (Good)

Neill, Chloe - Blood Games (UF)

Pettersson, Vicki - The Taken (Excellent to Very Good)

The Lost (Excellent to Very Good, Advanced Reading Copy)

Williams, Tad - The Dirty Streets of Heaven (Good, Advanced Reading Copy)

Hardbacks $3 each

Green, Simon R. - For Heaven’s Eyes Only (Excellent to Very Good)

The Good, the Bad, and the Uncanny (Excellent to Very Good)

Raising Hell in the Nightside omnibus (contains Hex and the City/Paths Not Taken/Sharper than a Serpent’s Tooth, Good)

From Hell with Love (Fair)

Harris, Charlaine - Deadlocked (Excellent to Very Good)

Dead Reckoning (Excellent to Very Good)

Dead and Gone (Excellent to Very Good)

Dead in the Family (Excellent to Very Good)

Dead Ever After (Excellent to Very Good)

Harris, Charlaine and others - Crimes by Moonlight (Excellent to Very Good)

Many Bloody Returns (Excellent to Very Good)

Down These Strange Streets (Excellent to Very Good)

Jones, Darynda - Fifth Grave Past the Light (Excellent to Very Good)

Third Grave Dead Ahead (Excellent to Very Good) 


Large Paperbacks $2 each

Brooks, Max - World War Z (Good)

Hill, Joe - Horns (Good)

Heart-Shaped Box (Fair, probably former library book because black marker on edges)

Hardbacks $3 each

King, Stephen - The Stand (Fair, no dustcover, complete and uncut edition)

Rollins, James and Rebecca Cantrell - The Blood Gospel (Fair, former library book)

Toro, Guillermo Del - The Fall (Excellent to Very Good)

The Strain (Excellent to Very Good)


Large Paperbacks $2 each

Brook, Meljean - The Iron Duke (Excellent to Very Good)

Heart of Steel (Excellent to Very Good)


Paperbacks $1 each

Baldacci, David - The Finisher (Excellent to Very Good)

Large Paperbacks $2 each

Collins, Suzanne - Mockingjay (Good, Large Print Edition)

Crichton, Michael - Micro (Good, taller PB)

Weir, Andy - The Martian (Good, taller PB)

Hardbacks $3 each

Collins, Max Allan - Saving Private Ryan (Fair, former library book)

Collins, Suzanne - Catching Fire (Good)

The Hunger Games (Good)