ChkLines - List Building

  1. A list, or a mailing list, is a database where you store the email addresses of people that you can get in touch with in order to send them marketing material and business info in general.

  1. And in order to have a solid mailing list with qualified subscribers you need to build your list through email marketing. In fact, list building can be considered to be one of the stages of email marketing.

  1. To summarize, list building is the stage of your email marketing efforts in which you are going to continually add people to your mailing lists, and to add people to your mailing lists you will need their permission.

  1. The only way to start building and growing your mailing lists is by applying proven email marketing strategies the right way. There are many email marketing strategies that work as well today as they did when they were first applied back in the days of dial up internet.

  1. In this training you are going to learn the best ways to apply only the best ones, such as using free stuff as magnets to get email subscribers and email marketing automation, as well as other little known implementations that have been kept secret from you by the so called “gurus”, up until today that is.

  1. And really, the biggest thing that an email list will do for your business is, as we just said and without a doubt, will help you to grow your customer base.

  1. Two stages:

  1. The thing is that, unless a visitor is already in purchasing mode, you won’t be able to convert him or her in the very first interaction. You have to be pretty convincing about your offers in order to capture the attention of visitors during their first visit to your site.

  1. And once you have established that first impression, most visitors will simply leave your site and go about their daily lives, even if they liked your site and your offers. Sure, some among those that leave will be back and convert later if they need to obtain what you are offering them, but most of them won’t.

  1. That is why most marketers love tracking and retargeting lost visitors through paid adverts, but that is a very expensive strategy for most. That’s where list building comes in, as it is a cost-effective marketing strategy that is easy to implement.

  1. List building is as easy as inviting website visitors to join your mailing list, and we are going to discuss the best means to do so later on, but for now let’s just say that it will be easier for you to drive sales once you have qualified buyers in your email list.

  1. Other benefits of having an email list for your business include:

  1. Lastly, building a list is 40 times more effective than using Facebook or Twitter to acquire new customers.

  1. The following are the elements that make list building the ultimate profit generating online marketing strategy:

  1. So, what is a lead magnet?

  1. What is a lead capture page?

  1. What is email automation all about?

  1. Tracking

  1. Traffic strategies:

  1. Analyzing your Results

  1. Optimizing your Campaign

  1. Optimizing Calls to Action

  1. Optimize email visuals

  1. High Converting Follow Ups:

  1. Do’s and Don’ts

~ Chaz