Parent Reported Absences

We have added the ability for parents to report their student’s absence in Parent Portal.  Once a parent has logged into their parent portal account a link to Report Absence will be available at the top of the screen.

The Report Absence link will open a screen for parents to complete.  The parent checks the name of the student for whom an absence is being submitted.  Note in this example, the parent only has one student so there is only one student available for this parent to select.  If the parent has multiple students they will all be listed on this page and the parent will be able to select the student for whom the absence is being submitted.  The parent enters the applicable dates.  

SEE EXAMPLES for reporting an ALL DAY and PARTIAL DAY absence BELOW

If the parent checks the All Day flag, attendance will be submitted for all periods on the dates provided.  If the parent does not check the All Day flag, times must be entered and attendance will be submitted for whichever periods meet during the time range.  Please be aware that parents can submit absences 2 days prior and 2 days forward.  Parents will need to contact the student’s school to report any extensive absences.