East Hills Council of Neighbors

Neighborhood Meeting Agenda

131 Eastern Ave. SE Grand Rapids

05 March 2018

6:45-8:00 PM

Welcome & Introductions

Public Comment

Financials: Uploaded on drive

Community Safety updates:

Business Items:

Motion to add new users to the Lake Michigan Credit Union Account: Char Amberger, Elizabeth Hoffman Ransford, Meagen Coburn

Neighborhood News

Wealthy Street Closed between Henry and James on Saturday, May 5th from 10:00-10:00

Community Concerns

Housing Now! Zoning Changes:  this is an opportunity for neighbors to express support or objection to specific proposals being recommended. Your voice will help drive the conversation we take to our city commissioners at the March 27th Public Hearing

Committee Reports

        a. Urban Development - 11 Fuller Development

        b. Green Space - Wealthy Heights Garden, Congress Field, Cherry Park Fence, Tree Grant

c. Fundraising - Set Next Meeting based on goals

d. Neighborhood Issues -

f.  Events - Announce Spring/Summer Events

e. Communications  - Set Next Meeting, website redesign, communications strategy plan

Director Updates