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Ceylon Computer Science Institute (C2SI) Project Proposal Template for GSoC 2024         

`# Tips to make good GSoC proposal

C2SI GSoC Proposal Template

Project Introduction

In this section,

Project Goals

In this section,


In this section,


In this section,

C2SI Contributions

In this section,

Personal Information

Contact information (E-mail, IM, IRC)

Few sentences about the student and why he/she thinks as the best person to do this project.


Project reference


1. Are you a C2SI contributor/ Have you contributed to C2SI before?

2. How can we reach you (eg: email) if we have questions about your application?

3. What is your github username(s):

Project Specific Questions

4. Which C2SI GSoC project are you applying for (please submit separate applications for each project​):

5. What do you plan to accomplish over this summer for this project? (Please tell us

      a. What project you want to work on,

      b. How you will approach that project portion (with your milestones))

You may want to ask for help from our mentors through if you have not created project milestones before, or if you are unsure what can be accomplished.

If your project proposal is accepted, you will have a chance to work with your mentors to revise these milestones.

6. If you have your own project to propose, please describe it here:

7. Projects related details. (Have you tried that project you selected from the C2SI project list? What problems, if any, were presented? What prevented you from getting the entire system up and running?)

8. List down any plans you have during this summer( over the time period of GSoC, such as classes, job, vacation plans, thesis, etc.)

9. Education:

  1. What year are you in school?
  2. What programming courses have you taken?
  3. What is your major?
  4. Have you done group projects (programming or otherwise)?
  5. What was your primary contribution to/role in the group?

10. Do you have work experience in programming? Tell us about it.

11. Do you have previous open source experience? Briefly describe what you have done.

12. Tell one interesting fact about yourself.