6th Grade Reading Curriculum at a Glance

1st Quarter – Introduction and Novel                                                                                    

         -Reading as a class

         -Study guide for each chapter

         -Quizzes over chapters

         -Drawing posters

         -Final Test and Video

2nd Quarter – Fiction/Short Stories and Novel

         -Plot and Conflict




         -Point of View

        -Read as a class

              -Study guides for each chapter that

 includes vocabulary and review.

-Final Test and Video

3rd Quarter – Poetry and Folk Literature

4th Quarter – Drama, Non-Fiction, and Novel

     -Types of nonfiction

     -Elements of nonfiction

     -Structures of nonfiction

     -Identify where non-fiction is located in

      the library

     -Learn how to find books on certain

      topics by using the dewey decimal


     -Read chapters as a class.  We will also

      listen and follow along as we listen to

      the chapter being read from an audio


     -Study guides for each chapter that

      include vocabulary and comprehension


     -Character collage project

     -Quizzes over every 3 chapters

     -Final Test with a full day of review



     -Finding books

     -Computer use



     -Finding books online