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2021-02 February 2021 MoCs Meeting Summary
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Joint Meeting with Marilyn Strickland and the Four CD-10 Indivisible Groups

 February 11, 2021

Olympia Indivisible, Indivisible Tacoma, Indivisible Puyallup, Grey Indivisible

Legislative Aide, Sean De Witz, introduced himself. He works in the Lakewood office. His portfolio includes working with the Pierce County government, tribal governments, and Labor groups. The four Indivisible groups congratulated Congresswoman Strickland on her victory along with the victory of President Biden and VP Harris and the Georgia Senators’ victory.

Congresswoman Strickland’s committee assignments were reviewed. She is on the Transportation Committee and wants to see comprehensive legislation passed. She has an ongoing relationship with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg because both were mayors. She is looking forward to working with him. Her concerns are ensuring Covid vaccinations for infrastructure project workers, assisting shipping industries in remaining competitive, waterways infrastructure, continuing work on I-5 to ease congestion, building out rural broadband, and expanding light rail to smaller cities.

She is also on the Armed Services Committee, by request of Speaker Pelosi, since JBLM is in her district. She is most concerned with affordable housing for military personnel who live off-base (the majority.)

Saving Democracy

George Floyd Policing Act and the Reparations Act, HR 40

Reinstate Voter Rights

Court Reform

Climate Change

Social Justice

Rescind Trump’s Tax Cut

Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico Statehood

Cannabis legalization 

Future Communications

MoCs Team Meeting with Senator Maria Cantwell February 23, 2021

Senator Murray’s aide was unavailable. We met with Senator Cantwell’s aide, Casey Duff. We thanked Senator Cantwell for her vote to convict in the impeachment trial of Donald Trump. Now that it is over, we support the focus on Covid relief and infrastructure. We also thanked her for co-signing on S 51, which would grant statehood to the District of Columbia.

John Lewis Voting Rights Act (HR 4)

President Biden’s Covid Bill, Infrastructure Bill, and Climate Change Bill


Fact-Based Reporting and Social Media Accountability

Tax Reform