Visit the GSuite website to sign up to GSuite for Education

Enter the name of your school, the number of pupils, the school website, phone number and address.

You will then need to put in your name and  a contact email address.

When it asks about a domain, I have always said “I need one”

Choose a domain e.g. and press next. This will be roughly £10 a year.

I choose a new domain because our school is currently which is VERY wordy for the children. Having is much easier to remember.

You then need to enter a username and password for the (super) admin account.

Feel free to use your name, you can add other super admins later.

You will then have a license agreement to read through. Agree and continue.

You start on a 14-day trial. When you sign in, you are given the option to purchase your domain (£10 a year) and this will change it from a trial to a proper account. It may take a couple of days for your domain registration to go through, while you are on the free trial, you are limited to creating 10 users.