Kamilo`iki Elementary

Library Books About Careers


Look for the blue “CAREERS” spine sticker.



People Working

331.7 FLO

Community Helpers from A to Z

331.7 KAL

Career Ideas for Kids Who Like Talking

331.7 REE

Park Scientists

333.78 CAR

When I Grow Up

331.702 LOY

Real Estate Sales Agent

333.33 QUI


340 BRI


340 QUI

A Day in the Court with Mrs. Trinh

344.73 FLA

Public Defender

345.01 HEW


352.2 BRO

A Visit to the Police Station

352.2 HAN

Child Care Worker

362.71 QUI

Police Officers

363.2 BOU

Bicycle Patrol Officers

363.2 GRE

Motorcycle Police

363.2 GRE

I Can Be A Police Officer

363.2 MAT

Police Officer

363.2 REA

Crime Lab Technician

363.25 HEA

Private Investigator

363.28 GOL

Security Guard

363.28 GOL

Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs

363.28 GRE

United States Marshals Service

363.28 GRE

Fire Fighter

363.37 GOL


363.37 MAS

Exploring Parks with Ranger Dockett

363.6 FLA


371.1 BEC


371.1 DEE

School Bus Drivers

371.8 REA

Children’s Dictionary of Occupations

371.42 PAR

Career Discovery Encyclopedias, volumes 1-6

371.425 CAR

Large Animal Veterinarians

371.4268 BEL

I Can Be a Doctor

371.4268 HAN

I Can Be a Zoo Keeper

371.4268 ROW

Retail Salesperson

381 SIM

Mail Carriers

383 REA

Tractor-Trailer-Truck Driver

388.3 CLI

Career Ideas for Kids Who Like Science

502 REE

Working in Health Care and Wellness

610.69 LEE

A Career in Health Care

610.69 LUN

Medical Assistant

610.69 PRI


610.69 REA

Home Health Aide

610.69 SIM

I Can Be a Nurse

610.73 BEH

Ask Nurse Plaff, She’ll Help You!

610.73 FLA

Nurse Assistant

610.73 QUI

A Day in the Life of an Emergency Room Nurse

610.73 WIT


610.78 REA

Occupational Therapy Aide

615.8 QUI

Physical Therapist Assistant

615.8 QUI

Surgical Technicians

617 PRI

Dr. Kanner, Dentist with a Smile

617.6 FLA


617.6 REA

Dental Hygienist

617.6 SIM

Choosing Eyeglasses with Mrs. Koutris

617.7 FLA

Construction Workers

624 DEE

Garbage Collectors

628.4 DEE

Ms. Murphy Fights Fires

628.9 FLA

Firefighting Behind the Scenes

628.9 MUD

Fire Fighters

628.9 REA

A Day in the Life of a Firefighter

628.92 S


629.45 DEE

Joel: Growing up a Farm Man

630 D


630 HAN


630 LOV


630 REA

Zoo Keepers

636.088 DEE


636.089 REA

I Want to Be a Chef

641.5 MAZ

I Can Be a Chef

641.5 TOM


641.8 DEE

I Can Be a Beautician

646.7 LIL

Food Service Manager

647.92 QUI

A Career in Food Service

647.95 STR

Medical Record Technician

651.5 GOL

Heating-and-Air-Conditioning Servicer

697 CLI

I Can Be a Carpenter

694 LIL

Career Ideas

700 REE

I Can Be an Architect

720 CLI


770.23 OSI

TV Camera Operator

778.59 HAL

A Career as a Computer Animator

778.5 LUN

Radio Announcer

791.44 HEA

Television Production Assistant

791.45 HEA


792 QUI

I Can Be an Author

808 BRO

Career Ideas for Kids Who LIke Writing

808 REE

January 2019