Life Groups 

Spring Session 2019-Week 5 (3/3/19) 

“Built to Last”

WELCOME - Greet your friends and welcome them to your gathering.


One of the most important steps you take to finish your start is the step of belief that ignites your behavior. Since deciding to follow Jesus, how has your view and behavior changed towards life and the people around you?

Growing to be like Christ

  1.  Read Matthew 16:18-Jesus is predicting that He will build a community of believers who follow Him. This community would soon become known as the church. What are some benefits you have experienced when you gather with others at church or church events?

  2. Read Matthew 16:19-Keys are used to lock and unlock the doors. The specific doors Jesus had in mind in this passage are the doors to the kingdom of heaven. How is our preaching the Gospel a key to the kingdom?

  3.  Read Luke 4:43-What does Jesus say God sent Him to do in verse 43? Is that typically what you think of when you think of the life and ministry of Jesus?

  4.  Read Matthew 28:18-What is Jesus‘ declaration in verse 18? Why is it essential for us to understand that the authority needed for mission and ministry are not ours, but His?

  1.  Read Matthew 28:19-This verse is known as the great commission. It is the last command Jesus gave his followers. It is the mission Jesus left for those who are his disciples. What would people around you (friends, neighbors, coworkers, community) say about Jesus through their interaction with you? In what ways can you take some steps of faith to minister to those around you?

  1.  Read Luke 24:5,6-The moment the angels said “remember how he told you while he was still with you in Galilee“, the women remembered Jesus’ words. Describe how Jesus has opened your eyes to something about Him that you didn’t previously know, appreciate or take into heart?

“Build a life that outlives your life!”

-Conclude in prayer