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January 30, 2019

RE: Dimachem/Chemex Letter of Commitment for Food Safety Audit

To whom it may concern,  

Chemex Canada (Part of the Dimachem Group) is committed to providing “State of the Art” cleaning products and programs to our laundry and food preparation customers.

Our laundry products have CFIA approvals and are all free rinsing.

Through proper chemical formulations and programming at our customer’s facilities, we guide them to ensure the “Highest Standards of Linen Cleanliness” with “No Chemical Residuals” present in the Finished Linen.

By Monthly monitoring analytical testing, we support our customers in assuring their consistent results and the maintenance of neutral pH linen.

Should you require any further information and/or assistance, please contact your Linen Laundry supplier or Chemex at the numbers above.

Thank you,

Andrew Conway, P.Eng.

Dimachem VP

PS: Dimachem manufacturers and services a wide range of approved and effective cleaning and sanitizing products for laundry, kitchen, and food industry. Please contact for information and quotation.