Question: When really cold touches other cold objects, does it freeze?

Hypothesis: I believe that when really cold water touches other cold objects, it will freeze.

Materials: Water bottle




             A bowl


  1. First you put your water bottle in the freezer and check back once in a while with a thermometer until you can see that the water temperature has reached 14 fahrenheit / -8 Celcius. Then you take the bottle out and rest it in the fridge.
  2. Next you take your ice and bowl and put the ice in the bowl.
  3. Finally take off the top of your bottle and pour the cold water onto the ice and watch your ice sculpture grow.

Analysis:  Because the water is about to freeze, When it touches a cold surface, it instantly freezes.

Observations: The water didn’t fully freeze, It turned into a solidy liquidy type of thing like snow.

Conclusion: My hypothesis was correct, when water touches a cold surface, it freezes.

Changes: Maybe I can increase the temperature of the water and reduce the temperature of the ice. Or the other way around.