7th Grade Newsletter

September 2017

Dear 7th Grade Families,

Please enjoy our first edition of the 7th Grade Newsletter for the 2017-2018 school year!  In our newsletter, you will find important information about your scholar's work, upcoming trips, tests and other important dates as well as some action shot photos.  

The year has gotten off to such a great start! It’s been so exciting for us to get to know your scholars and we have high hopes for the rest of the year.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.  We love hearing from you!

News from the Classroom


This month in ELA, scholars are continuing to analyze the thoughts, actions and language of characters in The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie. Upcoming projects and assessments include an expository essay at the end of the unit in which students will be asked to analyze the evolution of one of the books characters, due late November. You can support your scholar by ensuring that they are practicing the skills taught in class by writing in the margins of their readings.


This month in Math, scholars are continuing to deepen their understanding of ratios and proportions by working with unit rates and scale models. Scholars will have a unit test at the end of the month with corrections available the week after. You can support your scholar by discussing the existence of proportional relationships in the real world; for example, discussing unit rates at the supermarket such as comparing the price per pound of different foods.  


Scholars are learning how to read like historians. They will also study primary and secondary sources about Christopher Columbus’ first interactions with the Taino in the Caribbean. Upcoming projects include a classroom trial and debate. Students will receive a project overview and rubric with more information. You can support your scholar by asking them to talk about the project and their roles and by checking their planner to make sure they have important deadlines written down.

Social Studies

Scholars are beginning their unit on Chemistry (during which they will study the Periodic Table of the Elements, atoms and atomic structure, chemical reactions, and phase changes). You can support your scholar by asking them to explain what their are learning in class and encouraging them to review their notebooks.

Music - Ms. Feder


Sfeder @motthall2.org

Students in 7th grade music are returning to the piano keyboard.  We are reviewing rhythms, fingerings, notes and hand/finger independence.  We will begin learning to play the djembe and all classes have begun vocal warm-ups. Lunchtime chorus has started up again!

What’s coming up this month?

  • Nature’s Classroom - Fall letter and deposit information coming soon!

Tips for Success:

  • Engrade is now officially up and running! Please check Engrade regularly. We suggest
    checking Engrade weekly!
  • Remind scholars to use their planners to copy down homework every day. Check your scholar’s planner to make sure they are recording assignments!
  • All scholars should always have an independent reading book with them.        

Thank you for your support! Please contact us if you have any questions at














7th Grade Team