School Board Meeting

January 7, 2018

Building Improvements

Mission Work

Anna brought up the appropriation of school funds for Mission Work.  The following ideas were discussed:


The appropriation of school fund for purchasing shirts for the staff, students, and parents was discussed.  Kyle and Dan did not agree with the appropriation of school funds.  Anna did not want to be in charge of price shopping and size count.

Coteau Area Christian Home Educators (CACHE)

The CACHE group was discussed as a method for finding events and field trips in Watertown. The group charges $7.00 a year to be a member and has strict moral guidelines to which they expect their members to adhere.  Anna noted they will be attending the Lake Area Technical Institute (LATI) living history event.  Barb noted that it is open to the public and we do not need to be members of CACHE to attend.  Anna also noted that the CACHE group does other events including renting out the Watertown Ice arena every Tuesday afternoon.

Field Trips

Other outside events and activities were discussed such as the Water Festival in Brookings and Destination Imagination.

Parent Involvement

There was a discussion around getting all of the parents involved and having them lead a project or learning activity with the children.

There was also discussion about having parents available for the field trip and outside of school activities.