Present: Reggie Nalley, Gary Leafblad, Jim Miller, Dave Dolnick, Sherrie Zabriskie, Steve Zabriskie, Karen Egerter, Melissa Michelli, John Lindstrom, Amber Gaudette, (all students), Julia Winkelman, Arlene Presley, Kim Fiss, Sean Ahlers, Paul Wilson, John Winkelman, Shannon Adams, Blane Anderson, Alex Villareal

Motion by Miller to unanimously name all unopposed nominees as elected to their respectively nominated roles - seconded by Sherrie Zabriskie

Request by Leafblad to have Ahlers explain how the election of the Southwest Region Vice President will proceed, given that all other offices were unopposed.  Explained that the voting link will be placed on the website and emailed out to the members who are eligible to vote