Unlink Your Attachments

Note: when you add documents or any other attachment to a Google Classroom class it is actually added to a folder in Google Drive. The document is NOT attached but simply linked. By adding a file to an assignment in Google Classroom you are giving your teacher access to the file, before you submit the assignment.

Step 1:

In the assignment “Your work” section: click “Add” or “Create” to share the document with your teacher.

Step 2:

Complete some work. Click on the document title in the assignment to launch in a new tab.

Step 3:

BEFORE turning in, unlink the document. Click on the x to the right of the document stripe in the “Your work” section.

Your work is UNLINKED not deleted! It is safely located in Google Drive

Step 4:

Your work is located in the “Class Drive folder” which can be found on the Classwork page.


Before unlinking your document, copy the link to the document and paste it into the Private Comments to give you and your teacher easy access to the document in the assignment.