Carwood Cares

“Raising happy, healthy cows while building a happy, healthy community”

Program Overview 

Carwood Farm, LLC. understands there are limited opportunities available for young people to gain valuable work experience while receiving positive mentorship from caring adults who are skilled with creating supportive environments.  Carwood Cares is a farm based program intended to provide positive experiences in a farm setting with the GOALS TO:

  1. Provide work experience
  2. Instil work ethic
  3. Demonstrate positive mentorship and role modeling to set an example for healthy living.

Though most participants most likely will not grow up to be farmers, Carwood Cares work experiences will prepare young people for their first employment opportunity regardless of the industry they choose.  

Participants who perform well in the program will be able to include their involvement with the farm as work experience on a job application, and Carwood Cares will serve as a job reference.**

**Carwood Cares will gladly provide letters of recommendation and serve as a reference for participants who have demonstrated a strong work ethic and a commitment to learning during the program.  

Program Location

Carwood Cares operates from a 120 acre beef farm located at::

595 Forge Rd.

Boiling Springs, PA 17007.

Farm Days::  Saturday’s 9 am - 1:15 pm...lunch will be provided

Program Staff

Carwood Cares is supervised by farm operator, Corey Carothers along with his wife Kelly Carothers, who have a combined 36 years of professional experience working with kids.

Volunteers will be welcome to assist with running activities.

**All program staff & volunteers will be required to complete Childline Clearances and State Police background checks.  These reports will be made available upon request.

Program Highlights

  1. Max. participant capacity “4”.
  2. Transportation to and from the farm must be provided.
  3. Each day will begin with a quick check in to access any concerning carry in thoughts or emotions on the part of participants.  Activities for the day will be explained and work assignments and staff assignments will be provided.  
  4. The bulk of the time will be spent completing work projects around the farm.  These projects may include clean up of all kinds, painting, pasture fence building and repair, cattle feeding and care (participants will not be permitted to be close enough to farm animals where the danger of injury could occur), gardening and many other projects that support the operation of the farm.
  5. Lunch will be served at approximately 12:30.
  6. At approximately 1:00, an informal debrief of the day will be conducted to gain a sense from participants on what they liked or didn’t like about the day and feedback can be provided to participants to aid their progress.  
  7. Participants will be dismissed to their parent or guardian for departure from the farm at 1:15.
  8. A brief assessment of the participants performance during activities will be texted to parents/guardians within 24 hours of the conclusion of an activity.  Assessments will be based on 1) Commitment to learning & growing 2) Level of work ethic.  Assessments of performance will be based on the following rubric:

Level of Work Ethic

Commitment to learning and Growing

“1”...Above Expectations

Completing projects with consistent effort plus taking initiative to do more than expected.

Meeting expectations in this area plus asking questions and seeking knowledge.

“2”...Meeting Expectations

Completing projects with consistent effort

Demonstrating attention to directions and showing a diminishing need for directions, transfering toward self leading projects based on growing experience on the farm

“3”...Below Expectations

Not completing projects as directed.

Not following directions or requiring directions to be repeated.

        Brief explanations may be included with the rubric score.  These assessments are intended to give parent/guardians the opportunity to build up participants and encourage progress.

**As funds become available, stipends will be paid to participants who consistently demonstrate achievement in the areas of 1) Commitment to learning 2) Level of work ethic.

What is needed to participate

  1. Fully completed application
  2. Signed parent/guardian consent form for participation
  3. Parent/guardian signed program description
  4. Work boots, gloves and a water bottle

        **Participation is FREE!

Program Annual budget covered by farm operations



Supplies..$5200... items needed for on farm projects



Program Supervisor

Corey C. Carothers


By signing this program description, I am attesting I have fully read and understand the Carwood Cares program description and agree to the named individual to participate in the program as it is outline on this document.

Named Participant:____________________________________

Parent Signature:________________________________________  Date:_________________