Koenig to Olguin - Morse Letter Precedents
May 03 2018 1447 GMT

Started January 17 2018

Laura A Olguin
Member Investigations
United Services Automobile Association
9800 Fredericksburg Road
San Antonio TX 78288
+ (o-direct)

RE:  Please - do you have a copy of the letter to which Jannie Morse was responding in hers of July 25 1990.

Dear Ms Olguin:

Over the years, I have freely supplied Ms Morse with ample opportunity to explain/correct/retract the July 25 1990 letter [Exhibit “A”] she signed which drove my family into bankruptcy.  I am very certain that Jannie understood very well the likelyhood of a tragic outcome from her studied cooperation with our Attorney-in-Fact Robert F McDermott’s evasion of his duty to my family.

MdDermott’s duty was to supply the indemnity that the other 2.5 million syndicate names at the insurance syndicate had agree to provide if we encountered restoration costs- e.g. to restore exploded steampipe damage to our cooperative apartment.

A Jannie admission that she made a terrible mistake in July of 1990 might cause me to rethink my gnawing conclusion that her actions had a criminal motivation.

You must admit that it is curious that Ms Morse would so cavalierly carry out a drive-by shooting of my family and expect that we are just going to politely smile and let it go.   She must be crazy to think that’s going to happen.

We now know that Jannie Morse knew on July 25 1990 that the independent adjuster she sent, criminal Richard Froese:

was not even licensed.

And it is very clear that Jannie now understands that the reciprocal inter-insurance indemnity contract we had in 1989 was entirely in order and that we should have received from her a prompt businesslike settlement as to our costs to restore the exploded steampipe damage - NLT November 30 1989.

These are the November 19 1989 photographs of the exploded steampipe from USAA’s own files:


Is there somebody at 9800 Fredericksburg Road who wants to have serious adult discussion as to whether there was some cause for the floor damage other than an exploded steampipe.

That brings me to another point.  In her elliptical fashion, criminal Morse made vague allusions to shortcomings at the time I first applied for indemnity.

Please - Ms Olguin:  what coverages wold have supplied the missing indemnity(ies) that Jannie alluded to.

I read the policy [Exhibit “_”] and I can nothing missing.

If Ms Morse did not compose the July 25 1990 letter but was actually robo-signing for Divich and Woodard, et al.:  all she has to do is to deliver up the identities of the persons who put her up to it.

But if Jannie composed and signed that bizarre July 25 1990 letter:  then Jannie must simply understand that her entire life and the lives of her family and children are all going to be put under a microscope.  Her children will not be able to post on Facebook, get married, or even get arrested without me knowing.

Surveillance?  As Jannie is herself a USAA member and a syndicate name at the same insurance syndicate - could it be possibly true that I am talking about putting a fellow USAA member under surveillance?

You bet!

Jannie’s entire July 25 1990 letter asked for an inference that I had been some kind of buffoon when I first asked for insurance in December 1986 that I had somehow failed to correctly represent my insurable risks.

Surveillance? Well that is precisely what Robert G Davis, Josue Robles Stephen A Bennett did to my family.

Do you know and understand that those three cocksuckers sent a black thug into the basement of my 2nd daughter’s apartment building in Baltimore the day before her graduation from Johns Hopkins to chase her around .  

The next section is going to get very explicit and detailed about Stewart Parker’s and Lester Lyle’s apparent criminal participation in a crime carried out against a family member of a disobedient USAA member.

Criminals Stewart Parker and Lester Lyles know with 100% absolute certainty that I am available 24 x 7 to travel at any time to 9800 Fredericksburg Road in San Antonio and to discuss all aspects of any disagreement.  Criminals Stewart Parker and Lester Lyles know that if there is some feature of our disagreement that we cannot reconcile:  that I will happily put that matter before a Federal District Court in the Southern District of New York [1]  (or Vermont if Divich wishes to bitch about his criminal threats against my wife].

This might be a good opportunity to lay out the geography and methodology of the Baltimore thugism:

  1. Robert G Davis, Josue Robles Jr and Stephen A Bennett began by using the family information I had innocently supplied over the years for mailing USAA’s Kool Aid ads [Exhibit “_”] for children of members to identity just the fact that I had children.

Insert Baltimore Google Map

Just that very act, painting an “X” on the back of a USAA member’s child and surveilling that child so as to obtain that member’s silence about financial irregularities, is grotesque.

If I were a USAA Director, I’d vote to fire both criminal Lyles and criminal Parker for just their acquiescence to such a scheme:  much more for their continued participation and tacit approval of such conduct.

Are you not disgusted?  Given that precedent (cocksuckers Robert G Davis, Josue Robles Jr and Stephen A Bennett):  do you think that Jannie Morse has any sort of real complaint if I put her and her family under a magnifying glass?  

Those same three fudge-packers sent another thug in Vermont to conspicuously hang a large legal envelope addressed to me on the front door of my

You’re just probably just jealous that Robert G Davis was sucking Dawn Johnson’s clit on the USAA member’s airplane - and not yours?

Ms Morse should have thought about the internet and Google and treating people right that before she executed her drive by shooting when she knew that our USAA contract for our NYC cooperative apartment was entirely consistent with our duty to restore the steampipe damage.

What in heaven’s name did Jannie think these limits of liability were for?

Who did Jannie think was responsible to restore the exploded steampipe damage our cooperative apartment?

And as subrogee of our rights as to the landlord - Robert F McDermott would have recovered the entire settlement.

And Ms Morse, as a “manager”, knew and fully understood very well that AIF Robert F McDermott was the subrogee of any right to recourse we had against the landlord.  And Jannie knew (from Froese’s December 6 1989 letter - Exhibit “C”) that the allocation of costs among the parties were set by a proprietary lease and not by a Master Policy.  And Jannie had the exact information that she required about the landlord’s standard cooperative multi-peril policy:

Greater NY Mutual _____________

It might please Ms Morse to know that I am also going to be performing a complete investigation of her co-worked Janice Detreville [RIP].  By the time I finish, I will know more about Detreville than she knew about herself before she died.  Every feature of Detreville’s life and moral conduct will be put under a microscope.

Ms Morse, out of the clear blue sky, deus ex machina, made up a whole series of completely incorrect accusations about my practices in arranging for the insurance:  she must now expect to be scrutinized in the same detail. Detreville’s insistence that I deliver up a document (a Master Policy) that didn’t even exist as our home was not a condominium - when Detreville knew from Froese’s own letter that we had a proprietary lease - was a crime intended to divert attention from the substance of the matter.

I had sent Jannie the cooperative apartment Multi-Peril Policy Number to Ms Mendiola way back in May 1989 - 14 months earlier.

This letter has another purpose:

In the annexed version of Jannie’s letter, she makes an undated reference to some letter of mine to which  “we” [USAA] had been slow to respond.

I can find no letter from me to anybody at USAA which connects to the subject matter and content of Jannie’s letter.

Quite frankly - I can’t imagine the form of the question(s) which might have prompted her bizarre July 25 1990 “answer”.

The fully-deposited reciprocal interinsurance contract that AIF Robert F McDermott had signed for the other 2.5 million syndicate names was the exactly correct contract for a NYC cooperative apartment.

That fully-deposited reciprocal interinsurance contract was exactly correct in terms of named peril (steam pipe explosion), limits of liability (100%), and form as to cooperative apartments.  Ms Olguin - you personally have already admitted that the form of the contract AIF McDermott supplied applied equally to a either cooperative or a condominium.  You have admitted - Ms Olguin - that Robert F McDermott and Janice Marshall (who may have been McDermott’s mistress) made ni distinction in the form used for Condos and Coops.

That admission flies in the face of criminal scumbag Theodore Schulz’ statement to me that USAA did make a clear written distinction between condos and coops in the contract form and that it was my duty to correct Robert F McDermott and Janice Marshall.  That’s bull shit:  I’m sorry!

As Jannie doubtless already knew that adjuster Froese was an unlicensed fraud by the time she wrote her own July 25 1990 letter:  her failure, as a manager, to reflexively order a new adjustment was a crime.

In any case - by the time I finish - everybody will know Jannie is a criminal.

The proper course of action for Jannie Morse is to man up.

If what she did was unlawful - I suggest she get a lawyer and do the right thing.

If in all innocence she was put up to her criminal act by Divich and Woodard:  there will be no happier person than I to stuff that information up Divich’s tight little lubricated rear end.

Very truly yours,

Robert J Koenig
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Exhibit “A”:  Morse July 25 1990 letter

Exhibit “B”:  Janice M Detreville’s February 7 1990 telegram importuning me for a copy of the Master Policy

Exhibit “C”:  Extract from Froese’s December 6 1989 letter which prominently describes Froese’s personal knowledge of the existence of a Proprietary Lease and a Multi-Peril Policy.

The USAA claims adjustment staff required two documents to process any claim for restoration of damage at 55 Liberty Street # 17C.

The Proprietary Lease had been supplied to USAA in December 1986 when we made our first deposit against the reciprocal inter-insurance contract that was supplied to us by the 2.5 million other syndicate names.

Froese’s December 6 1989 letter conclusively establishes that The USAA claims adjustment staff (criminal Divich; criminal Woodard; criminal Mendiola; criminal Detreville [RIP]; and criminal Morse) knew that the Koenig family home was a cooperative apartment with a proprietary lease.

Nb:  When criminal Detreville pretended (with fraudulent and criminal intent) to believe that I had not supplied and needed to supply a Master Policy .  .   :  I wrote criminal non-licensed adjuster Richard J Froese and asked him to send Detreville a copy of the proprietary lease.

Upon information and belief, criminal Froese did send to Detreville a copy of the proprietary lease.

Since arch-criminal and vicious Jannie Morse knew that:

  1. We had a proprietary lease.
  2. We had supplied the Multi-Peril Policy Information

it is also clear that criminals Mendiola, Divich, Woodard, Detreville, Morse, and Wilson Cooney and Charles Bishop knew with absolute precision that Koenig family duty to restore the exploded steam pipe damage to 55 Liberty Street # 17C flowed from :

Because even today, 28 years later, there seems to be a disconnect among claims service personnel at USAA about the duties of tenants in cooperative apartment buildings .  .  .  .

I attach this emphasized portion of ¶ 17 (a) of our proprietary lease:

Let’s type it out:

The Lessee [the Koenig’s] shall keep the interior of the unit  .   .   .  walls  .  . floors.  .  .   and ceilings .  .  .  in good repair .  .  .    

Ms Olguin:  is there something I am missing here?

Criminals Mendiola, Divich, Woodard, Detreville, Morse, and Wilson Cooney and Charles Bishop knew all there was to know about the duties of tenants in cooperative apartments.

Criminals Mendiola, Divich, Woodard, Detreville, Morse, and Wilson Cooney and Charles Bishop had to look no further that Robert F McDermott’s proprietary lease for Robert F McDermott Towers which contained constructively identical language:

Extract of USAA’s own proprietary lease for USAA Towers in San Antonio which contains constructively identical language to the Koenig family lease at 55 Liberty Street # 17C.

And our duty to repair was confirmed by the NYC Tenant Landlord Court in Judge Klein’s order dated July 8 1997:

and that order was served on USAA Attorney Robert F Spadaro.

In fact - Robert F Spadaro and I extensively discussed the Judge Klein’s Tenant Landlord Court order in Spadaro’s offices.

But when Judge Lebedeff asked Spadaro, directly, whether he had been served notice of the NYC Tenant Landlord Court order - he lied and told Judge Lebedeff that he was not aware of the order.

Everybody at USAA in 1989-1990 seemed to have a heightened degree of religiosity when it came to describing our home as a condo rather than a coop.

I remember being struck by the phenomenon:  the jumping up and down by criminal Janice Detreville [RIP] and Morse that we lived in a condo and thus somehow the other 2.5 million syndicate names had no duty to deliver the indemnification that criminals McDermott and Janice Marshall were withholding.

There was no discussion of the matter.  There was no engagement.

The notion that we lived in a condo and that our claim was going to be denied was clearly a foregone conclusion.

The fact of the matter is that there were very few condominiums in NYC at that time:  which remains true even today.

Increasingly, I have come to the conclusion the entire condo-cop conundrum was a variation on the standard USAA fraud of creating a pretextual argument that there is some artifactual  basis for somehow vaguely walking away from a claim in a manner which leaves the USAA member with no clear record of what happened.

[ more on this .  .  .  ]

Exhibit “D”: Extract from my May 24 1989 letter to criminal Mendiola with Multi-Peril Policy Information.

The USAA claims adjustment staff required two documents to process any claim for restoration of damage at 55 Liberty Street # 17C.


This extract from my May 24 1989 letter to criminal Mendiola proves that she had in hand the Greater New York Mutual Multi-Peril Policy Information!

The Proprietary Lease had been supplied to USAA in December 1986 when we made our first deposit against the reciprocal inter-insurance contract that was first supplied to us at that by the 2.5 million other syndicate names.

Exhibit “_”: USAA cooperative apartment ownership Policy that was in effect.  Mb:  Can criminal Morse please tell us what language or limits needed to be added to this policy.

Exhibit “_”:  USAA Magazines addressed to my USAA member children

Exhibit “_”:  locus of criminally motivated surveillance of Robert J Koenig daughter  # 2 at 3700 N Charles Street Baltimore MD 21218

Narrative:  A USAA lawyer and criminal:

James O Druker Esq

Kase & Druker

1325 Franklin Avenue

Suite 225

Garden City NY 11530



fax:  +1.516.742.9415


phoned on February 14 2008 and left a message on my answering machine requesting that I retain a lawyer and open up negotiations.  Here is a recording of that message:


My eldest daughter, against my better judgement, and at her own expense:


retained a Vermont lawyer.

Daniel P Richardson Esq


Tarrant, Gillies, Merriman & Richardson

44 E State Street

Montpelier VT 05602

+1.802.223.1112 ext 105


Elizabeth retained a Vermont lawyer as she [Elizabeth] was in Vermont.  If she had been in Alaska - she’d have probably retained an Alaskan lawyer.  Elizabeth retained a lawyer as apparently cocksucker James O Druker is simply incapable of having a civilised fucking conversaion unless it is with a lawyer. It was her judgement that USAA lawyer Druker’s invitation to negotiate could and should be taken on its face.   My conclusion based on my earlier experience with cocksucker Druker was that he was mesmerized by the huge fees being paid to him out of funds belonging to the syndicate names.

Cocksucker Druker and his butch whore daughter Paula were criminal defense specialists and worked just downstairs from and directly beneath:

Neil Leslie Kanzer Esq
Office of General Counsel
United Services Automobile Association
1325 Franklin Avenue Ste 340
Garden City NY 11530

Neil Leslie Kanzer Esq
75 Franklin Street  
Amityville NY 11701

John Robert Seybert Esq
Office of General Counsel
United Services Automobile Association
1325 Franklin Avenue Suite 320
Garden City NY 11530

John Robert Seybert Esq
59 Watchogue Avenue Unit 23
East Moriches  NY 11940
who was also the husband of

The Honorable Joanna M Seybert
District Judge
US District Court
Eastern District of New York
100 Federal Plaza
Central Islip NY 11722

who was hearing:


Richardson, the lawyer Elizabeth retained, was incompetent and a pussy: and turned out to be a USAA member (Mrs Richardson’s parents were USAA syndicate names).

In his defense, Richardson is not the first lawyer to discover by complete surprise that the syndicate managers at USAA are criminals.  

So Daniel P Richardson, for his $2,000, phoned criminal Druker - the USAA lawyer - who was orchestrating what we soon learned was a deceptive offer to negotiate.

Once Richardson had been retained by my daughter - in essence to represent her interests in the matter -  criminal cocksucker James O Druker’s criminal plot unfolded.

Behind the scenes and without any notice, a 2nd USAA lawyer  a Vermont lawyer:

Samuel J Hoar Jr Esq

Dinse, Knapp & McAndrew, P.C.

POB 988

209 Battery Street

Burlington VT 05402-0988


+1.802.864.5751 (o-direct)    

fax: +1.802.862.6409



an arch-criminal (who should have known better), commenced a legal action in front of a criminally incompetent Vermont so-called judge.

Hon M Patricia Zimmerman
Supreme Court for Washington County

aka Patricia M Zimmerman
Patricia M Zimmerman Esq

23 Westin Street # 111

Randolph VT 05060-1210

+1.802.728.4684 (not good)

Now - here is why Judge Pat Zimmerman should go to jail with criminal Sam Hoar right behind.

There were several fatal problems with asshole Hoar’s maneuvering:

  1. Judge M Patricia Zimmerman could clearly see that the named party in cocksucker Hoar’s paperwork seeing to jail me in Vermont was:

United Services Automobile Association; NAIC # 25941; FEIN 74-0959140; TDI Company Number 14-86800; Current TDI Certificate of Authority  [CofA]  # 14585 granted on April 2 2008.

  1. United Services Automobile Association is an unincorporated syndicate.
  2. Put more specifically - United Services Automobile Association is an insurance syndicate organized as an unincorporated reciprocal inter-insurance exchange.
  3. All syndicates may not make appearances as a party to a legal action.

What?  But where does the law say that?

  1. We are informed by:

Roby v Lloyd's; 996 F.2d 1353, 61 USLW 2796, Fed. Sec. L. Rep. P 97,458, RICO Bus.Disp.Guide 8307, 1993 U.S. App. LEXIS 13089

that insurance syndicates may neither sue nor be sued.

So what the fuck was cocksucke Hoar doing in a Vermont Courtroom climbing under Judge Zimmerman’s robes (or whatever) and pleasuring her to the extent she (this so-called Judge) was ready and willing to overlook the tautological truth which was that USAA may not make appearances:  period.

  1. So that raises these questions:
  1. Why does USAA apparently make appearances in thousands of courts across the country?
  2. Who was/were the real party(ies) in interest in Hoar’s petty little dick-sucking vexation?
  3. Why weren’t the real parties in interest there in Vermont Judge M Patricia Zimmerman’s courtroom?
  4. Why did cocksucker Hoar deliberately deceive Vermont Judge M Patricia Zimmerman as to the identity(ies) of the true parties?
  5. And speaking substantially to the substance of the putative controversy: what was it exactly that cocksucker Hoar’s real clients wanted?
  6. And why the fuck was Hoar stripping down and projecting his swollen Dartmouth College penis towards Zimmerman, a Vermont judge, in the first place.  What did Vermont have to do with it?  Put another way, what the “it” have to do with Vermont.
  1. In the order asked - roughly:
  1. The only parties at the insurance syndicate [2]  which operates at 9800 Fredericksburg Road in San Antonio TX who can make appearances are the individual syndicate names and the syndicate manager.
  2. There are also a number of other parties, all natural persons, who work at 9800 Fredericksburg Road in San Antonio TX.  They too may present as real parties in interest in any court of proper jurisdiction - State or Federal - subject to the appropriate rules.
  3. Had so-called Judge Patricia Zimmerman cogitated on the matter for about 2 seconds, even with her third rate law school degree, she’d have quickly seen that cocksucker Hoar was misleading her.
  4. Hoar was parading around asking third-rate Judge Zimmerman to infer that this Koenig guy had somehow done the 2.5 million syndicate names, as a class, some terrible injustice:  and needed to be jailed.
  5. After all, The Jüdischer Ordnungsdienst (or Jüdische Ghetto-Polizei) James O Druker had pulled the exact same stunt with a corrupt New York State Supreme Courty Judge - Robert Roberto.  We are informed by the New York Times that NYS Supreme Court Judge Robert Roberto sleeps with teenage prostitutes.
  6. Jüdischer Ordnungsdienst Druker got NYS Judge Roberto to lock me up for 7 days:  and only after extorting $25,000 from my children was I released.  And just has Hoar was wanting to do - Jüdischer Ordnungsdienst Druker criminally cited the 2.5 million USAA subscribing members, whose severally liable deposits are USAA’s only surplus,  as the real parties in interest.
  7. Perhaps so-called Judge Zimmerman can now see that just as Dorothy Parker remarked to her close friend Alexander Wolcott on exit from a very gaudy and bad theater/musical production:

There’s less here than meets the eye

  1. Not one of the 2.5 million syndicate names at USAA was in so-called Judge Partricia Zimmeman’s court room when cocksucker Hoar pranced before her.
  2. If we take a look at each and every single one of the actions involving the insurance syndicate USAA across the country since the 1922 founding:   in every single case there has been interests of one particular syndicate name at stake.
  3. I believe that courts across the country commit a grave mistake when they permit USAA [3] to make an appearance as it invites an inference that USAA is a corporation - which it is not.
  4. We have here an instance of not terribly bright not not necessarily corrupt Vermont Judger falling into the trap.
  5. Had criminal Hoar named just one USAA syndicate name - it might have been kosher.
  6. But cocksucker Hoar couldn’t name a syndicaate name because there was no syndicate name with a grievance - real or imagined.
  7. The real parties in interest, fuckface Hoars real clients, were the syndicate manager and his slithering staff.
  8. These were the real parties in interest:

John H Moellering

Robert G Davis

Stephan A Bennett

Laura Ann Mahan Bishop

et al.

  1. And what did these real parties in interest want?
  2. They wanted to bankrupt me and to stop me from talking about the fact that United Services Automobile Association is not incorporated.
  3. If there was something else that coc ksucker Druker and his quasi-modo scumbag Vermont alter ego wished to have for their true clients - then let tHem tell the court what that is.

The venue of the Baltimore thugism was this:

<iframe src="https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vRE630Bonk5X_E-db3VEiYSI77vPZT2O8lxVCR25PtRwh5xN1sp9xRor2cu7Gabe3V5E3pTjv3naQP2/pub?embedded=true"></iframe>




[1] The insurance syndicate is not a party to any dispute.  The parties are all individuals who are associated with the syndicate manager.  All the tests of diversity for a Federal Jurisdiction for a interpretation of the TX,NY, and VT stales statutes and codes that apply are met.  Federal Rules also supply a level playing field.  When the extremely friendly judges of the Bexar County District Court  jailed me - there was no level playing field.  In fact - everything that cocksucker lawyers Newman and O’Donnell wanted to do before the USAA-friendly Bexar County District Court required a 3,000 mile flight on 2-days notice.

[2] United Services Automobile Association; NAIC # 25941; FEIN  74-0959140; TDI Company Number 14-86800; Current TDI Certificate of Authority  [CofA]  # 14585 granted on April 2 2008.

Unlawfully commenced inter-insuring by receipt of a syndicate name's deposit against a reciprocal contract on either June 20 or June 22 1922. First one year license (expired February 28 1926) to commence inter-insuring by reciprocal contract granted on or slightly before March 23 1925 (two and nine years after USAA's unlawful 1922 "receipt of a first deposit from a "syndicate name".

[3] United Services Automobile Association; NAIC # 25941; FEIN  74-0959140; TDI Company Number 14-86800; Current TDI Certificate of Authority  [CofA]  # 14585 granted on April 2 2008.

Unlawfully commenced inter-insuring by receipt of a syndicate name's deposit against a reciprocal contract on either June 20 or June 22 1922. First one year license (expired February 28 1926) to commence inter-insuring by reciprocal contract granted on or slightly before March 23 1925 (two and nine years after USAA's unlawful 1922 "receipt of a first deposit from a "syndicate name".