Light Coin Sate Paper

Rebuilding the Hebrew House of Israel a Jew State:

Abstract        2

Institutional racism - Systemic Racism - Institutionalized oppression        2

The Major Elements of our Blockchain        3

Digital Assets + Digital Identity + Smart Contract        3

Network Building        3

How the Product Solves the Problem        4

The Chain Reaction        5

Governance & Compliance        5

Legal and Etymological Context        6

We The People        7

Conclusion        8

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The development of our infrastructure as a service enables teams that span the world to coop together as if we were a unit. Having one open team throughout the world allows us to keep a quick pace on par with the speed of change. Our systems governance will be designed to move as a democracy but use media as a knowledge to keep the direction on pace. To unite using IO would push black Excellency departing from separation. The blockchain is omnipresent energy that will have layered algorithms that can sense attack then direct resources to dissipate attacks. Enabling all the elements of the cyber battlespace, we will have domain of all energy. The system build on open sources coop foundations has no head to cut off and impervious to destructive red activity.        9

Bitcoin Is Money        11

Blockchain manafest        15

Defensive Cyber Operations        15


Institutional racism - Systemic Racism - Institutionalized oppression

"We need some African power, some great center of the race where our physical, pecuniary and intellectual strength may be collected" (Blyden, 2012). With the right resources, the lost sons, and daughters of Israel (Jews and Hebrews) can become a fisher of men we were told to be, delivering our brothers and sisters out of damnation. Self-sustainability of our state is imperative, other nations have been masters of deception and scientist of systemic supremacy. If it's systematic oppression that continually mutes our progress then its systematic change that will deliver us out. With grassroots efforts, we make short term progress but with united infrastructure backing our grassroots efforts we now have cooperation. Cooperation in blockchain technology can afford us resources of large corporations. The Problem: If it is institutionalized system that limits and or stop the African Nation States and African Americans from reaching their targeted goals, then it is imperative that we design a solution that will allow us to level the playing field. A solution must be designed that is tamper proof and fully transparent. Such system is necessary with the rampant corruption and payoffs in the Black and African leadership roles.

Light Coin is a Sovereign First Nations' infrastructure project that utilizes blockchain technology to build the Body Politic Infrastructure for Indigenous Peoples. This indigenous people blockchain's goal is to rebuild a cooperative economic system that is based on a P2P (Peer-to-peer) ecosystem. Blockchain technology is the foundation that would allow us to reestablish our economic resources. If we sow seeds in an Israel backed blockchain it would act as a faithful servant bringing forth stability for our future. As we begin to form our nation’s infrastructure, the inherent economic significance in using blockchain technology will be clear. There is a myriad of applications that we will be secured by our infrastructure including but not limited to, financial banking systems, web application, voting systems, teaching systems, P2P encrypted communication, and web markets.

Having direct,decentralized, and secure communications to each other streamlines operations with a more efficient and secure way of communicating. First and most importantly, it is the solution to our people not having the infrastructure we need in order to rebuild our economy. Two, the underlying blockchain technology allows our people to establish the first headless movement. Just imagine where we would be if we had no head to take down during all our movements throughout the years. No single source that the government would use to take out the movement. The big bankers wouldn't be able to pay off people to corrupt it. Google, Youtube, and Facebook wouldn't be able to mute it. This system wouldn't belong to any country or land mass, just Hebrews.

The development of our infrastructure as a service enables teams that span the world to cooperate as if we were one unit. Having one open team throughout the world allows us to keep a quick pace on par with the speed of change. Our systems governance will be designed to operate based on Torah and Spiritual Law. The blockchain is omnipresent energy that will have layered algorithms that can sense attack then direct resources to dissipate attacks. Enabling all the elements of the cyber battlespace, we will have domain of the physical energy of our unity. This is the beginning of the value of blockchain in our solutions on saving the lost heeboes from the future. Structuring a system!

The Major Elements of our Blockchain

Digital Assets + Digital Identity + Smart Contract

Our Blockchain’s coin, Light Coin, will represent a unit of account, a store of value and a medium of contractual exchange. We will begin by designing and having protocols that can directly support the four things needed for an ecosystem; Banks, Schools, Medical Practice, and Supermarkets.

The Light Coin coding introduces a new smart/coded architecture designed to enable baseline infrastructure of the beginning of a African and Pan-African decentralized nation. "This is achieved by creating an operating system-like construct upon which applications can be built. The software provides accounts, authentication, databases, asynchronous communication and the scheduling of applications across hundreds of CPU cores or clusters. The resulting technology is a blockchain architecture that scales to millions of transactions per second, eliminates user fees, and allows for quick and easy deployment of decentralized applications".

Network Building

        Interop Service | DevPack - Provide analysis ground for understanding malware/s TTPs.
Our blockchain will need to have the capability to run JavaScript, Node.js web assembly and python. The VM environment will bring in all the advantages of a virtual machine along with the flexibility of coding languages. Virtual Machine is a light weight general purpose VM whose architecture closely resembles JVM and .net runtime. It executes instructions in the contact in sequence, logic operation and so on.

Defensive Cyber Operations

        Many of the other blockchains seek to replace or disrupt an existing industry that either does not have the use case for the technology or the technology isn't ready for the task. As of now we also know that are speculation and gaming currently the the use cases that are pushing the growth forward. contracts, digital ownership gaming

How the Product Solves the Problem

{{{Provided evidence on how the product solves the problem, and why it is the best solution available, while we address unsolved questions and unstudied problems surrounding underrepresented communities.Marginalized racism Topics to discuss in institutions and society: Wealth Gap, Employment, Housing Discrimination, Government Surveillance, Incarceration, Drug Arrests, Immigration Arrests, Infant Mortality… yes, systemic racism is really a thing. Voter Suppression}}}.....Also add the history of Blockchain to get a better understanding

Blockchain technology first started over ten years ago when it began to powering bitcoin which of many virtual currencies now exist, some say it is the most significant advancement in enterprise database technology in a decade. Blockchain has proven to be a more secure and reliable tool, that can transact business without a trusted third-party being available. This kids of technology allow people to conduct transactions more abruptly, and less exposure to errors and risks. Applications can be built on the blockchain that would help to speed up the processing of digital assets, and it can be used for trade settlements. The Blockchain systems currently in production have already begun to disrupt practices like usernames and passwords security, storing verified data, and secured online voting, digital asset transfers and more systems.

The thing about blockchain, is not technology, but that it effectively incentivized the coded self-sustain decentralization. Even being able to build an army to fight back against the institutions of worldly republics would be nearly impossible because we don’t have established infrastructure and resources. An Army to fight would need unity and coordination, communication and leadership with a common goal among people. This goal should be to regain our missing 2/5 status Postliminium. We need to unite on becoming our own peoples internationally again, defined by state with a divine creed. In propria persona Sui Juris, we must formalize the dejure, ‘Proper Person’ and ‘national’ Civic and political organization that will function as Postliminium. Coded and defined correctly this project would be our vessel to navigate this maritime environment that we find ourselves in today. The working C2 system would guide and enable the missions of our state with the promise of our forefathers.
When we look at the table of metals all but one of the metals have a use case and Gold is just value because we said it is.

        A great question being asked is, “How the application of the product solves the problem?” and we hope that everyone asks the question so that we can create the best solutions possible for this task. As we begin the rebuilding the House of Israel, we maintain a secure infrastructure as a state. It is vital that we have the right systems in place to catch the slack as we invalidate all illegitimate acts that occupants have performed on the land of Hebrews and return to their original status (Postliminium Law). The advent of smart contract technologies are have changed the playing field for underrepresented people. We have materialized the systems that are capable of releasing Hebrews from systemic bondage. It is certain that a modern day civil war on an international scale will cost greatly in court system fees and campaign costs. As we need money and funding for development endeavours, sustained security, deliver knowledge and provide for missions our state resources will uphold us. Therefore participants on the public blockchain network have access to their own data and transactions on the network due to the method of storing data. The agreement is completed through the process of consensus; eliminating duplicate entries and every stage within the network have to be able to agree on the latest transactions. Programmers use blockchain to create smart contract systems that have predetermined rules or sets of inputs, and enforcing permissions. Blockchain are protected by every computer that smart contracts are powered by. (Case study here)

The Chain Reaction

Let’s just take a minute to follow this oppression, we don’t have jobs because don’t have business community owned businesses, we don’t have the capability to build business because we don’t have money, we don’t have money because we don’t have banks to lend it to us, we don’t have banks because we don’t trust our race to manage our own resources.  Unless we build resource infrastructure for ourselves we are going to continue to get what we have been getting and that is Nothing. We need to rebuild our kingdom by pooling the resources that we have obtained all across our territories until we have a system that is immune to compromise and supported by the majority of our people so that It can't be holocaust as Black Wall Street was.

Governance & Compliance

        They are incentivised for completing small tasks within the community via community tokens that can be traded for money or resources. The larger you grow within the community will allow you greater access to resources and more can be donated to you for milestones or kind acts. Light Coin “freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development” This coin will be offered under the jurisdiction of Indigenous nations. The coins initial offering is not a forward-looking investment package but sold as a utility that will drive the decentralized system of Indigenous nations. We will use this system as a bridge between tribes and a collective contractual instrument. Building the legal around and into the each element of the system is imperative. We will include the dynamic of international and Moorish law with the spiritual law of our ancestors. Always the most important direction is building the shield that defends against the sword of the other nations. Our contracts will be observed as a global asset while using our underlying asset ‘vessel’ fill fuel transactions. We will use the X.509 digital identify that is the widest used digital cert model when trying to ID your user for multi factor methods. The developers will create the dAPPs that interact with the VM with the available memory space. These dAPPs will run all the software and system needed to rebuild our house. Our new nation state will fall under the law of Torah as our body politic. The Jones act regulates maritime commerce in USA waters. A Vessel = a ship, brig, sloop, or other craft used in navigation. Any structure made to float on water for the purpose of WAR of commerce. Moorish vessels belong to either party shall pass free and unmolested according to treating of peach and friendship. Moor also meaning birth or to fix in place with line or anchors.

Legal and Etymological Context

Looking at cooperative economics we need to have increased understanding of the Legal doctrine that comes along with the state we are trying to create. We can better understand what needs to be built if we dive deeper into pecuniary and intellectual strength; so let's begin with the below Legal and Etymological definitions:

These words when put together correctly spell change for our people and our community. At the highest levels of our government, we were given the tools to both understand our nationality and proclaim our State. With the delivery of President Obama's right of indigenous persons to the Americas and the cooperative efforts of his Chief of Staff Rahm Israel Emanuel, it was expressed that we are indeed a Sovereign people. That with the aforementioned we can conclude that we (the 12 Tribes) are a Nation State that has been systematically oppressed so that we would forget this fact. The 12 tribes consists of……..

With Obama's “Crowdfunding” law, it possible for entrepreneurs across the country to raise small-dollar investments from citizens. This act makes it possible for us to establish cooperative economics. With the distributed nature of Blockchain technology, we can share resources and money in our community to secure the future of the next generation. Co-op technology like Blockchain makes it possible to fight institutional inequality. On May 16th, 2016 Title III, the regulation crowdfunding act went into effect allowing P2P styled investing and socially fund projects.

We The People

Where does the cooperation fit in? Where do the people and team begin? To clearly define objective we must have conceptual and applicable understanding of our problems. Only then will each person of our race define and understand where they fit into the picture. We will make a hard pressed effort to take back our heritage and dependability. Structuring against that swords of other nations. Provide operational mobility of forces using infrastructure (protocols) to navigate terrain. Build proper material and sources of strength + security is the provision and maintenance of an operation environment to achieve sync cooperation, incorporation of team work and sharing of Intel + command and control capability, maneuvered correctly. The problem that the blockchain solves a political one.  Free market trade by using the concept of economic abstraction and all owning transactions between altcoins without the need to first become stable coin. The engineers of our state coin need to understand and see network and its components to defend it we must understand the chain at a root level. This blockchain project is seeking to build the foundation in which Hebrew can gain wealth and assets through the face of the earth, in all nations we find out self in today. Until we unify as a racial group we are powerless, improvised and increasingly unable to compete with the other racial groups. With this distributions computing system combined with peer to peer trading system we can structure cooperation to our sole advantage. In getting to this point I had to examine the strategies and techniques that were used to place us in our current situation. This is the specially created system to reverse the systemic issue. It is indispensable for us to have secure ways to pool our intellectual resources to create a nation plan with explicit governance, policies and strategies for our own economic gain.


Most other blockchains are trying to “democratize” existing infrastructure. Our state coin aims to build systems and infrastructure because there isn't one currently and what little resources we do have needs to become interoperable. This blockchain must become the unified digital asset of the African United Nations distributed for security and longevity. We will know that we succeeded when there are enough black developers to maintain effective infrastructure to facilitate cooperation of every Hebrew’s resources. Let's now all become Visionaries that are aware of their surroundings and live in a world of clear, verifiable facts and law.


Build System/software set that can defend bitcoin smart contracts and minority innovation labs from the tyranny of our enemy.


To do this we must have a defensive posture that is deployed on location at our clients Host and Routing devices. That has a sort of AI signature based system programmed with defense of systems.


Federal means contract.

The Israel Unite blockchain industry is cooped data exercise with infrastructure to inter corporate peer to peer exchange with digital series, content distribution, communication and asset holdings.

The critical practice areas will construct meaningful instruments in code theses will be know as bonds vs tokens.

We will coop to develop, analyze and compute solutions pertinent to our issues.

The development of our infrastructure as a service enables teams that span the world to coop together as if we were a unit. Having one open team throughout the world allows us to keep a quick pace on par with the speed of change. Our systems governance will be designed to move as a democracy but use media as a knowledge to keep the direction on pace. To unite using IO would push black Excellency departing from separation. The blockchain is omnipresent energy that will have layered algorithms that can sense attack then direct resources to dissipate attacks. Enabling all the elements of the cyber battlespace, we will have domain of all energy. The system build on open sources coop foundations has no head to cut off and impervious to destructive red activity.







Many people forget about the Arab Slave Trade that also scattered the true biblical Hebrews around the world as well. This Slave trade lasted longer than the Atlantic Slave Trade and just as brutal. Nothing under Heaven has been done like was has been done to Jerusalem(Daniel 9:12).Black people in America and around the world who are descended from the Transatlantic Slave Trade you are The Tribe of Judah the true biblical Hebrews


Every nation who dealt treacherously with the Nation of Israel received a fierce judgment from THE MOST HIGH so why do you think America and all the other nations of the world who stole and sold the Hebrews will not. Matter of fact just take a look at all these insane natural disasters going on all the world and you will see that the judgment of the nations have already started. You still have a chance to repent and do right take heed cause time is quickly running out. Black people in America and around the world who are descended from the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade you are The Tribe of Judah the true biblical Hebrews.



We have always been told Anti Semitic means to be Anti Jewish. But as you see here the real Anti Semitic means Anti-Black. Notice it also says Hebrew is Afro-Asiatic add that to what we already know about the Bible and slave trade then you’ll understand the truth. Black people in America and around the world who are descended from the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade you are The Tribe of Judah the true biblical Hebrews.


his was the British flag of Nigeria with the Star of David that has become a symbol for Jews. Now why would the British put this symbol on a map for the Igbo Tribe of the Jews are white?

One nation split and divided throughout the years. Now it is the time to unite.

We must begin be thing to see our particular dogmas and conjecture for exactly what they are, dogma and conjecture. Let us try to leave this behind so we can come to understanding. Hebrews/Israelites/Jews is the nation of a persecuted minority for the better part of many centuries. We have had countless name changes and splits in our heritage story in order for us to be seperated and there for a weaker enemy. It is clear from the bible’s historical reference all Israelites (as called today Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, Moors, Dominicans, etc) are all many tribes descended from one nation of Israel, that then spit down into separate nation's over time because of being cast out of our home land. Some during this time landed in what we now call the America content and some ended up in Europe and Arabia as Moors (Moabites) displacement throughout the Earth. But just as your family has different last names as you multiply and marry we still are part of them same bloodline descended from our foreFathers and mothers. All roads lead to the same grandfather for the nation of Israelites.
Our nationality has been lost Threw-out many centuries of slavery. In order to cope we have adopted new names and cultures for ourselves. This is important, however, we need to regain control of our real nationality. Because our real nationality has claim to Yah’s promise and an legal inheritance.
Today I hope to clear up the false image the many of us have been given. All that we know today has been from the study and the footwork that the Moors of history taught to the Europeans. In order to find out who the Moors are we have to go back in time and correct the lies of the European American history books. We are going to prove where what Moorish Science is and then prove how we made it to the land today known as America.
Some bible believers have created the idea of the 10 lost tribes, suggesting that some tribes are lost while the Jews are not and this is also part of the false teaching. This argument is eilsy made clear in the bible because the Jews, Egyptians and Ethiopians were impossible to tell apart. This means the ALL looked as if our Lord did, with hair of wool, skin of bronze, and feet that looked as if was burned in a fire. This mean that it is IMPOSSIBLE for a true Jew to be so called white man(Edomite) or Arab (Ishmaelite). This information IS NOT true Jews and never will be Israelites. Esau role in this world is to be a Gentile and nothing more. As stated in Romans 9:9–13, Part 1 Jacob I Loved, But Esau I Hated. This chapters explains that Esau was of the flesh but Jacob was of the promise.
We have been a part of history long before 1492, 1776 or 1863, so we reserve our rights and claims to any Treaties which our forefathers made with the governing body known as the Union Societies of America, and/or their predecessors of the year 1787.

When we start to look to Islam's prophet Muhammad, using historical facts we see that he was not a prophet he was a politician. It was clear that muhammad either spoke to Jews about their religion, history and Elders. Being that Muhammad was not able to read and write you can see how he messed borrowed this information for the Koran, then mixed the Jews doctrine with Arab (Persian) tradition to help with acceptance. These were a people who had perfected state craft for mean of years. In this religion it is doubtful that church and state could even separate as explained in the articel by:
The concurring areas of North, West and Central Africa by Arab Muslims begin to see how slave trade you find how Mali and Benin tribes became muslims. The Dogon Tribe from Mali with several groups of diverse origin who migrated to the Americas to escape Islamization. These tribals when met by Europeans were known as Moors aka Blackamoor. Other tribes know to have been in the Americas are commonly called the Meso-America. IdrisIds who were the ruling dynasty of morocco and mauritania. Some were led by King Mansa Musa around 1727. You can find more information about this topic at
With the above information we being to see how our History was told backwards. The truth is “Blacks” were migrated as a superpower from the Americas, North, West and Central Africa to Europe (Spain) to rule their nations and bring them from the stone age. Then after teaching then Europeans to much information they were cast out of Spain to Africa to then be taken back to America to begin the African holocaust.
Treaties are important because the constitution says that they are the law of the land. To confirm this we refer to the quote “thus an act was passed in Massachusetts on 6th of March, 1788, forbidding any Negro not a subject of the emperor of Morocco, or a citizen of the United States, form tarrying in the the Commonwealth.” This basically meant that everyone that knew the Moors were freemen and enjoyed the same rights as Citizens without having to actually become a citizen.
One must understand the significance of an international (inter-nation-al meaning in between nations) that a treaty and constitution are aboved any other laws within a nation.

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Bitcoin Is Money

The people need to have the right to coin money.  Aiding free market trade. Ex post factor laws

The constitution says that all treaties are law of the land are binding agreements with all states.

Shipping belongs to the board of trade.


A careful examination of the Internal Currency Review will reveal that former President George H.W. Bush holds "dual citizenship" with Germany, as he is the reputed "head" of the Deutsche Verteidigungs

Dienst, the Dachau DVD, or the Abwehr (underground S.S.). Satellite photos confirm that Bush attended a "secret" meeting of the organization, over which he presides, since taking over its leadership from Dr. Henry Kissinger. Kissinger replaced the DVD founder, Admiral Canaris, who became ill in 1976. Canaris reestablished the DVD in Oklahoma City under the name, Samuel Randall Pittman after World War II. The DVD records were stored in the Murrah Federal Building, which was subsequently destroyed in the infamous bombing by "Timothy McVeigh." CNN also assisted in the coverup of that event, although they "accidentally" transmitted pictures of an "unexploded, stacked bomb" which was visible in the portion of the building that was left standing.


Among the many documents that have mysteriously surfaced on the Internet—documents that support Wanta’s claims—are a series of bank transfer records known as the "Vreeland Faxes." Delmart Edward "Mike" Vreeland, an ONI agent, posted copies of Wanta’s records on the Web which detail multi-billion dollar transactions, account numbers, and recipient information. Of interest to many were the names of the  "shell" corporations. "The Francis X. Driscoll Trust" was purportedly a joint account between George H.W. Bush and the Queen of England.


"Pilgrim Investments" was found to have ties, among others, to Hutchison-Whampoa Ltd., the global shipping company owned by Li Ka-Shing, a Chinese billionaire and real estate tycoon. Hutchison Port

Holdings (HPH) is a subsidiary that controls ports around the world and has the exclusive rights to control the Panama Canal. Though the arrangement appeared to make no sense at all to most Americans, with the information above, we can now understand!   why the current administration (BHO) attempted to give the "port inspection" contract to Hutchison-Whampoa in the Bahamas in 2006, under the pretext of "inspecting cargo for nuclear devices."


Though the media reported the Ports Dubai scandal, they failed to accurately describe the attempt to "hand over" American ports to a company from the Middle East. Despite the news that "six" ports were to be handed over to the company, 22 to 29 ports along the East Coast and the Gulf of Mexico would have been a more accurate analysis of the plan.


According to Leo Wanta, on November 1, 2001, U.S. agents secretly met in Manila, Philippines with a "lieutenant" of Osama Bin Laden, Datu Ben Abu. Wanta detailed the identity of participants of the meeting, which was reminiscent to the above-referenced Hilton Hotel meeting in 1986. In a handwritten letter to Vice-President Richard Cheney, Wanta described "Red Mercury, Stinger II missiles and boxes of cash (weapons)."


Also present at the clandestine meeting were a "Dr. Navarro" and a "Madame Teleki (Eva Teleki)." Despite Wanta’s incarceration, it appeared that his expertise was still considered valuable to the perpetrators of 9/11. Cheney forwarded the letter to the head of the NSA, Condoleeza Rice, and then on to the president. Despite the rhetoric we heard leading up to the invasion of Iraq, it was apparent our government was willing to assist those who were later blamed for the WTC/Pentagon attacks — al-Queda. Of course, the media failed to report and investigate this important story as well.



 His Eminence Timothy Cardinal Dolan,


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE for use with your most excellent management skills, that the urgent matter of the above Subject, for what it is worth in both the temporal and spiritual worlds, involves the undersigned beneficiary agent listed by the FEC as Presidential Candidate ID No.: P60007010 ™CHRISTOPHER EARL STRUNK©. The undersigned wishes to employ His Eminence's wisdom to either repeal or amend the Emergency Banking Relief Act of March 9, 1933 (EBRA) that brought the purpose of the Trading with the Enemy Act of October 6, 1917 (TWEA)  inland to treat every private American Citizen as an enemy by use of the Banking system, as if each Private American Citizen were a German citizen during World War I, and with repeal or amendment of the language moves the inland provision back outside our border to return the REPUBLIC to We the People who are only those “Pre-1933” Private National Citizens of the United States of America…Versus...The EMPIRE of 12 USC 95 with 50 USC App. 5(b) under the Executive Order 2040 time of war or emergency underlying the demise of the nation.


            America has the largest Jewish / Bible believing/ globally diverse population in the world and is a unique open nation crowned with the largest liberal Roman Catholic assembly on earth; a jewel unequalled by any nation. However, Your Eminence's American goose that laid the golden egg is now at risk under the Jesuit's open but false and secret but true policy using the Jesuit BND's Barry Soetoro usurper facilitation of mayhem and theft of the private trusts when combined with the Exchange Stabilization Fund by the promotion of the false notion that somehow the Dollar is fiat currency not backed by actual collateral as a self fulfilling prophesy used to facilitate the theft; and from now forward, will lead to the final gutting of our nation to conform with the Syllabus of Errors of 1864 that attacks individual freedom of conscious / free speech (liberalism).  As Blaise Pascal had previously expressed resolute dismay, we fear that because the amoral Jesuit's end that justifies the means,  the American  liberal Roman Catholic priesthood hierarchy is to be liquidated at the hands of the 9 March 1933 temporary Military Government of ultramontane fascism versus that of American civil liberal constitutional democracy now threatened with imminent irreparable existential harm under the Jesuit's Jacobin provision of the time of continuous emergency(s) uses 12 USC 95  with 50 USC Appendix 5(b) for Executive Orders 2039 and 2040 - from which undersigned seeks relief in the meritorious complaint in the Southern District of New York (see Exhibit 1),.


            Undersigned has been self employed since 1992, and recently became the city of New York representative for my ten year friend former US House Representative Robert Kenneth ("Bob" "B-1 Bob") Dornan now lending advice to Donald John Trump, and am the literary agent for my British friend Michael Shrimpton,  author of  SPYHUNTER: The Secret History of German Intelligence, with  foreword by my fellow New Yorker Dr. Robert E. Kaplan PhD. author of  The Soros Connection: George Soros - An Agent for Germany in its Third Attempt to Rule the World? All of my friends bring their rare expertise to assist me and my associate Eric Jon Phelps whose dire warning is attached herewith at Exhibit 2; and as such in service of my clients with no other place in the world to go to, we are intent on blockading the road to nuclear annihilation and to expose the 82 year old trade secret in use with 12 USC 95 with 50 USC App. 5(b) under the Executive Order 2040. Mr. Phelps in his memorandum to me, shown as Exhibit 2, rhetorically poses questions for His Eminence's consideration, quote:


QUESTION 1: Could this persecution of liberal Roman Catholic priests, or all Roman priests for that matter, transpire here in the United States?


The answer is “Yes” and it has already begun in earnest.


For the last twenty years, sexual scandals involving hundreds of priests have dominated the press—the press ruled by the Jesuits via their Council on Foreign Relations.  A general disgust and indignant attitude among the American people has now been ingrained into their minds thereby providing the mental basis for supporting a “savior” to rescue the day, to pacify the masses by imposing mass-roundups and incarceration of priests within the many hundreds of concentration camps in place across the nation.


QUESTION 2: What shall be the trigger to this calculated holocaust of “liberal”


Roman priests and “liberal” Roman Catholics within the militaristic American Empire built by the Jesuits since FDR’s coup d’etat—Proclamation 2040—decreed on March 9, 1933?


We believe the answer will involve a financial cataclysm directly traceable to powerful Roman Catholic bishops of New York City, Washington, D.C., and Chicago, to also include certain of the Order’s Masonic Jewish cohorts.  The situation will be created via Jesuit intrigue to include the betrayal of an American Roman Hierarchy condemned by the Order for its “liberalism.”  That financial collapse may well involve the millions of “enemy” private trust accounts serving as the very foundation for the present national banking system directed by the Secretary of the Treasury aided by the Federal Reserve Board.


QUESTION 3: What if there was a banking holiday imposed across the nation as a result of the crash of the stock market and currency?


QUESTION 4: What if that crash is traced to the loss of these private trust funds which accounts are controlled by the Treasury, the banks of Wall Street holding the funds pursuant to FDR’s Proclamation 2039 of March 6, 1933?


QUESTION 5: What if this colossal movement of monies was made to the banks of China, providing more assets to build the communist alliance of Far Eastern nations headed by the Jesuits ruling Beijing?


            As such, I humbly seek to assist His Eminence to save the nation from the oblivion of total global ultramontane socialist policy being imposed on everyone; a policy twisted with use of false cabalistic freemasonic forms of social control devised in Espinoza's Spain and now combined with 19th Century Fabian socialism crafted from Luigi Tapparelli's Social Justice doctrine whose tool Karl Marx is that of Father Beckx in perpetuity for our destruction and with it the liberal American Catholic Church. Undersigned beseeches His Eminence when meeting with the Trustee for the Global Trust to consider the Subject matter shown in Exhibit along with my associate's Petition under Canon 1501 et seq. regarding a matter that only the Supreme Pontiff has the power to adjudicate under Canon 1405§1(1)&(2).