Mr. New England Rubber Contest

 Rules and Regulations

Mr. New England Rubber Contest

Rules and Regulations

Scheduling of Event

Contestant Eligibility

TItleholder Expectations

Structure and Scoring of Contest


  1. Scheduling of Event

  1. The Mr. New England Rubber Contest Weekend shall take place in the spring of the title year, preferably in April on a weekend chosen to avoid Easter.  The Contest shall take place on the Saturday of the chosen weekend.
  1. Contestant Eligibility

  1. Contestants must be at least 21 years of age by the contest weekend.
  2. Contestants must reside in one of the six New England states: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island.
  3. Contestants must self-identify as male.
  4. Contestants must intend in good faith to fulfill the Titleholder Expectations should they win the contest.
  5. Contestants must be available for all required events during the Mr. New England Rubber Contest Weekend.
  6. Contestants must own any gear worn during the contest portions of the weekend.
  1. Titleholder Expectations

  1. The winner of Mr. New England Rubber shall compete at the Mr. International Rubber competition in Chicago during the autumn of their title year.  The New England Rubber Men (NERM) club will provide for travel and accommodations in order to make this possible.
  2. The winner of MNER is also expected to:
  1. Judge and co-produce the following year’s contest,
  2. Attend and appear in the Pride parades in Boston, Providence, and Portland as availability allows
  3. Appear at a minimum of four fetish events in New England,
  4. Raise awareness of the MNER title and the New England Rubber Men, and
  5. Coordinate and host two rubber-oriented events in New England, including an MIR send-off party in October.
  1. Structure and Scoring of Contest

  1. The contest shall consist of four separate sections, scored with equal weight.  These sections are the interview, public question and answer, fantasy, and rubber image, as described below.
  1. Private Interview: Each contestant will have a private interview with the panel of judges.  The judges will each have the opportunity to ask one or more questions of each contestant, as time allows.  The contestant is expected to represent their interests in rubber during this section however questions may cover any topic of interest to the judges.  Each judge shall score based on how well they feel the contestant represents themselves and their interests, keeping in consideration any special areas of focus indicated by the organizing committee for that year.
  2. Public Question and Answer: Each contestant will be asked a single random question by the emcee while on stage during the contest.  Questions may cover any topic but will be light-hearted in nature and have some connection to rubber and fetish.  The contestant will provide a short answer to the audience and judging panel.  Each judge shall score based on how entertaining, topical, creative and well-presented they find the provided answer.
  3. Rubber Fantasy: Each contestant will appear on stage to act out their rubber fantasy that they have typed in the application and read by the emcee.  Judging in this category is based on the contestants creativity and ability to convey the sensual and sexual nature of the rubber fetish.  Contestants are allowed to utilize one additional person (previously selected) on stage with them along with any props (approved prior to competition) that they can carry on stage and off when they are finished.
  4. Rubber Image: Each contestant will model what they believe is their best presentation of their rubber image and fetish.  Each judge shall score based on how complete, creative, and consistent they find the contestant’s rubber image.
  1. Scoring: Each section shall be scored on a 10-point scale by each judge.  For each section, Olympic-style scoring rules apply and the highest and lowest values are eliminated.  The remaining scores are summed for each contestant across all judges and all contest sections.
  1. Minimum Score: A contestant must receive ⅔ of the maximum score in order to be eligible for the title (example: with five judges and olympic scoring, the maximum score is 150 - ⅔ is 100 - a contestant would have to receive 100 points in order to become a titleholder)
  1. Acceptable Attire: Given the nature of the contest, contestants are expected to wear principally latex rubber.  Other forms of rubber (e.g. silicone, spandex, neoprene, PVC) and other materials may be worn at the contestants discretion, but judges are instructed that excessive use of other materials is not in the spirit of the contest.  An exception is made for leather boots, which shall not be penalized.  All attire must also meet the standards of the contest venue, which may restrict exposed genitalia.
  1. Conduct

  1. Contestants shall wear their assigned number in public at all times to indicate that they are participating in the contest.
  2. Judges and contestants are to avoid private contact through the contest until the winner is named.
  3. Judges and contestants are expected to represent our community and not be visibly intoxicated during the official activities of the contest weekend.