Sarah Hayes

2018-2019 Outbound to Austria


2017.11.28 Approved for exchange

Sarah has been approved as the Rotary Club of Strathroy’s next outbound youth!

2018.08.01 Departure for Austria

Sarah leaves for Austria

2018.08.02 Arrive in Austria

Long flight but I made it (:

2018.08.03 World Championship for Beach Volleyball

My host sister took me to volunteer at the World Championship for Beach Volleyball in Vienna. My job was to rake the sand and later I became a score keeper. I was super tired from my flight but I was still so much fun. I got to meet the team from Canada and they were really nice. The Championship was so cool. There where all kinds of stands that you could visit and my host sister found a friend of hers (we are now friends too) and we took a ton of photos with a photo stand. Although by that night I was so tired.

2018.08.05-12 World Championship for Mountain Bike Orienteering

My host family took me to the world championship for mountain bike orienteering the second week I was in Austria. I worked there as a volunteer. I was so cool! Although I was still fighting jet lag the races keeps me wild awake. My job was to give water to the athletes, help get their score sheet to them and remove gear (like GPS and Trackers). It was a lot of fun. My host father and Host Sister were commentators. My Host Brother was competing in the Championship. I got to meet people from all over the world.

2018.08.12-25 Language Camp starts (Altmunster, Austria)

In Austria all the August inbounds have a language camp together. The August inbounds are all in bounds that are not from Australia or New Zealand. The Australians and New Zealand's come in January and the stay till December. The language camp lasted two weeks and although we did 7-8 hours of german lessons every day we still had so much fun. We all stayed at a boarding school, where we learned, played and of course ate. I tried so many new and cool foods at language camp. On the first weekend of the language camp we went to Hallstatt and saw the oldest salt mine in the world. It is still one of my favorite things I have done so far! If you get the chance I would really recommend it. After that we walked down the mountain and saw a very interesting graveyard. Some of the people have there skulls on display. If you lived in the town your whole life, some years after your death they dig up your body and display your bones. The bone are painted with flowers and beautiful designs as well as the persons name. Once we were done there we saw the rest of Halschtatt. It was very beautiful but also very touristy. We returned to Altmounters to finish another week of language camp. It was so much fun, we learned so much more then a langauage at that camp. We learned some austrian dancing and we learned that we all had each other.

2018.09.03 First Day of School

All went well

2018.09.14-15 Hiking Weekend (RYE meeting)

This was the weekend where we hiked to the top of the alps. It was amazing. The view from the top was breathtaking. I also got to see all my exchange student friends from language samp. It was so cool.

2018.10.25-28 RYE City Trip

During the city trip we visited Prague (Czech Republic), Dresden (Germany) and Berlin (Germany). All of the cities where just so beautiful. Dresden was my favorite though. We saw so many beautiful churches and buildings. We learned about the history of many of these buildings. Many were destroyed in WW2 and then they carefully rebuilt them to be exactly the same and many tried to use as much of the old buildings as they could by using the rubble. To this day some of the construction that started so long ago is not finished. I loved visiting the berlin wall too. All of the exchange students had so much fun and we all enjoy being together and see this incredible world we live in.

2018.12.14-16 Salzburg weekend (RYE)

Our last RYE meeting of the year. We visited the Christmas market in the City Center and a museum. We said goodbye to the January Inbounds and we had a lovely dinner together. We all wore our Dirndls and Lederhosen. It was a lovely time.

2018.12.24-26 Christmas is Austria

In Austria we celebrated Christmas on the 24 of december. We opened presents that were wrapped in newspaper (as to be environmentally friendly) and we at a lovely christmas dinner. For christmas dinner everyone in the family prepared something. I made mashed potatoes, my host father cooked the meat (venison), my host-Aunt made some vegetables (Brussel sprouts) and my host mom made salad. On the 25th we had a lunch with my host fathers parents and the 26th we had a lunch with my host mother's family. All in all a lovely christmas.

2018.12.31 New years eve

For new years eve I went to Vienna and watch fireworks with some of the other exchange student.

2019.01.04 The wallabies in Austria

On the 4th of january my host parents and I climbed up the mountain in our town and went to see the wallabies that live there. Normally wallabies wouldn’t be in austria, however these ones were imported and live at the top of the mountain. They are very cute.

2019.01.12 The Royal Ball

The 12th I had the opportunity to open the Royal Ball (Die Ball Royal) in Baden Bei Wien (The town my host Rotary Club is in). It was incredibly beautiful and so much fun. An amazing experience.  

2019.02.02-09 Week in Salzburg state exploring the mountains in the snow

During this week I got to see the area around and on top of some very snowy mountains. I got to see some amazing nature and the full beauty of the alpine Mountain range.  

2019.02.15-16 It’s my birthday

I had turned 18 on the fithteenth and then on the sixteenth my host family and I went to Vienna and we had dinner at a fun restaurant where the food comes on a rollercoaster and then we went on the famous The Wiener Riesenrad. It was very interesting.

2019.03.02 Underground Lake

My host family and I went to Europe's Largest underground lake

2019.03.03 Ice Skating In front of the Vienna City hall

My host mother and I went ice skating in front of the Vienna city hall. The ice rink is huge and it has ice paths through the park and a second floor! It was very impressive and we had fun.