2018 Lanakila Packing List

Lanakila campers wear grey shorts & Lanakila shirts.

Aloha Green is an evergreen, or Dartmouth green shade. It is NOT kelly green, olive or teal.

Campers are encouraged to arrive at camp in uniform, but are not required to do so.

For health and safety reasons, we wear shoes/sneakers at all times. For tennis, smooth-soled sneakers are desirable. On water trips, we always wear closed-toe shoes - these always get wet.

Uniform items may be purchased from Bendinger, or from other sources.


Bendinger offers grey cargo shorts with zippers and pockets and 100% cotton athletic shorts.

Any plain light to medium grey shorts

Bendinger offers grey T-shirts (short or long sleeved) with Lanakila logo

Bendinger offers white mesh polo shirt with Lanakila logo

Any plain white collared shirt with no logos

Please stick to a “standard” style. Multiple extra pockets, excessively baggy, unhemmed, and highly stylized pants are not welcome. All jeans and pants must be in good shape (no holes, frayed hems or patches)

Color: light to medium shades of grey or standard blue jean color (not black, bleached, striped or printed)

Bendinger offers Aloha-Green sweatpants

Any Aloha-Green sweatpants with no logos

Bendinger offers Aloha-Green polar fleeces and sweatshirts with Lanakila logo

Bendinger offers a solid grey flannel shirt with Lanakila logo

Extra warm layer for trips

Other necessary items


Things NOT to bring to Lanakila