Revised: March 8, 1993

January 16, 1996

July 16, 1996

July 20, 1998

February 20, 2001

 March 24, 2004

May 2, 2005

January 20, 2010

 March 26,  2018

Article I - Name

           This organization is and shall be known as the Macedon Public Library

           (MPL), existing by virtue of the provisions in the Absolute Charter Number

           15,368 granted by the Regents of the University of the State of New York

           On March 25, 1977, exercising the powers and authority and assuming the

           Responsibilities delegated to it under the said charter.

Article II - Organization

  1. As prescribed in the library’s amended Charter the business and affairs of the MPL

            shall be managed and conducted by a Board of Trustees (the Library Board) that shall

            consist of nine members who are appointed by the Macedon Town Board (the            

            Town Board) upon the recommendation of the Library Board.

      2.   Trustees must be adults who reside in the Town of of Macedon.Trustees need

            not own property in Macedon. Political party, religious affiliation , age sex, ethnic

            background and current employment may not be used as criteria for selection. The              

            The Library Board may, nevertheless develop, articulate and advertise qualifications  

            desired in a new trustee.

      3.   Applicants for library trustee must write a letter to the Macedon Town Supervisor, with

            a copy being sent to the Secretary of the Library Board and the Town Board Liaison. The                            

            letter should convey the applicant’s desire to serve, qualifications and commitment to                

            attend meetings. The letter should specify the applicants’ address and phone number.

      4.   All regular meetings (ARTICLE IV:1) of the Library Board are open to the public.

      5.   As prescribed in the Library’s amended Charter, trustees shall serve three year terms.         

            The term of Library Board members shall end after the third year following appointment
           at the regularly scheduled January meeting of the new year unless the member has

            agreed to accept a second or third term, resigned or otherwise terminated trusteeship.

            Members are eligible for three consecutive terms to be followed by one year off the

            Board. Vacancies, which occur for reasons other than expiration of term, shall be filled

            for the balance of the unexpired term by the Library Board.

      6.   Vacancies, which occur for reasons other than expiration of term shall be filled for the

             balance of the unexpired term by the library board.

       7.  If any library trustee fails to attend either three consecutive regular meetings or any three

            out of six consecutive (regular and special) meetings then the Library Board by a

            majority vote of trustees, may deem that seat vacant and the vacancy shall be filled as

            defined in ARTICLE II:6.

       8.  Tenure of trusteeship shall be limited to one partial term (if applicable) and then followed

             by three consecutive three year terms. A trustee will be eligible for reappointment if one

             or more years have elapsed since the trustee has served on the Library Board.  For

             reappointment see ARTICLE II: 3.


Article III - Officers

  1.  Officers of the Library Board shall be elected by the trustees annually at the first regular

             meeting in January. There shall be a president, a vice-president,a finance officer and a  

             secretary elected from among the trustees. A slate of officers shall be presented to the

             trustees by the President at the last regular meeting of each year. The slate of officers

             will appear on the agenda for January. The library board shall select a new officer when

             a vacancy of any office occurs.

       2.   Terms for officers and committees (ARTICLE V) will end at the first regularly scheduled

              meeting of the new year following initiation. A trustee may hold a particular office for no

              more than three consecutive years, but may be reelected to that same office after an

              interval of at least one year.

       3.    The President shall preside at all meetings of the Library Board, authorize calls for any

              special meetings, appoint committees/liaisons, execute all documents authorized by

              Library Board, serve as ex-officio voting member of all committees, and generally

              perform all duties associated with the office of President. Together the President and

              Vice President will evaluate yearly the job performances of the Library Director and the


        4.   The Vice-President, in the absence or disability of the president or a vacancy in that

              office, shall assume and perform the duties and function of the President. The

              Vice-president shall also be responsible for the orientation of newly appointed trustees

              by providing information and documentation to assure they are quickly made aware of

              issues and activities.

         5.  The Secretary shall keep a true and accurate record of all Library Board meetings,

              Issue notice of all regular and special meetings, and perform such other duties as are

              generally associated with that office. A Scribe, who need not be a

              Trustee, may be selected by the Library Board to assist the secretary in the

              performance of these duties. The President may temporarily designate a trustee to act

              as secretary.

         6. The Finance Officer reviews all financial reports for accuracy, reconciles all bank

               statements, acts as a disbursing officer, endorses checks, collaborates with the  

               Director and Treasurer to create a fiscally responsible budget proposal.

         7.  The Treasurer must not be an appointed trustee and shall be a non-voting member of

              the Library Board. The Treasurer shall provide a monthly report to the Library Board

              and an annual report to the state of New York. Each report shall identify expenses for

              the current fiscal year.

        8.   In case of emergency, the Library Board shall appoint an acting Treasurer who shall be

              bonded and execute the duties of Treasurer.

ARTICLE IV -Meetings

  1.  A regular meeting of the Library Board shall be held once a month, day or evening, as

             agreed to by the Library Director, Treasurer and trustees (ARTICLES IV,3; IV,5; and

             VII).The minutes of the previous meeting shall be sent to each trustee prior to the next

             regular meeting. A public meeting notice shall appear in the local newspapers and shall

             be posted on the library’s event calendar and website. A trustee who is unable to attend  

             a meeting should inform the President or the Library Director prior to the meeting.

      2.    Special meetings may be called at the direction of the President or at the request of

             other trustees or of the Library Director. Notice of the date, time and place of the special

             meeting should be sent to all participants before the impending meeting. The notice

             Shall state the business to be transacted. Supporting materials, if sent, should be read    

             before the meeting.  The meeting will be advertised to the public in a timely manner with

             reasonable effort once it has been declared.

      3.    A QUORUM for the transaction of business at any meeting of the Library Board shall

             consist of a MAJORITY of the current number of trustees, including any vacant seats,  

             but in no case less than five trustees. Unanimous agreement among all trustees is

             desirable for any action of the Library Board. A motion is passed when a majority of

             trustees, who are in attendance at the meeting, vote in favor.

       4.   In January the Library Board should approve of a (calendar) list of dates for all the

             anticipated meetings in that year. The previously scheduled time and date for one

             meeting can be changed by an affirmative vote of a majority of trustees, if adequate

             advance notice of change will be given. Any proposal to change dates for two or more

             meetings on the approved calendar should be treated as a change in these by-laws

             (ARTICLE VII).

        5.  The library director should attend all meetings as a non-voting representative,

              participate in discussion and offer professional advice.

        6.  The town liaison is a non-voting resource person appointed by the Town Board from

             among persons on the Macedon Town Board.

        7.  The agenda for regular meeting shall generally include the following items, although the

             sequence may vary:

Article V - Committees, Liaisons, Communications

  1. The President may appoint either trustees or public representatives to a building

            committee, a finance committee, a personnel committee, and other committees as

            necessary to conduct the business of the Library Board. Any ad hoc committee can be

            appointed by the President to study special problems and concerns. They will serve

            until such committee provides a final report or until the end of the term of the residing

            president. A new President may choose to extend or discontinue any of these


       2.  The President may appoint individual trustees as liaisons to various outside groups and

            organizations such as Friends of the Library, Macedon Town Board, etc, and with

            clear goals and objectives for the appointed trustees. They will serve until such liaisons

            provide a final report or until the end of the term of the presiding president. A new

            President may choose to extend or discontinue any of the liaison assignments.

       3.  Board of Trustee members, who are in contact with other community groups or

            organizations shall:

       4.  No individual trustee or committee of the Library shall have other than advisory powers

            unless the Library Board has delegated specific power to act upon its behalf, pending a

            subsequent meeting of the Library Board for confirmation.

       5.  No action of any committee shall be binding until approved by the Library Board. No

            expenditures shall be authorized by committees without prior approval of the Library


       6.  The building committee shall periodically inspect the physical plant of the library and

            report important findings to the Library Board with recommendations conveyed to the

            Town Board.

        7.  During extraordinary times or events, the President of the Library Board, or designee,

             must approve any communication of MPL information. This includes, but is not limited

             to the following:

Article VI - Library Director

         1.  The Library Board shall appoint a qualified Library Director who shall be the executive and administrative officer of the library on behalf of the Library Board and under the review and direction of the Library Board.

         2.  The Director is responsible for:

Article VII - Amendments

          The Library Board may amend these by-laws by an affirmative vote of a majority of the

          Trustees (but in no case less than five). Notice of an impending revision shall be  

          discussed at the board meeting prior to commencing the revisions and will be noted in the

          library minutes. Before making changes in these bylaws, the Library Board will attempt to

          secure input and criticisms from the Library director, Pioneer Library System and if

          applicable, the Town of Macedon attorney.

Article VIII - Conflict of Interest

  1. Board members may not in their private capacity negotiate, bid for, or enter into a contract with Macedon Public Library in which they have a direct or indirect financial interest.
  2. A board member may not solicit, accept or receive anything of value (of twenty-five dollars or more) that could reasonably be expected to influence his or her vote or other official action. (Reference Chapter 9: Ethics, Code Of, General Municipal Law, Town of Macedon).
  3. A board member shall withdraw from board discussion, deliberation, and vote on any matter in which a board member, an immediate family member, or an organization with which the board member is associated has a substantial interest.
  4. Annually the Library Board will disclose any conflicts as outlined in the Macedon Public Library Policy manual.