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Oly Ridge Farm Wether Care 2022
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Oly Ridge Farm Wether Care 2022

By Lisa Poole, Certified Family Herbalist

Feed, Supplements for nutritional and immune support

Herbal products on hand for emergencies:

--Herbamins (Land of Havilah)

--GI BOT (Land of Havilah)

--Parasite Formula (Land of Havilah)

--GI Soother (Fir Meadow)

--Clostrideaze (Fir Meadow)

--Herbiotic (Fir Meadow)

--Cayenne powder & tincture (B Vitamins)

--Activated charcoal paste

--Raw garlic, raw honey, raw ginger

--I keep a stock of bulk herbs on hand for different needs and brew teas for the goats to either drench or put in their water.

e.g. catnip/fennel tea is great for colic (goats can develop bloat, which is deadly, from changes in feed, if they eat too much, if they eat something toxic, even when there is new grass growing in the spring).

Wethering: This year, we are using an emasculator (also referred to as “Burdizzo”) to wether our bucklings. This is a quick, effective method that does not subject the wethers to the potential of tetanus, fly strike (maggots), or any other kind of infection. Please be aware, at first his scrotum will look the same as before. This info comes from

“Because you are crushing the cord, it doesn’t look any different after you’ve done it. There’s no band. The testicles are still in the scrotum. Once the cord is crushed, blood can no longer flow to the testicles, so they shrivel up and disappear. But it will be a couple of months before you can’t feel anything in the scrotum.”

        Please keep watch to ensure both sides are shrinking over the next couple of months. If one side is larger than the other, we may need to repeat the procedure on that side, so please let me know as soon as possible.

Kid Care:

Watch kids carefully for any signs they are off (e.g. hunched backs, scours, off in a corner, starry-eyed look, shivering/shaking, etc.). Don’t wait! Take fast action to get ahead of problems. There is a group on MeWe called “Herbal Goat Care with Land of Havilah Herbals” where you can get some help, but it would be best to have their products on hand ahead of time.

Stress/Pain in general:

Oly Ridge Garlic Ginger Drench

Garlic is my FIRST line of defense in just about any situation where I don’t know exactly what is wrong with a goat. It is antibiotic, anti-parasitic, boosts the immune system, etc. This recipe covers a lot of bases with the inclusion of ginger (for G.I. health), raw honey (antibiotic), cayenne (B-vitamins, energy), olive oil (anti-inflammatory). May be apportioned depending on need.

4 oz raw garlic, loose paper peeled

4 oz ginger chopped into small chunks

Place in blender and clover with Extra Virgin Olive Oil; pulse until it forms a thick paste. Add:


2 lg TBSP cayenne (or 1 dropper cayenne tincture)

2 TBSP raw honey

Blend again, as smooth as possible. Pour into quart jar. Add about ¼ cup water to mixture & shake well. Drench 3-6 cc (or about 1 T) into goat. Use acute dosing, or hourly during waking hours as needed.

Wether Urinary Tract Care Spray

I spray this formula daily on my buck/wether’s pelleted food as a preventative for urinary calculi..

Apple cider vinegar

1 dropperful of Christopher’s Kidney Formula (tincture)

Add to 16 oz spray bottle. Spray on food daily. NOTE: you can use ammonium chloride as an alternative. It can be made into this formula, or can be sprinkled on food.


Updated May 2022. May not be reproduced without permission of Oly Ridge Farm.