What a success the club level league was during 2018.  Our clubs accommodated 131 lifters across 7 competitions, a huge thanks to Fighting Fit, Liverpool Barbell, Fortitude Strength, Steel Habitat and Wigan Brawn Stars.

It has also given us the opportunity to refine the competitions and the league and we are pleased to announce the official guidance for the year ahead.

The League & Rankings

The club league and rankings will be maintained centrally by the NWPL Competition Secretary.  Points are earned by eligible affiliated club lifters only and allocation of points is based on the overall results (i.e. combined).  For 2019, we have changed the format of points allocation to make things tighter and more interesting.  Points will be earned, as follows:


10 points


5 points


9 points


4 points


8 points


3 points


7 points


2 points


6 points


1 point

The rankings will display overall and single lifts on IPF points, number of appearances from each club, overall team points achieved and each club’s best overall lifter based on the number of points they have earned. If you have any ideas for additions to the rankings, please email


The top 3 men, top 3 women and overall lifter will be announced at the conclusion of each club league competition.  Electronic certificates will be available for all lifters and published on the NWPL website. Clubs are not obliged to provide prizes however may do so at their own discretion.

Eligible lifters

Everyone is welcome to enter a club competition however any lifter who has previously achieved the QT for their age/weight class at a sanctioned British Powerlifting divisional competition (i.e. qualified for the British Championships) will lift as a guest.

This means that they will not be able to place or earn club points.  This is to ensure that the demographic these competitions are aimed at experience a fair competition.

General Information for Lifters

Lifters should contact the host club regarding entry and general information, including timetables and flights.  The relevant contact details will be displayed on the club competition event page.

General Information for Clubs

Clubs should email the full results to ASAP following their competition.  The following information is mandatory to ensure consistent data is maintained for the purpose of the rankings and league:

If clubs would like to charge up front for entries, that is acceptable.  In light of a disproportionate amount of no-shows in 2018, it is advisable.

If anyone has any queries, please get in touch with our Club Development team which comprises Jon Wilkinson & Bob Evans at

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